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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • Too simple, too dull

    Since the plot is already known to most, I won't spoiler it to those that haven't watched it yet.

    The pilot introduces us to our main characters, namely Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson - and what an introduction it is:

    Sherlock is a pathetic and overly nervous little man under the heel of his father - not at all the poised and (kind of) arrogant genius we know from the books or the many, many movies ( especially the superb russian films of 1979-1986) or, well, the excellent BBC Show "Sherlock". He has his moments, sure, but for every ingenious deduction he makes, he has to act overly stupid at least 10 other times.

    Which brings us to Joan Watson - what an odd combination of brilliance and disappointment. On the one Hand she is instrumental in solving the case - there are moments when it seems only needs sherlock to get her interested - but is perfectly capable of breaking the case by herself. On the other hand, her character just isn't that well defined: She is Sherlocks sitter / romantic interest / "partner in crime" - and the one motivation the episode gives for her to act as she does, doesn't explain anything at all.

    Finally, this pilot doesn't seem to be an episode of series about Sherlock Holmes. It looks and feels like we were watching a new show about the relativly dim-witted little brother of Gregory House, without the medical expertise - who only seems smart compared to the absolut idiots working in the police department, and of course compared to the killer, flat out confesses the first time Sherlock confronts him with his hunch.

    The camera is lifted from House, the dialogs trys to divert from its blandness by beeing very fast, the motivations for all the characters are pathetic, the villain doesn't deserve the name (and was done better in Dexter, Season 1 Episode 8 "Shrink Wrap"), the plot is laughable and the conclusion is an insult to anyone with half a brain cell.

    Maybe I am unfai to this show, maybe I shouldn't judge it to hard. But when there is a BBC Show about Sherlock Holmes out there, which does it almost perfectly, it's hard not to compare those two.
  • Dr. Jane Watson is assigned to former drug addict Sherlock Holmes to montior his recovery. Little does she know she received more than she bargained for.

    I was a little skeptical on how this contemporary twist on the classic detective team would play out, but I decided to give it look. Johnnny Lee Miller seems to be well cast as the legendary detective. Lucy Liu is well cast also. The episode is well written. I like the twists and turns the story took before reaching its conclusion. I did have some problems with it though. Miller talks very fast. At times it was hard to keep up with him. I had to rewind the epsiode a few times to take in all he was saying. Also, Lucy Liu needs to spek up. That aside, I think the series got off to a good start. I will tune for the next episode.
  • Competent but not very interesting

    I quite like Lucy Liu but the role she was given here was a little bland. I quite like Jonny Lee Miller too but he I don't think he really had the strength of personality carry off such an iconic role - he clearly had determined that Holmes needed to be 'intense' and stuck with that like a limpet.

    Holmes wandered through the plot like someone who had already read ahead in the script and his observations were made with such apparent ease that there was really no 'wow' factor for the audience.

    The crime to be solved was ridiculously convoluted and part of me didn't really care one way or the other - the bad guy looked guilty from the start and lo and behold he *was* guilty after all!

    The real hook, however, was always going to rely on the chemistry between Holmes and Watson and how the mixed gender dynamic was going to impact on that. As it turns out there was no chemistry whether sexual or otherwise.

    I'll watch another episode but I won't be upset if I miss it.
  • Too Similar

    Props for trying, CBS, but stick with original shows.

    I found myself more engrossed in Joan Watson than in Sherlock Holmes, not because that's where CBS has differentiated its series from others but because Sherlock in Elementary is basically Moriarty in Sherlock - he's insane before he's brilliant, he's not sure of his ways, he's not endearing-ish. It's not enough to keep a viewer.

    Unless Elementary is able to clearly distinguish itself from Sherlock, it's going to fail.
  • Good start, I hope it gets better.

    It's really a shame that in today's culture the leading person can not simply be a good clean cut guy. I do watch the BBC's Sherlock Homes. I do not like the fact that Sherlock does not show any concern for the people around him, who are affected by death and misfortune. This Sherlock is a tattooed recovering drug attic, who lives off his father. For a man who appears as smart as he is, that's a stupid contradiction. However, I like Lucy Liu's character and hope her role developed some depth. It's was a nice touch for the writers to have her find the finial clue to solve the crime. This show will make the recording Que.
  • Not as clever as it should be.

    While it's well acted (Miller is rarely off base but Liu is a very uneven actress and giving her such a flat character is either nailing it or just showing her limited range) the shows cardinal sin is that it's not clever.

    The twist/resolution is poorly setup and executed and it gives me pause when a Sherlock based show fails so fundamentally and I worry that if this is the best they can do (obviously slapped together in a hurry when the British reworking has done so well) will they be inspired to do better when the pickup comes.

    I cringe at that thought of how they might update Holmes' traits (addiction, violins, anti-social behavior, Mrs Hudson, disguises and a dismissively helpful connection with the law) and again hope they can treat them with more care than the nods we go in this hurried first try.

    There are many issues that I have with the UK show that carry over here, especially a world where 2 character are introduced as Holmes and Watson and the other person doesn't bat an eyelash, it feels disrespectful somehow and so did they really need those names for it to work? Whatever I'm coming to this series late but gonna give it a fair go and keep my finger crossed.
  • Not a bad premiere at all.

    This was a very interesting first episode and hopefully the show continues in this vain. There were some really great moments but I'm not really a fan of the actual Sherlock Holmes character in this show yet. He seems very detached from everything despite some of the awesome detective work which was kinda disappointing, but maybe that will change.

