Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • Britishisms!

    Maybe it's watching Vinnie Jones' attempts at acting or all the Britishisms (well football talk and bollocks) but this was a tolerable episode.

    Again nothing clever happens or is said. It had nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes other than some name dropping. Oh and Holmes has homicidal tendencies and stabs people as an acceptable form of justice. Doyle is revolving in his box right about now.

  • Fantastic episode! But Sherlock has awful taste inn football teams.

    This episode was just superb! The case was so interesting and so personal! This was just great! So muhc was revealed!

    Well I like the bad guy since he was an Arsenal fan. Sherlock needs to get a better taste, kthx.

    Other than that, nothing I can criticise about this episode! Perfect entertainment!
  • Interesting

    More information on Sherlock = Things are starting to get a little more interesting.
  • M. came with interesting revelations!

    M. was an extremely entertaining and very intriguing episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because Sherlock's past caught up with him and it was interesting to learn more about what had happened. I also enjoyed the conflict that Joan was facing with her eminent departure. There staying revelations about Sherlock. There where some truly scary moments thinking about the situations presented. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely Brilliant

    One of the best hours of TV I have watched in a long time. Edge of your seat excitement and superb acting. Just a wonderfully entertaining episode. This show just keeps getting better and better.
  • The suspense is dreadful

    This is the only show (other than Sixty Minutes) that I can't bear to miss. Having to wait so long for a new episode creates suspense that is dreadful. Can't we get a weekly show, please!!
  • Sherlocks father

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed that the email Watson received was from sherlock's father but it was M. Sherlock rather then S for siger his fathers real name? Could moriarty be sherlock's father or could the person hiring Watson actually be Moriarty pretending to be his father?
  • The Best Episode I've Ever Experienced In The Show

    Yes, I watch Elementary for those of you that love to read my reviews. I won't review every episode but I was just in a mood to review this episode. This episode had fantastic storytelling. The execution just felt very right and the pacing never feels rushed or slow. It's at the right amount of pacing you need to really tell just a magnificent story. This is the best episode of the show that I have ever seen. It was the most intense episode that I have ever seen in this series and the best well-told story of the series that I have ever seen. All of the episodes in this series (except for the pilot episode because that was just boring and weak) have been very good but this episode is the best out of all of them in my humble opinion. At first, I thought M. would be Moriarty but then M. mentioned Moriarty so I said oh never mind. It was great to see Watson staying a little longer to check on Sherlock Holmes even though Shelock's father didn't approve. I really enjoy the relationship between Sherlock and Watson in the series and, in some episodes, they add a lot of humor to keep the wit going. I wonder what will happen next and I just really look forward to seeing what more brilliant and well-told mysteries that the show has for us. Definitely watch this episode if you're a fan of the show. As of right now, it's the greatest episode I've seen from the show and I loved every moment of it. 10/10
  • Great storytelling

    This was a fantastic episode in an arch of great storytelling. Suspenseful and compelling - a fun show to get lost in each week!
  • A brutal serial killer with ties to Holmes' past arrives in New York just as Watson is preparing to say good bye.

    "M" is by far the most compelling episode of the season. I think it is safe to say we have seen the beginning of a story arc that will continue for the rest of the season. Johnny Lee Miller gives a truly excellent performance in this episode. The raw emotion he conveyed once he learned that M was back in his life seemed very genuine and not contrived. Seeing Holmes' purely evil side emerge as he plans to exact revenge on his enemy was nothing short of amazing. The surprising twist at the end of this episode was yet another reason why this episode worked so well. Lucy Liu has once again delivered a great performance. It's nice to see her concern for Holmes emerge here as she defied Holmes' father's wishes. The season look to be great from here on in. I hope it lives up to expectations.
  • Two Ms

    I knew it, I knew he was Sebastian. I liked his character, but NOT a Moriarty. I'll ramble if I do this paragraph style so extended lists will do:

    Cons: Rather simplistic plot-wise. Watson did not really address Holmes's issues, at least not yet. Police didn't do much, other than a good rant about going rogue. Seemed to go by very quickly. Want to know more about Irene, who is in canon (NOT Sherlock, but in the actual story) far more interesting--and not romantically.

    Pros: Watson's deductions about the camera and the place Sherlock would go (sloppy, Sherlock, maybe you wanted to get caught). I was so proud when I saw her do her first green flashback thingy! Nice end music, again; they should scatter that throughout more. Good M reveal, though those who knew Sebastian existed could guess it pretty quick. Nice stab twist. Good emotional portrayal by Sherlock. I loved his and Joan's little moments, especially when he told her "I think what you do is I do hope they address this dark side of his personality, and make future episodes darker while having better plot.

    Can't wait for the next.
  • Mycroft would know

    Mycroft would know if their Dad was Moriarty - Mycroft runs operations in the Security Services. I also liked the new B-street Boyz; clever writing, I expect more of them now the series has been renewed.
  • Baker Street Irregulars!!

    Haven't watched every episode, but like what I've seen. Love the fact that the "ruffians" of the neighborhood are watching Holmes' back. The Baker Street Irregulars were so helpful to Doyles' Sherlock and did a great job here too.
  • I wonder if the writers have deducted what we as an audience would like?!

    Finally an episode worthy of the Sherlock Holmes name. The first episode of the series was pretty good but the series quickly became a standard procedural similar to the mentalist. It wasn't deep enough, he always seemed to be guessing. However now we have been given a better picture of Holmes and his demons, it would be nice if the series kept this darker vein especially if the actual puzzles per episode (which lets be honest have been a little weak in comparison to the BBC's Sherlock) stay at a similar par as they have been. The show finally felt like the characters all belong together, all I would ask is can Watson be less naggy & more like she was nearer the end of this episode. Also I think the series needs to work more with a series long story arch per episode to support the one off cases he needs to solve. Anyways great move in the right direction I hope it keeps it up I was losing faith in the writing of the cases & then bam a great episode out of nowhere!!
  • Hidden cameras are for perverts

    I enjoyed the episode. The producers promised Moriarty would be a part of the show, not just a part of Holmes' past, and this was a good way to introduce him without showing his face. It explained Irene Adler, the addiction and Vinnie Jones in a role that doesn't just give Holme the name Moriarty, it gives a character that can maybe be brought back to push Sherlock's hunt along. When I saw the first murder, I thought it was methodical but not the brilliant mind I would have expected, so I was pleased he was not the arch-nemesis. Part of me is still hoping Holmes' actual father will turn out to be Moriarty, I don't know why. And the end of the episode gave Watson the excuse needed to explain why she stays with him. I liked the character develpoment for his back story, and the scene at the therapists office. And it was a nice touch to have Gregson point out that M was the twisted one and that Sherlock shouldn't feel guilty for having a psycho follow him to New York. Doubt it will help the next time Moriarty decides to play games with him though.
  • BEES!!

    So called that the bees would return!

    This series is playing with the big names. Playing and teasing and it's getting old. I want something substantial about Irene, Moriarty, even Mycroft, not these back-and-forth sob stories. This episode was very thin, very easy to follow. It did a bit for the characters, but not nearly enough to make up for the lack of plot. I can see how Joan was moved to call the father and prolong her time with Sherlock. I am interested in where they're going to go from here, but only if they give something substantial to chew on.