Season 2 Episode 9

On the Line

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2013 on CBS

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  • Nice episode...

    with a further view into the dark mind of Sherlock! From my pov no other series has a character-development like this, I like it more and more every episode.

    This episodes killer was a fantastic psychopath, not shown like in other series, where they are proud of their doing.

    (I amSorry, for my bad language)
  • Did you not hear what I said?

    Cool episode, The matter of fact conversation with the serial killer, the unapologetic rudeness and intolerance for incompetent cops was great given the stakes. Holmes reaching the limits of detective work when all avenues for surveillance and deduction have been taken away and becoming desperate. Although unlike the BBC show this does not address the fact that Sherlock Holmes can not always solve the case. Is it perhaps because the US has difficulty portraying a television crime solver that may be unsuccessful or fallible even. I applaud this show for not taking themes such as drug addiction lightly however this episode got probably the closest to showing a Holmes that was not omnipotent.
  • Restrained

    This episode put Sherlock in a very different position than he is accustomed to being in and it was wonderful to see how he worked around it. However, it also hinted at a slide back to his former self in how he distanced Joan (too much of a not-bromance going on, so I'm completely okay with that). It means the character will run closer to that which he is based on, but for how long? As an modernized adaptation, Elementary is doing stunningly well. Good episode.
  • review

    A great episode with a serial killer that put Holmes in a difficult position. Captain Gregson was right to defend all his people (consultants) at the end. I liked the plot with the kidnapping and the framing of the killer by one of his victims' sister. And yes, it's true Watson is really exceptional.