Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2013 on CBS



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    • Watson: Sherlock, I think it's time.
      Holmes: For what?! You-you know I'll investigate this anyway, whether I have Captain Gregson's blessing or not.
      Watson: That is your choice, but right now, we are enabling you.
      Holmes: If you are the partner that I invited you to be, the partner that I believe that you can be, then you will stop this line of thought immediately!
      Watson: I am your partner, and you cannot keep going on like this! Now, what--
      Holmes: You know, I almost stole a vial of opiates from a crime scene yesterday. You know why I didn't? Because of you. Because I knew how disappointed that you would be in me. And if I only had the words to describe how disappointed in you I am at the moment.
      Watson: I don't expect you to understand right now, but I know what you need to do. Moriarty said she was smarter than you, that you needed to let her win. It is the only way this does not eat you alive. She was right. Let her win.

    • Moriarty: You're not afraid of me.
      Watson: Too angry to be afraid.

    • Bell: How you doing? I mean, all the stuff you're dealing with, it's next level. You know, to think that lady would mess with your head, to this degree...
      Holmes: I know it must seem strange. But, uh, tell you the truth, I've come to believe it might be a good thing in the long run.
      Bell: Good thing?
      Holmes: Yeah.
      Bell: Must be some interesting math you're doing.

    • Watson: The muscle in your shoulder is shredded okay. You need to be treated for the pain.
      Holmes: May I remind you I am a recovering drug addict?
      Watson: May I remind you that there is such a thing as non-addictive painkillers?
      Holmes: How good can they be if they're non-addictive?

    • Moriarty: Same old Sherlock. You look at people and you see puzzles. I see games. You? You're a game I'll win every time.
      Holmes: You might as well just kill me now, 'cause whatever it is you came here to do I'll stop you.
      Moriarty: I would never kill you. Not in a million years. You may not be as unique as you thought, darling, but you're still a work of art. I appreciate art. What I-I can do, what I will do, is hurt you. Worse than I did before. I have reserves of creativity I haven't even begun to tap. So please for your own good, let me win.

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