Season 1 Episode 5

Lesser Evils

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • When is a lemon tree not a lemon tree.

    It's Watson time! We get Watson development this week by... putting the former surgeon back in a hospital.. and oh my bumps into a passive aggressive former female colleague. So how does she develop.. well she gives up more hints about her fall from grace and learns from Holmes' clever ways by.. badgering her friend over a guess, insults her professionalism and, because this is her story, she is right and her friend is wrong. That is not clever, Holmesian or even interesting writing.

    What really damned the show (as if you couldn't guess the ending before 30 mins in) is casting a known major character actor in a minor role.. gee i guess who could have done it.. could it be the guy whose first role this is.. or the guy who has had a half dozen major roles in big shows this year that we see for 30secs.. oh and after last week.. well it's the same plot again.

    Again the plot is slow plodding you know there is gonna be a minor twist and by the end i couldn't care enough to try to guess it this week, the plot was so sloppy there was only 2 choices for the bonus crime solve.

    What annoys me most is that Holmes isn't clever, insightful or even competent in this incarnation.. he doesn't make logical jumps instead he just hammers down the obvious path (something the police did in the classic Holmes while the detective watched with glee as he found the real criminal right under the laws nose) then right at the end he finds the culprit.. I wanted a Holmes who was onto the killer from the start through clues but the killer is too clever to be exposed without some effort.. here the killer keeps notes and photos and does nothing to disguise his crime.
  • Sublime again!

    This episode featured another really interesting case! I loved how it all started up. That was very intriguing. And I loved the little twist at the end with the girl who was the 8th (?) victim. It was definitely very well written and very intriguing to watch.

    Great character development for Watson as well. Nice to see her back in her element but I wonder if she will go back into the medical field? Even in some small capacity...

    Anyway, the case was brilliant! I loved it a lot, and I can't wait for more!
  • Another solid episode of "Elementary"....

    .... "Lesser Evils" continues the streak of quality, entertaining episodes from this revisionist Sherlock Holmes series. In this episode, Holmes and Watson are on the trail of an angel of death, someone who murdered patients they felt were in too much pain to go on living, lurking through the halls of a New York hospital. The mystery itself is enjoyable although more on the predictable side than other episodes of the series (not helped by the recognizable guest stars) but what really makes this episode interesting is the greater exposition of Watson and the further development of the Holmes/Watson dynamic. I really enjoy how the series is taking its time to create a relationship between the two characters in a believable fashion, rather than build it up prematurely. Also, the nods to Arthur Conan Doyle are beginning to trickle in and I hope to see more!
  • Pretty Good but

    I was going to give the program a big thumbs up because... acting is good, script good, directing good and so on and so forth - great charcater development for Watson and so on and so forth but...

    I was reading thru some of the other views below and I felt that "Stanking" makes a good point... it is becoming very common now that, in many series, as soon as you see certain charcater actors (and many of them very good actors) you just know they are guilty!

    If they have a taling part or hide in the background you just think... uh oh... somethings up... and in this particular episode there were two such actors!

    With the amount of great talent around I hope that the casting team willbe a bit more adventurous and choose some lesser known actors, give them and us a break, and put them into small but vital roles.
  • Holmes investigates a series of murders at a local hospital and discovers that an "Angel of Death" is at large.

    Quite a few of CBS's popular shows, "CSI", Survivor", "Vegas", have aired their best episodes of the season to date in the same week. "Elementary" can be added to that list. "Lesser Evils" is a great episode. The best of the series so far. Both Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are excellent here. If you had any doubts about their casting they were certainly erased with this episode. I normally am not a person who likes dwelling into the pasts of characters but hearing more about why Dr. Watson decided to stop practicing medicine works well here. Sometimes those backstories take away from the overall enjoyment of an episode. That's not the case here. What also makes this episode work so well is the twist at the end once the Angel of Death is discovered. I certainly did not see that coming. When "Elementary" was announced a co-worker of mine who is a fan of the original British series "Sherlock" told me that he doubted this series would be any good. I think it's safe to say that he is wrong.
  • Lesser Evils

    Lesser Evils was a brilliant episode of Elementary! I really enjoyed watching because the story was one of the best so far with lots of significant character development for Watson. It was intriguing to learn more of her history. Sherlock hunts for a Angel of Death at a hospital and it was fun watching him investigate and question suspects. Watson had some great scenes with a former good friend and colleague which added to her depth, especially as she tried to save a young girls life. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Casting Laziness

    If you don't want the viewers to suspect "guest stars" in a procedural, the first thing you do is NOT CAST A KNOWN ACTOR! Nobody who has seen Suits, Breaking Bad, or Damages is going to believe that the janitor is just a janitor. This isn't Costabile's fault; it's simply laziness on the part of the production team. It says "We don't really give a s**t if you guess the answer in the first 5 minutes; we've already been paid."
  • Two-Fold

    This case nagged at me almost as much as it nagged at Sherlock. It was obvious that Joan was going to be right in her instinct, but it was frustrating that my instinct on the real case of the episode was off. The cutting up of the pancakes was what really got me thinking the angel was a woman (it's a motherly instinct) and then when it was revealed to be a man, I just couldn't wrap my head around it. But after that finally settled, I wanted to know why that one victim was different. It was simple and probably should have been obvious, were I attuned to the right outcome of the case.

    Overall, this week was engaging - it almost gave the audience enough of the clues to follow along and almost figure it out before Sherlock revealed it... but not enough. It was a good combination that hooks the viewer and keeps them wanting more. Elementary still doesn't stand out as much as it should, but it's entertaining to watch and well worth my time.