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  • No comment

    Seriously, I watched a bit because I was curious. But that's not how I know Sherlock Holmes.

    He turned all of a sudden into an American, lost all his taste for looking good and even his acting... he is too different. I wonder why Watson has to be a female? So if you want some Johnlock, it has to be straight?

    However, Americans shouldn't have touch an British television. It is more than horrible.

    The work of Gattis and Moffat are incredible, brilliant and would never get bored.

    Even the cases are more interesting, plus the was way of the friendship between Watson and Sherlock is in BBC just incredible.

    Moriarty a woman? No way, Moriarty is the Napolon of Crime, Mister Sex - the man with the key. Good looking, evil and just brilliant.

    And no, I don't care that this silly television got more episodes than BBC and I would say for sure

    the true BBC Sherlock fans wouldn't like it at all.

    PS: Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes!
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson

    I like Sherlock, but I love Elementary. I originally looked down on this show as being lesser than the first BBC show, but now, I'm firmly in Elementary's quarters, and that is largely thanks to the superb chemistry and acting between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Oh yes, and Natalie Dormer is superb as Irene Adler. Whilst I'm working my way through Season 2 as I type this review, It's still awesome. It's probably the best show on CBS apart from Person Of Interest, and well worth checking out.
  • I hope Kitty comes back for a visit.

    Thank god the "will they, wont they" will never happen on this show but the idea of Holmes and Watson as foster "mum and dad" blew im socks off. The writers are thinking "outside the box" for there partnership to a different level as we saw each week a new sence of pride that Holmes saw in Kitty's training.

    Hope kitty has a few more arc's in the storylines.

  • good-riddance kitty!!

    Just two things - the mentally-challenged writers who introduced kitty as "protege" have gained some

    grey matter once more and gotten rid of her (or maybe ,i'm hoping, they were replaced) .

    Second , sherlock and watson are back to being The sherlock and watson from Doyle's book ,not from

    the pages of yet another bowel-related,mundanely regular soap opera/ cbs crime . AND Sherlock is back

    to being The Sherlock Holmes with the extraordinary brain and powers of observation,and Watson,his

    keen and observant though not half as gifted associate/assistant. IF the producers and (moronic) writers

    wish to keep this show running and growing,courtesy a devoted fan-following ie.
  • Deadlier than the male indeed

    Hello and to start we should say that this is a review of the most recent episode "Female of the species" so if you have not seen it yet do so before reading any further.

    Ok now that is out of the way on to the goodness, to start this episode we were quite pleased to see a kind of reversal of the roles in the dynamic of Holmes and Watson, in the beginning it was Watson who was helping Sherlock in fending off his demons, but now it seems like the reverse is true as Holmes as tenderly as he can offers to be a shoulder to cry on for Watson.

    We loved this as it show's exactly how much Holmes values Watson as a partner and friend, and it also let's us see how far he has come in being a warmer and more personable character, Holmes seeing his best friend in emotional turmoil brings her food and insists he is there to talk should she require it.

    That is excellent character development as we have seen in the past Holmes has taken steps In this direction before but never to this extreme and it was good to see.

    We loved the off duty Marcus and Sherlock team up and Bell seemed to pick this up quicker than Watson ever did, reciting the givens of the case and indulging Holmes eccentricities, and to be clear blood pudding is called black pudding in England and is made from pigs blood and oats, personally not a fan but we digress it was a most interesting case but was all the more enjoyable with the addition of the de-extinct species angle.

    Now we come to the part of the episode we saw coming since last week With the departure of Kitty And subsequent murder of Watson's paramour, we have to say that this was no surprise This was our prediction for the episode

    1. Watson is in emotional pain and this brings Sherlock closer to her as a result

    2. Watson has some kind of epiphany and re-evaluates her life

    3. Watson goes back to the brown stone where she belongs

    But we were even more pleasantly surprised when our favourite villainess was reintroduced, and we have to say at the start of the reading of the letter we were on the fence as to who wrote it, but we guessed it was Moriarty as soon as we saw the scene go to the prison at first we thought it might have been Mycroft, but it was obvious she was the writer when we saw that transition, we were off how ever as we did think that the Elana was going to be poisoned as we thought the guard would be one of Moriarty's people, but it looked as though Elana was strangled surprising to say the least but we do look forward to more Moriarty In the future..

