Season 1 Episode 7

One Way to Get Off

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • One Way to Get Off

    One Way to Get Off was another absolutely brilliant episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because the character and plot development was awesome! It was intriguing to watch Sherlock investigate a familiar case and it was great to see how Captain Gregson interacted with the suspect. Watson receives little cooperation from Holmes so she goes on her own to find out more and it was cool seeing her deduce and learn more about him. The case itself had me in suspense and it was cool to learn the truth of what went down. The ending was a little abrupt and it just felt cut off rather than finished. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Spectacular!

    This episode featured a very interesting case that took several unexpected turns as it progressed, including being a very personal one for the detective.

    It was quite hard to predict and very interesting to watch, including personal developments for Holmes as well. Finally we are startign to learn more about him.

    I am hoping that the show continues to perform well!
  • Holmes becomes House.

    The shows attempts at creepy and acting are laughable. The killers creepy mask wasn't so bad but his jumpy arm shooting makes me suspect the local am-dram were missing a player.

    To get us back on track Watson comes right out with exposition that contradicts the previous episodes ending and dismissed the interesting conversation that is too good explore yet, so well done writers. Holmes' annoynace with Watson is making her redundant, a real Holmes update would have him sending her into distracting side tasks but I feel the writers don't want to be seen to be developing a dumb female sidekick but also struggle to make a relevant and skillful companion. She of course has doctor skills but this new Holmes already knows the medical stuff so she insights are just for confirmation, which is such a waste.

    While it bugs me that the Rube-Goldberg "Mouse Trap" titles are pathetically obvious it's worse that the House-esque incidental and background music is now loudly in the foreground.

    I'm also getting tired of the "Policeman asking for the bathroom" trope, which is always upstairs and is apparently shorthand for acceptance of warrant-less searches. It's right up there with captains barking "Arrest him!" to a cop who already has a man under-control and suddenly and obviously guilty. Of course he is no cop so that's OK but what makes this one more offensive is that Sherlock goes downstairs for no reason at all and discovers a hidden room.. why? because it furthers the plot, that's why... just because.

    So Watson starts her sleuthing.. now you'd think that her earlier exploits has shown her that google is a great place to start.. but because that's not dynamic.

    Again Holmes in this episode is a jerk who goes to the obvious and fails to read deeper to the truth. He accuses his friend of corruption with no evidence and only the slightest hint that there are dozens of possibilities aside from the one he has jumped too and apparently come all the way downtown for 4 minutes of conversation. Why didn't he investigate, because the writers wanted Gregson something to do to pad out the episode.

    What did I like then:

    I liked that Gregson and his partner semi-flubbed lines to show stress and emotion.

    I like that everyone starts wearing gloves at crime scenes.

    I like Miller, he is the shows only saving grace.

    I liked, in a moment stolen from House, Sherlock throws an orange at a perp.

    I liked Holmes spotting a literary quotation.. now that's Holmesian.

    then almost as soon it was undone in the most tenuous way possible as a hacky link that breaks the case.

    Which leads to the ending where just because they got the actual evidence on the killer the fact that he was framed initially all goes away.. the video taped evidence of police conspiracy and corruption vanishes like fairydust and the killer has no claim for a retrial or anything.. see it's wrapped up in a neat bow.

    Line of the Episode: Holmes *Knock, Knock, Knock*. Watson :"He's not here".

    When did Watson become Dexter's dad.