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Episode Discussion: The Red Team 1x13

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    Please use this thread to discuss episode The Red Team (Jan 31). Enjoy!
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    liked it, but wasn't Watson supposed to help move that sick lady to the hotel (i mean, be with the bad guy and his wife when he decided to go kill his team mates)? She was missing that whole last part and I had the impression that the bad guy was keeping her somewhere as insurance or something. Did I miss something? Anyway it felt weird not having her around at all.

    Also, why did he kill the first guy? he only had theories, knew nothing about the actual plan nor who the members of the red team were, and the people who needed to know and had already tried to bribe the members no doubt had other informants. Also, the guy's credibility wasn't great, he had tons of crazy theories that no one cared about... just because he had a theory that some guy (who might have been in the red team) wasn't killed accidentally in a mugging...

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    accidental mugging? the guy was a friend of Holmes a consipiracy theorist that got a little too close to the truth. Being killed and hung from the rafter with his pants pulled down isn't exactly a mugging. This is what started on the case. The first guy wasn't checked by Holmes he was just saying that. The part I don't understand is how can Gregson SUSPEND an unpaid consultant. he isn't on the department payroll or part of their chain of command. they just don't use him. So Grace meets with her boss not a therapist. Two episodes left and a lot of loose ends. This may not be good unless it's a hook for next season.
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    The first member of the Red Team that died (which happened a couple years before the setting of the episode), is the one that supposedly died during a mugging. Which Holmes, and the dead conspiracy guy (did he know about the mugging?), assumed was a staged mugging. And later it was revealed that Mr. Dresden of the red team HAD staged the mugging to kill him and was planning to kill all of the members over time, but because Holmes found them, he got scared that others might too and sped up his process.

    I did find it unclear whether Mr. Dresden did kill the conspiracy guy or not.. But I had the impression that that other Conspiracy guy (the one that confessed) did kill him for stupid reasons (accidentally? Then strung him up to make it look intentional?). But that whole thing just became irrelevant after Holmes started looking into the Red Team stuff and found that something bigger was going on.

    So to sum up, the conspiracy guys death was just a plot device to lead Holmes to the real case (my opinion anyway).

    And I guess Gregson "suspended" him by taking away his visitors badge. Didn't do much good anyway.

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