    Thanks for reading this and we would like to hear your thoughts

  • the show will suck now! lucy will be the death of the is not a very good actress and her looks are in the past.

    the show sucks now plain and simple. we went from sherlock the genius to helping the police to joan the top person and sherlock a flunky. whho the fuck makes these ridiculous decisions to change the whole plot of the show. really really stupid. joan was just there to look at and not that great at her age. kick her off the show is about sherlock not some has been actress. remember the movie "kill bill" well lets kill lucy liu in the show and get back to the the show the way it was meant to be.. get her off the . whoever made this decision to change the format should be fired. ty. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED THE SHOW IS DEAD. I DO NOT WATCH IT ANY I LOVED THE SHOW AT FIRST. NOW IT`S WAS NEVER THE STAR. SHE WAS AN SUPPORTING IN THAT ROLE.. BUT TO TOTALLY TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN ISNT GONNA WORK. IIT WILL END THE SHOW. MAYBE THATS WHAT THESE PEOPLE WANT. THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO INSIGHT INTO WHAT IS GOOD. I TURN IT ON FOR 2 MINUTES NOW AND TURN IT OFF. GOODBYE ELEMENTARY!
  • better!

    the last 3 episodes have been really good. last nites "hemlock" was really interesting. the show always teaches (me anyway) something I never knew. Like the one about maps, nutmeg, credit card info, etc. I love Sherlock and joan as a team. kitty was ok but somehow didn't fit in. I think the writers and actors are getting back to what made this show so popular. hope it makes it to another season. can't wait to see if Sherlock lets Watson move back in to the brownstone.
  • Done watching

    Show has become a repetition of the last episode show me a tv with some humanity, let sherlock relapse let holmes fail, Dont show a half assed holmes who cant do a reverse azimuth in an elevator, show me holmes mad at sherlock or something and sherlock telling her to keep up. Instead I get happy cast cause they keep their job and I get stuck with a boring episode because of your lack of creativity.
  • after last night

    i am glad to see the writers are about to put the focus on our beloved Sherlock and Watson again, dont get me wrong, i really loved kitty and the new and fresh dynamic she brought but i hope after last night she is gone on a longish vacation, she did a great job of making me miss Joan and Sherlock spending every waking moment together.

    *** i really loved the last couple minutes of last night episode, it was great seeing that side of Sherlock, for the first time i really grasp how hard it is for him.

  • Kitty is leaving

    I was so bothered with the Kitty story and she grew on me! Tonight's episode,she said bye! I am sorry to see her go-HAPPY it will be orignal cast again! I think they was a lot of people unhappy about Kitty producers heard us! Just sayin
  • What happened?

    Season one was phenomenal, best show on TV in my opinion. Season two was good. Nice to see Holmes gain some humanity and Joan gain confidence as an investigator.

    Now, however, Holmes has been relegated to babysitting Kitty. He no longer relies on Joan to be the grounding wire to his manic, acerbic genius, because he has found his own humanity. That leaves Joan flapping in the breeze. It's as if the writers don't know what to do with her character any more, so she alternates between taking on uninteresting cases and babysitting Kitty with Holmes.

    Kitty's story is not wholly uninteresting and it could easily have a place. She has become such the focal point however, that the rest of the show, including what really made it great, the dynamic between Holmes and Watson, has been neutered.

    Gregson and Bell have become mere afterthoughts.

    A travesty considering what this show once was.
  • Change can be a good thing!

    I will admit that I was rather disconcerted by the fact that Watson had moved out. However, at the end of last season, she said she was going to, so we were forewarned. And the addition of Kitty, to me, is a positive thing. I like her and I think that it's wrong to be so against the addition of this character. As this season has progressed, we've seen Holmes and Watson continue to work closely together. We've also seen Kitty be of great assistance and come up with some excellent deductions of her own. As for the focus on Watson's personal life, it seems to me that that is a natural extension of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. She did, after all, live with him as his sober companion, which would have meant that they would have, by necessity, developed a very intense relationship. Added to that is the fact that she also became, and continues to be, involved in his work, and became his "apprentice"; their closeness then becomes quite understandable, both personally and professionally. And they've both grown and changed through this process. I binge-watched most of season 2, and all of Season 3 that has thus far been broadcast, very recently, and so I'm able to see this change in a different light, as I watched so many episodes in succession. I truly enjoy this show. I hope it continues on for many years to come. Sherlock, most especially, never, ever, bores me.

