Season 1 Episode 17

Possibility Two

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on CBS

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  • Great case!

    This was a great and really interesting case that took muany interesting and unexpected twists and turns. The storyline seemed a little fanciful at first, but after a few minutes it became really interesting and actually a very well executed crime show case.

    There were many clues and the case was multi-faceted with more than one bad guy, which is what I generally love to see, and the thing at the dry cleaner was funny.

    All up a terrific episode!
  • Always another Possibility

    Clever and thoughtful writing. The show is entertaining, the clues are subtle and brilliant.
  • So happy together

    Imagine me and you, Holmes does. Joan thinks about it day and night, its only right. To think about a case they love and hold it tight. So happy together.

    In a rather uncommon honeymoon stage, the characters get to enjoy their newfound partnership, as well as each other's company, in a manner in which they have soon become accustomed. Watson can't stop smiling, Sherlock can't stop challenging her, they can't stop teasing one another: at the dry cleaner, at home or at the case of the week. For the time being, they have earned this simple, yet completely memorable, stage of bliss.
  • Possibility Two

    Possibility Two was another brilliant and very entertaining episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was awesome to see Holmes instructing Watson in the ways ofvbeing a genius detective. The story was intriguing and interesting. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!
  • I saw something interesting

    OK so i just noticed this as i was watching the episode.... at 4min and 25 seconds into the episode, Sherlock is talking to the rich guy in the limo and they are sitting on opposite sides, you can clearly see which way the limo is going, until Sherlock is talking and then suddenly the limo is now suddenly driving backwards at 40-50 mph.
  • As Holmes and Watson look into a wealthy man's claim of being poisoned, Holmes decides to test Watson's skills.

    It's Watson's turn to take center stage in this terrific episode. Lucy Liu is excellent (as usual). So far she has never been better. It was a real treat watching her solve the mystery of, as she put it, "The world's worst dry She certainly proved her worth to Sherlock here! The main storyline was quite entertaining as well. It has always been great fun watching Holmes work a case. Johnny Lee Miller is perfectly cast. I hope when the Emmys are handed out both Miller and Lucy Liu get some well deserved recognition.
  • How did they let that goof up pass?

    At the beginning in the Limo, Sherlock is riding backwards (facing the back of the car) but when he is talking, the background of the road etc is moving such that the car would have to be driving in reverse! Who's job is it to watch for these things, and was he fired over that massive continuity flaw? Especially just a few episodes after they were making fun of continuity!
  • Touching bases

    As a geneticist in my previous life (now its more business than science) I was mildly amused at the plot line - not too far off base (ATGC pun intended) as regards what is possible these days but to do it you'd have to have the time and resources - and that made the plot explanation a bit thin - having such resources you'd not use it to gain grants but start your own gene-therapy company and yadda yadda finance to cure yourself toot-suite.

    Anyway, it was nice to see Watson (another genetics pun?) have her day and trial her skills successfully - very pleasing to see the detective team develop complementtary skills and share abilities!

    Solid showing and good character development... just lacking that "X" factor to lift it....
  • Squirmy

    I was so off-put by how awkward Joan was all of a sudden in this episode, but it did make sense that she would be uncomfortable sleuthing on her own. The case itself wasn't much at all, but the side plots and the little distractions were what made the episode. DNA and dino models. Bees in boxes (and the teaser tricking us into thinking it got squashed). The dry cleaners. The incredible dynamic between the two main characters. This show, while rocky to begin with, is now holding my attention.
  • Never trust a foreigner is the alternate title.

    I'm confused about the episode titles. They start out as twist spoilers (ha!) then they change to include a muddle of lines from or things in the episode when there's no twist. This appears to speak to a lack of overall quality control on the series, it feels slapped together from random scripts and it explains why Holmes and Watson bare little to no traits of their namesakes . Watson's medical training is almost never used) and we get massive disjoints from one episode to the next. Last episode Holmes complains of no income and here he is offered lots of cash and refuses it, how else was he going to make money?

    So the episode itself revolves around a man who believes he is being poisoned to be forgetful (something that has happened twice already in 17 episodes, again the writers don't seem to care about treading old ground and don't let Holmes acknowledge it).

    I'm writing this while watching it and 13mins in and we've met 2 people who work in the industry that could have poisoned the victim, both had lines so my bet it was the nice lady character rather than the stiff business man character who is guilty.

    15mins in and shes dead! So either guilty and/or a threat to the killer. Oh and Watson becomes a blood spatter analyst (yay medial training!.. sorta) but the time served cops have apparently never noticed the difference between pooled and sprayed blood?

    20mins and some filler about man-made molecules and jumpers?

    22mins Cop phones have no mute button and Bell is no longer grateful to Holmes for saving his neck.

    23mins new Holmes skill Pick-pocketing and because this is Elementary we don't get to see it happen, only get told about it.

    28mins so the jumpers were an initiative test?

    33mins and we have an unrecorded verbal confession of murder, made outside of oath, by a guy who has just been told that they have no hard evidence against him and not even a deal offered. 10 minutes too early for this to be the killer.

    39mins. Turns out to be someone we've never met, kudos writers that's how to write a clever ending.

    41mins are we supposed to think Watson is clever for having a cop actually getting the evidence? I'm confused as to how having Holmes send her somewhere pointlessly over n over and becoming suspicious of foreigners is clever.

    So the wrap up is that lots of people got sick and Holmes prevented more? maybe? I wasn't clear on that and he certainly didn't save anyone or reverse anyone's sickness. All he did otherwise was get the nice Asian lady killed. I guess that's why they ended abruptly without mentioning it.