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Episode Discussion: Rat Race 1x04

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    [1]Oct 25, 2012
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    Please use this thread to discuss episode Rat Race (Oct 25). Enjoy!
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    just a cronic irritation that i have and wonder if others note this also...1st i love this series alresdy,so not a complaint about it per se...so...i use to like "Monk" alot,but every episode the cops who loved him could not help themselves when they debunked his every theory every time,for conflict i suppose,even when he was always right...same here...they want him as a consultant,hire him and then basically insult him over and over until he proves his therory. you would think they would watch and learn! there must be other shows where this same thing happens...it's like the writers can't help themselves...i'm wondering if people can think of others or if i am alone in it being an irritant?.....i thought last week i had posted a review regarding childs play,but i must have done something wrong or became distracted b/4 posting it...i thought it was a great ep and wondered if the soociopath might not be our new Moriarty...it would make sence that we would not see him for awhile and then??? i have not seen any other posts wondering if this could be the case...any thoughts? i think he would make a perfect american Moriarty...
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    That's something that happens in 99.9% of all the cops shows that I watch. There is always some a boss that do not believe or is against the main character (who is always right), even in comedy cops shows like Psych and Monk.
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