Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • The Best Episode I've Ever Experienced In The Show

    Yes, I watch Elementary for those of you that love to read my reviews. I won't review every episode but I was just in a mood to review this episode. This episode had fantastic storytelling. The execution just felt very right and the pacing never feels rushed or slow. It's at the right amount of pacing you need to really tell just a magnificent story. This is the best episode of the show that I have ever seen. It was the most intense episode that I have ever seen in this series and the best well-told story of the series that I have ever seen. All of the episodes in this series (except for the pilot episode because that was just boring and weak) have been very good but this episode is the best out of all of them in my humble opinion. At first, I thought M. would be Moriarty but then M. mentioned Moriarty so I said oh never mind. It was great to see Watson staying a little longer to check on Sherlock Holmes even though Shelock's father didn't approve. I really enjoy the relationship between Sherlock and Watson in the series and, in some episodes, they add a lot of humor to keep the wit going. I wonder what will happen next and I just really look forward to seeing what more brilliant and well-told mysteries that the show has for us. Definitely watch this episode if you're a fan of the show. As of right now, it's the greatest episode I've seen from the show and I loved every moment of it. 10/10