Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 16, 2013 on CBS

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  • Spectacular!

    This episode was downright brilliant! I was a little surprised that there was no genuine cliffhanger at the end and that Moriarty was caught, but you never know... something could happn next season.

    I loved the line "You named a bee after me". That's what makes the show unique and it was a beautiful way to finish off the season.

    I really enjoyued this episode and the whole season. Cannot wait for more!
  • Curious loose ends....

    Just me wondering, maybe I missed something... what was the significance of Adler/Moriarty scratching holmes face... and what was the masterpiece she had painted...
  • Finally excited for the next season

    This show was pedestrian in the beginning, but in the second half it has elevated to a slightly higher position. Its by no means a great show. But its quite good.

    Loved the finale and didn't think they would have the balls to make Moriarty a female character, but was happy when it happened. Only thing that bothers me is that Sherlock is in no way a genius and Watson is almost as intelligent as him by the looks of it. But Lucy Liu as Watson has been a revelation. She's probably the best Watson out there! She makes the show so much better! I love the show for the characters, dislike it for the lack of intelligence sometimes.
  • Moriarty male, female, does it matter?

    I've withheld judgement on Moriarty being not only a woman, but one Sherlock fell in love with till after watching the season over again. Looking back on it all and realizing now what the writers and creators did at the time, well, honestly, I think they took a bold and, now, wonderful step!

    Like many others here I was expecting, no, wanting Moriarty to be some really cool mixture of the many male versions seen over the years. Yet, honestly, without regards to PC, I really like this version and find it extremely acceptable (once I got past my expectation). Having had Sherlock in love, no not just in love, but deeply soul matching love with his great rival and nemesis is an outstanding twist!!

    Of course, they writers could do the same with say a bi-sexual Homes and honestly I can see Homes as bi-sexual, but keeping him straight was the way to go for this revision. Of course a gay or bi-sexual Sherlock Homes, in the future, would be another great view on, what is now, a literary classic character.

    The fact Moriarty is a woman and a past lover will influence this version of Homes in wonderfully dramatic ways and opens up an entirely new line of stores, which can involve the feelings of both past and scorn lovers. They can delve into Homes emotions changing over time from "thinking" M killed his lover to knowing the truth, to dealing with it, to going past it, and beyond. Who knows how it might turn out or what steps might occur along the way.

    Maybe M and H get back together for a time, as they put their differences aside for some joint reason. Afterwards Homes is willing to give it a serious try if M is willing to change. M can't or maybe it is H would in the end really can't accept the deal he proposed or accepted. Sherlock gives her a head start before calling the authorities. Does she stay and end up in prison or go back on the run and chase?

    What about this for a season (not series) ending, we're there at that moment when Homes is letting her go. He can 't accept her in the end and as an honorable man he's giving her a head start. She turns to him asking, but Homes what about all of those I'll end up killing or having killed in the future? Can you live with yourself knowing their blood, well part of their blood, will be on your hands. That all you had to do was continue to love me and they'd have still been alive to grow old, having families of their own, and . . ... It is at this point Homes realizes another fact, Moriarty is with child, their child!

    So yeah, there are reasons to dislike all the changes, but at the same time there are reasons to love this switch up!
  • Hell hath no fury greater than a scorned Moriarty

    Despite all the nonsense about the european union and national currencies, I like the new Moriarty. But I hope it does not come back soon.
  • Moles

    Some have commented about the possibility that Moriarty may be coming back because there may be two identical girls--One with the birth mark and one without. However, this doesn't seem possible to me (writers can do amazing things with their pens and typewriters) because the significance of the mole was what tipped of Holmes. I missed the clue the first time but after watching again, the significance of that mole was monumental.

    The reason is, Illene was presumably dead. When she showed up alive, the presumption was that she was kidnapped. No kidnapped victim would be treated so nicely by a kidnapper to be taken to the doctor for treatment of a mole. That would have given her a chance to escape. So she had to be in on the whole plan.

    I really like the alternate story line of Holmes in America, but I cannot get used to someone buttoning their shirts all the way up to their neck. All in all, a very enjoyable series. Like all others, when the writers fail to make the story line catchy, it will go the way of every other series. I just hope we can ride it out for a while before that happens.

