Season 2 Episode 11

Internal Audit

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Embezzelment

    A quieter episode, but not one without vivid pictures of the characters and where they stand. Sherlock's becoming more and more human. While Joan's becoming more and more like Sherlock, she's also not afraid to stand her ground and remain her own person. Bell's moving up (?) in the world and may potentially be a problem or a new source of cases for the dream team. It wasn't a captivating case, but had it been, the character development would have been pushed to the background. Decent episode overall.
  • Elementary.

    So Jacob Weiss who was running a fake hedge fund, profiting from holocaust victims which Donald Hauser wanted to get out off and who confided with and told a TV reporter about the money laundering. Weiss who had a silent partner Nelson Maddox who murdered Hauser also murdered the Reporter and stole her laptop, then we come to find out Weiss was the silent partner of an Art Gallery which Maddox was part owner off wound up dead by the hands of Weiss. The Art Gallery was laundering the money from Weiss' company (quick easy money from innocent people who had no idea what was happening to their money). A new career move for Detective Bell possibly and Sherlock becomes a sponsor, must say Watson is doing some incredible work on these cases. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
  • regular crazy, but No cray cray finale

    so he sniffs the dead man's mouth and tastes the door frame gunk, that's just regular crazy Sherlock.

    the murderer is always the guest star, but this one was well-played with a cutout.

    so no one of the cast in cliff-hanger jeopardy, but Holmes takes on a personal challenge, and Det Bell takes on a professional one.

    good episode, well-crafted as usual and the acting by all performers is Tops
  • Oh finally it added something

    Our well famous bad-ass has earned some value in point of humanity. Being a jerk all others has came to a turn over. Surely detective Bell's incident can't be considered as something lesser. But Holmes could have ended it very easily on the previous episode by visiting him early. But as usually he selected to remain as jerk. Now it came to personal level, and being a sponee thing. I'm very much like to watch poor randy's next step with our well known Holmes.
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