  • Let's say HELLO KITTY.

    I don't understand why people hate change so much. I FUCKING LOVE KITTY! She seems amazing, and has done a lot to refresh the feel of the show. I liked it before, I love it now.
  • Let's say Farewll to KITTY

    I love Sherlock and Watson - so why are you bothering with Kitty - this is an aweful addition - I am ready to drop the show - find a way Kitty to leave the show - let Wason be Waston and do Watson things - don't continue to ruin Elementary -
  • Should have been called "Elementary Actually"

    The WORST part of this show is the OVER use of the word "ACTUALLY"!! it was once said 5 times within a minute. It's poor grammar to rely on the word as well as extremely lazy, and not to mention bloody annoying. 98% of the time it simply does not need to be used.

    The rest of the show is decent, including using a female lead for Watson.
  • screwing up a good thing

    Like the majority, we enjoyed the chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock and Lucu Lui's Watson. It was a great format. Now somebody decided to mess with perfection. Kitty is a crass, goth, intrusion, totally lacking the nuance and mature charm that Lui brought to the role. Holmes was not that easy to understand at times, but kitty is unintelligible. This wedged in mistake seems designed to displace Watson, the death knell for this formally great series. If she keeps showing up, we're gone.
  • Not a show for big Holmes fans

    As a TV show, Elementary is entertaining, often funny and fun to watch; but, Elementary isn't just any TV show, it's an adaptation of the popular Sherlock Holmes novels.

    I'm all for change and making things 'new'. Sherlock has been made a little more 'human' in that he actually gets sad when his arrogance becomes the reason behind a friend being injured. Not a problem. Watson changed from John to Joan. Also, not a problem. In fact, I think it's a fun change. Sherlock was taken from England to New York and so Inspector Lestrade is replaced with Inspector Gregson (the novels have Gregson in Scotland Yard police headquarters in London, not New York but that's ok).

    And that's where they should have stopped. Where they failed, and should stop, is making Watson a second Sherlock. Watson cannot 'deduce'. He/she should not be able to overstep or, in some cases, replace Sherlock. If your idea is to make two great detectives, call them Shaun and Walter, Shrek and Fiona, Bonnie and Clyde; whatever! Just don't call them Sherlock and Watson and then take away the one thing that made Sherlock who he was. Sherlock is unique and no one, especially not Watson, could do what he did (except, of course, the Napoleon of Crime, Moriarty).

    Good TV show; Not so good Sherlock Holmes TV show.

    Oh, and Lucy Liu is a bad choice for the role (nothing she does seems believable). And, as long as we're not taking it as a proper Sherlock Holmes adaptation, I'm fine with Kitty. At least her acting is better than Liu.
  • Please remove Kitty

    Used to love the show it was my favorite. I liked it mainly because of the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson, now they have them fighting with each other and this new character that appears a bit brain dead Kitty. she may be good in other shows, but she doesn't belong in this one. If its not broke don't break it. This show is ruined for me now. I don't watch it any longer. thanks CBS writers for ruining and other wise Great show by changing everything. why cant they leave well enough alone when they finally get something right.
  • The game is not afoot!

    I am hoping Elementary stops changing the basic premise of the brilliant deductions that truly make Sherlock who he is. Not to compare with the British show: Sherlock, also a modern interpretation on he detective, but I am bored with Holmes making more comments about Watson's lifeystyle than the cases themselves. Sherlock's unique crime solving abilities seem to be lost in how he plays off two women with similar skills. So sad.
  • Not going well

    There was a reason that in the original show Sherlock did all the detective work, and Watson sicked to the documentation work and sometime helping Sherlock. Here the role of Watson is completely off the track. I don't mind that they changed the sex of the character, in fact I think it worked great for last seasons, but in this season sometimes she "deduces" things which even Sherlock miss that irritates me a lot.