  • Poor plot (spoilers)

    I really like this show, but the currency plot is ridiculous. Countries joining the EU and subsequently the Euro (not every country in the EU has adopted the Euro) don't suddenly have a worthless currency. They peg their currency to the Euro . there's a fixed exchange rate) for several years before gradually exchanging their currency for the Euro. A country not being able to join the EU because of nationalistic feelings would see their currency plummet instead of soar. Joining the EU has been a massive economic boost for many of the countries that have joined it. This is the main reason that so many countries have wanted to join the bureaucratic mess that is Europe. So while the show usually is fairly good, this poor understanding of currency attests from either a dumbing down to suit the audience that might not understand how converting to a new currency would work, or worse, is the result of the writers not understanding this.
  • corection

    Interesting story about Macedonia and true unfortunately but the Macedonian currency is the "denar" NOT the "dinar". the dinar is Serbian currency so first mistake there, and the second the currency he is showing to Watson its 10000 denars this currency no longer exists not in the past 15 years the biggest currency is the 5000 denars
  • Narwhals

    Well, CBS seems to have mastered the art of the non-cliffhanger season finale. It's nice in that it gives us enough to chew on until the series returns, but it also says that they're not willing to leave the stakes very high or unresolved out of fear of losing the audience's attention. Odd sentiments, but it's an interesting shift to observe. Loved that the bees came back and that Watson was allowed to solve a case on her own. Not sure how they're going to progress from here (beyond the obvious Moriarty escapes and starts wrecking havoc again), but I'm drawn in enough to come back to find out.
  • The first season ends with Holmes and Watson struggling to thwart Moriarity's next crime.

    A great end to a great season. A terrific companion to the previous episode. Like "The Woman" this episode is very well written. I certainly did not see any of the twists coming. One thing "Heroine" did more than any other episode this season is show just how important Watson is to Holmes. Without her he would never have been able to bring Moriarity to justice. However, as has been mentioned by other users in their respective reviews, the Saga of Moriarity is not over. The missing moles on her back are proof of that in my opinion. Could that mean that Irene is not really Moriarity? Could she be somebody who has had extensive plastic surgery to look like her? Who knows? Maybe we will find out in the seasons ahead. We shall see.
  • I knew it!

    Moriarty was too awesome not to be who she is!

    In one of the most clever plot twists ever, the perfect opposite of Joan Watson turns out to be none other but Irene Moriarty; a player who sees games, wins games and perfects the art of hurting Holmes the only way that she knows how.

    Guess who's also a player Miss Moriarty? Using her own partner to lure her out, Joan proves the best woman always wins.
  • ThatOneHuman

    The twists of the finale were unforeseen by me, but i sense that the Moriarty plot line is not quite finished the birth mark on Irene/Moriarty's back of that one constellation being changed was never addressed. So there could be more to come on that. Either she is not really Irene and a look alike Moriarty had pretend to be Irene and reveal as Moriarty(Extremely far fetched since it was only off by one mark), or Moriarty had brain washed her the real Irene into the ruse, Also if she is the real Moriarty she would surely manage to escape prison or lawyer her way out as she is still rich and as intelligent as Sherlock and has many friends in high places. Anyway great series, great season, and great finally.
  • Heroine

    Heroine was an awesome season finale of Elementary! Moriarty is revealed and its a genuine though some what forseeable plot twist. The character growth and developing investigation as Holmes jumped in was exciting. Watson continued on a great path and encountered Moriarty on her own leading to a deduction which came in handy. I was amazed how gracefully everything happened. Moriarty's reasonings were truly that of a Mastermind, however there are yet other possibilities for the future. I liked how it all played out. The ending was touching and really solidified the bond of Watson and Holmes!!!!!!!!!

  • Irene-arty of the Nazi Party

    Excellent first season - never expected it to be this good. I have been a sherlock fan since reading the books as a kid, and liked almost all of the various movie and TV iterations; but this one is really special. the acting and dialogue and sets and lighting and everything is just so well done. the costuming is outstanding - JLM has this "dressed-in-the-dark and you never know what he's gonna look like" look; LL in her tights and short skirts is always just right, and I loved how they made Irene-arty into this pert little Nazi with her brown suit and black belt and armbands

  • Awesome

    These 2 twists in one episode were so genuine to me. Never saw one of them coming.

    Perfect end to a season this good.

    Additionally, Sherlock reminds me more and more of House, when I saw the Vicodin or his endless pain because of heroine... just saying. this series filled the gap House had created before
  • I liked the twist

    I really liked the possible twist. But somehow I don't believe we have seen the last of Moriarty. For some reason I don't for one second believe that Irene is really Moriarty. I think she is in cahoots with him. And if she is Moriarty then she will escape next season and have a real big axe to grind with Sherlock. But for now I like the twist of events and I for one am really looking forward to next season.

  • I'm so disappointed...

    MORIARTY getting caught because of LOVE? Seriously?

    And IRENE ADLER, The Woman, being Moriarty herself?

    Not only that, but exposing herself so much like that with so many resources it's lame.

    I'm still hoping that Irene was indeed Irene working for Moriarty, pretending to be Moriarty.

    As he (the original Artie) devised and modified a plan for Sherlock and Irene to fall for each other and ending with them both getting out of the way.

    Maybe as Sherlock (or maybe Mycroft?) was close to really getting to the real Moriarty, he might have needed a scapegoat (Irene) to be caught in his place. She, as the only person who know this, would not reveal the plan because she knows what the real Moriarty is capable of and she fears for her loved one.

    But that's just me being too optimistic.