Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2013 on CBS

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  • Moriarty male, female, does it matter?

    I've withheld judgement on Moriarty being not only a woman, but one Sherlock fell in love with till after watching the season over again. Looking back on it all and realizing now what the writers and creators did at the time, well, honestly, I think they took a bold and, now, wonderful step!

    Like many others here I was expecting, no, wanting Moriarty to be some really cool mixture of the many male versions seen over the years. Yet, honestly, without regards to PC, I really like this version and find it extremely acceptable (once I got past my expectation). Having had Sherlock in love, no not just in love, but deeply soul matching love with his great rival and nemesis is an outstanding twist!!

    Of course, they writers could do the same with say a bi-sexual Homes and honestly I can see Homes as bi-sexual, but keeping him straight was the way to go for this revision. Of course a gay or bi-sexual Sherlock Homes, in the future, would be another great view on, what is now, a literary classic character.

    The fact Moriarty is a woman and a past lover will influence this version of Homes in wonderfully dramatic ways and opens up an entirely new line of stores, which can involve the feelings of both past and scorn lovers. They can delve into Homes emotions changing over time from "thinking" M killed his lover to knowing the truth, to dealing with it, to going past it, and beyond. Who knows how it might turn out or what steps might occur along the way.

    Maybe M and H get back together for a time, as they put their differences aside for some joint reason. Afterwards Homes is willing to give it a serious try if M is willing to change. M can't or maybe it is H would in the end really can't accept the deal he proposed or accepted. Sherlock gives her a head start before calling the authorities. Does she stay and end up in prison or go back on the run and chase?

    What about this for a season (not series) ending, we're there at that moment when Homes is letting her go. He can 't accept her in the end and as an honorable man he's giving her a head start. She turns to him asking, but Homes what about all of those I'll end up killing or having killed in the future? Can you live with yourself knowing their blood, well part of their blood, will be on your hands. That all you had to do was continue to love me and they'd have still been alive to grow old, having families of their own, and . . ... It is at this point Homes realizes another fact, Moriarty is with child, their child!

    So yeah, there are reasons to dislike all the changes, but at the same time there are reasons to love this switch up!