Season 2 Episode 20

No Lack of Void

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2014 on CBS

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  • Great episode with an unusual ending.

    This was a case I was really excited for - lots of my favourite procedurals have episodes involving lethal toxins and they wind up as being the best episodes they ever make. I am simply not sure this would be one of them, but it was a good episode in any case.

    The case moved along with niec developments, while the side story was interesting too and good to follow.

    My main problem was that I didn't like the way it ended. We had anthrax and we used it to get down to cow insurance? They could have taken the storyline which was very promising in a better direction...

    Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable.
  • Moving Right Along

    An interesting take on the over-done topic of anthrax. It was lovely to have a small lead turn into something much larger and then back into something smaller but still significant. The Alistair storyline was also incredible - it isn't very often you get a character like Sherlock doing something rash, something out of emotion like a common person, and then openly admitting that was what happened and that they regret it. It was refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
  • Oh no!

    I couldn't believe it when Sherlock said 'decimated'!!! There is no way that SH would say decimated in relation to the 'wiping out' of the whole herd of cows... he would surely have known what decimated actually means. :-(
  • review

    It's was a good episode. It was a good idea to have Alistair's oded after 30 years sobriety and without one particular reason. It gave sherlock doubts about his own willpower.