Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • Shows promise, as long as it stays out of the swill.

    Number one reason why I watched this--it came right after my favorite show of all.

    Number two reason why I watched this--with the return of the popularity of a thinking hero like Sherlock Holmes Iboth in similar TV characters who are highly observant and use solid deductive reasoning, and in the recent RDJ films), I figured, how can they go wrong?

    Number one reason why I'm glad I watched--they eventually hit several things right about the character: deductive reasoning that, while not 100% perfect, still is without parallel; sorely lacking social sklls because of his own arrogance about his mind and the conclusions he draws about others; obsessive tendencies, which positively fuel his detective skill and negatively fuel his addiction, etc.

    Number one reason why I almost didn't keep watching--the unnecessary stuff. Although the humor of the compromising moments in the films works for RDJ's portrayal, they work *because* it's RDJ. Here it just made me feel like I needed a shower, and that's not a way to introduce the character. And while the "second chance" concept works for say, a John Reese on POI, the "botched surgery ending the doctor's career and putting her in a depression that she denies" schtick is too trite and could drag the show down if the writers drag it out. Let Watson be Watson--the "normal" eyes and ears through which we get to enter Holmes' world.

    To-do list for the writers--pay attention to the above. Holmes is meant to be serious, quick, exceptionally sharp-minded, and, for all his posturing and quirks, fun. Let those aspects continue, and this can work. Get bogged down in the pseudo-drama of failed-surgeon and prostitute-hookups, and, well, it just becomes pig fodder.

    Oh, and I'll let one obvious perp slide. But do take notes from Holmes' creator and try not to be this transparent anymore. Thanks. :)