    They have to do something to turn this around. If you are making a show about Sherlock Holmes, he has to take the front seat.
  • What happened?

    Kitty's character is good, just don't know where she fits in? Watson is completely annoying me. She wears the same boots every week and her character has changed for the bad. It's like she is Holmes anti-watson. And Holmes character seems way off and doesn't have the same edge he had. Not to mention Gregson and detective Bell's role is diminished as well. Might be moving on soon unless they fix
  • Best show on TV

    So good that I routinely go back and watch old episodes because I get impatient for the next new episode. And I don't do that for ANY show. Ever. I am addicted to this show. Watson moving out kind of bummed me because my favorite part of the show has been the chemistry between Holmes and Watson. I like Kitty but I'm feeling a little trepidation about the possibility of them phasing Watson out. That would be a show-stopper (literally) for me.
  • Too bad

    They had to work to mess up this show. It was a brilliant whodoneit with two quirky interesting characters and great dialogue. Suddenly all of that is gone. Sherlock is painfully inept now and moves like Joe Cocker. Watson is mean spirited and their is no ingenuity to any of the plot lines. No savaging this show that was so brilliant. Too bad.
  • Hurray for Kitty!

    I will disagree with much what has been written here. Kitty is the best thing that has happened to Elementary. She sparkles with her underplayed performance, giving the impression that she's just a novice, until she quietly makes her "on the mark" deductions and displayes her impressive knowledge of facts and criminal behavior. She is the fresh air this show so needed. I don't dislike Watson but I'll be quite happy with her staying on the sidelines. Kitty will carry the mentor/partner relationship with Holmes quite well. Kitty's personality, and her working on building herself up to make something substantial of herself, can be much better identified with, and is more interesting, than that of Watson.

    I am glad to see that those writing specific episode reviews, as well those writing in the specific episode discussions, are almost all in agreement with me in very much liking Kitty and wanting her to stay on the show.
  • what's happened

    I've loved this show from the beginning and now I struggle to finish an episode, its just lost it..... have the writers changed ? and it seems that Watson has a much bigger part, Lucy Liu having a hissy ?
  • it aint what it used to be

    Is it me or does Sherlock "all at once" solve the crime? It USED to be he did a little snooping here, a little sniffing there, a little deep thought with Clyde, and maybe a little bit of Watson stumbling across a clue to solve the crime. But now in the last few episodes Sherlock appears in a scene(maybe two), spits out a plethora of dialog and some pictures and WHAM crime solved! The whole anticipation and suspense build up seems to be missing! . How many scenes were necessary to solve the plane crash on Far Rockaway in season 1? 10+! Now it seems one, maybe two scenes from Sherlock and things are figured out! The rest of the epsiode is Watson's love life, trials and tribulations with Kitty, Sherlock being pissed off at Kitty or Capt. Gregson checking to make sure everyone is playing nice!
  • recking the show!

    this used to be a great show, now we have no camaraderie between Holmes and Watson and Holmes is turning into a wimp. Kitty was not a plus. Friction between Holmes and watson is not what your viewers want.
  • kitty litter

    Elementary has been my favorite program since its start but it has now been messed with to the point where it has lost its spark. There was such great chemistry between Holmes and Watson, and they are supposed to be friends and crime solvers. It doesn't feel right for them to be chilly and distant to one another. Trying to garner a younger audience with the introduction of Kitty just isn't working. Her acting ability needs apprenticing in that area, too. There's no chemistry between her and Holmes and the whole program has become lopsided and strange. Please bring back the magic of the original!
  • season three

    Not that I do not like Kitty but it has taken away from the whole draw and point of watching the show: to see the chemistry between Watson and Holmes. The show is not what it used to be and I miss the purposeful exchanges between the two. Will watch few,more episodes but I may be done with this show sadly.
  • I guess people don't like this kitty kat

    she was brought in for a younger appealing edgier story line and it isn't working. I saw an early ad where they were trying to insinuate that there would be kat fight type drama with Watson, which is stupid, Watson's character is too mature for that or thy would have had to do a 180. I mean the whole schtick is unappealing and the ratings show it.
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