    I like Lucy Liu and her character though, and this show has promise!
  • Introduced and hooked

    I'm writing this one kinda late but might as well.

    This Pilot was just great! It introduced us to the mind of our new Sherlock Holmes and gave us the cards that they are going to be toying with during the course of the show. If you didn't like it however, don't fret as the show does improve drastically later on.

    I only have but two complaint and those are the lack of antagonists or just how quickly that is resolved once you've been introduced to the respective person or persons, and the lack of deductive reasoning by the observation of another person.

    This show seems to focus a lot more on Sherlocks ability to view something and draw connections or research using his knowledge of said-thing. It's more like Sherlock knows a lot and that is the reason he's able to solve crime rather than being the deductive Sherlock that we know and love.

    You haven't watched this show yet? What are you waiting for?!
  • Elementary

    The Pilot episode of Elementary was a perfect start to what looks like an amazing series! I really enjoyed this modern take on Sherlock Holmes and Watson. I loved seeing Lucy Lui and Jonny Lee Miller was awesome in his lead role. I enjoyed the story lines because the writing was phenomenal. I really liked the characters which had a lot of depth instantly. It was awesome watching Holmes piece together the crime scenes and reading people involved. I liked how Watson became more involved towards the middle of the episode becoming an investigator herself. This show will appeal to a wide audience. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • it is very similar to monk

    it was agood episode but while i was watching i had this strange feeling that i watched this before then i remember it was very similar to the tv series monk the same sick detective who needs someone to take care of and the same caretaker / doctor / nurse or whatever i enjoyed the episode but i feel like deja vu i hope it gets better and feels different in the next episode and that's only my humble opinion may be i am wrong
  • Elementary.

    This was a very good pilot episode with Sherlock a former consultant to Scotland Yard and and addict who is accompanied by his sober companion Dr Joan Watson Already in this episode you can see how smart Sherlock is and just by looking at someone he can read them like a book Sherlock and Watson are both really good characters in a show with a lot of potential.
  • A great pilot kicking off what is proving to be a very cool show....

    .... I unfortunately missed the pilot episode of "Elementary" when it first aired, actually catching the second and third episodes before finally seeing the pilot online. I wished I had been able to see it sooner since this pilot is such a great episode.

    "Elementary" takes the characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes series and places them in a modern setting and unique situation. The fact that Holmes used drugs from time to time comes as no surprise to though familiar with Doyle's books but "Elementary" takes this aspect of Holmes' character to a new length. In "Elementary," Sherlock Holmes is a recovering addict who is forced to relocate to New York for treatment and Dr. Joan Watson (as opposed to Dr. John Watson from Doyle's novels) is his live-in health professional helping him to stay clean.

    The pilot episode does an excellent job introducing both the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson characters - played extraordinary well by Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, respectively - and forging what begins as a combustible relationship but one that will undoubtedly prove to be a great friendship and partnership. The story itself is quite clever with many satisfying twists and turns that display Holmes' incredible power of observation. "Elementary" wastes no time in defining itself firmly in the pilot as a very creative mix of the dark and the humorous as Holmes and Watson remain at the center throughout the story.
  • Pilot

    I am not sure about this show yet. I did like this pilot episode. I guess I am a little reluctant about watching a new show, because of what usually happens. Like a show and it gets canceled.
  • Shows promise, as long as it stays out of the swill.

    Number one reason why I watched this--it came right after my favorite show of all.

    Number two reason why I watched this--with the return of the popularity of a thinking hero like Sherlock Holmes Iboth in similar TV characters who are highly observant and use solid deductive reasoning, and in the recent RDJ films), I figured, how can they go wrong?

    Number one reason why I'm glad I watched--they eventually hit several things right about the character: deductive reasoning that, while not 100% perfect, still is without parallel; sorely lacking social sklls because of his own arrogance about his mind and the conclusions he draws about others; obsessive tendencies, which positively fuel his detective skill and negatively fuel his addiction, etc.

    Number one reason why I almost didn't keep watching--the unnecessary stuff. Although the humor of the compromising moments in the films works for RDJ's portrayal, they work *because* it's RDJ. Here it just made me feel like I needed a shower, and that's not a way to introduce the character. And while the "second chance" concept works for say, a John Reese on POI, the "botched surgery ending the doctor's career and putting her in a depression that she denies" schtick is too trite and could drag the show down if the writers drag it out. Let Watson be Watson--the "normal" eyes and ears through which we get to enter Holmes' world.

    To-do list for the writers--pay attention to the above. Holmes is meant to be serious, quick, exceptionally sharp-minded, and, for all his posturing and quirks, fun. Let those aspects continue, and this can work. Get bogged down in the pseudo-drama of failed-surgeon and prostitute-hookups, and, well, it just becomes pig fodder.

    Oh, and I'll let one obvious perp slide. But do take notes from Holmes' creator and try not to be this transparent anymore. Thanks. :)
  • I like this version of Sherlock Holmes, BUT

    I think the BBC Version is better, because Benedict Cumberbatch makes a BRILLIANT Sherlock Holmes (though I like Johnny Lee Miller), also the partnership with Watson works better in sense of the "typical" Holmes/Watson relationship.

    Anyways, this TV series IS good and maybe the altered relationship between Holmes and Watson plays out in a different, but good way. Who knows.

    I'll definitely follow this up.