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  • episode 20 chelo song

    Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello suite No.1 Prelude in G

    . This show R O X ! and that's my constructive review.
  • music question

    Anyone know the music played at the end of elementary episode 20?? Dead mans Switch sounded classical kind of no lyrics played cant figure it out for the life of me looked all over online
  • Music question .....


    For the reviewer below that low rated the show but asked about music: there was no April 11 show I'm pretty sure. Maybe you were watching something else? That might explain your review.
  • A Sherlock Holmes for the 21st century

    First of all, I love the BBC series. It's very close to the original characters of Conan Doyle.

    "Elementary" on the other hand transposes the figures into modern times people.

    Watson is a woman, Holmes is very human, and surprisingly enough - it works very well.

    Foremost due to the cast, I'd say. The script is good with room for improvement, but this shows creates a certain dense atmosphere, very well supported by the fantastic score, and this is rarely found in TV shows these days.

    Definetely a very good adaptation of an rather overused clich.
  • Continuation of the logical outcome of Holmes

    The addiction is actually, unlike some people's assumption, the logical outcome and 21st century continuation of Doyle's characters fancy for shooting up with cocaine to continue his studying of cases. Watson always warned him of the results.

    On to the good stuff. I love this show. I am fascinated by the use of logic and deductive abilities of the duo. As a guy I really don't mind seeing Watson played by Lucy Lui. ;-)

    The radio shows and older TV had Dr. Watson as a bit of a bumbling mumbler. This is annoying to me, and the articulation and care of this female Watson is a welcome relief.
  • Great!

    This show rocks! It started kinda slow, but now I'm hooked. I love the dynamic between all of them, specially Watson and Holmes. Sherlock is like House, he bugs you, but you just can't quit him, he is extremely funny and brilliant. Love the show and I hope it goes a long way. Also, the sight of Jonny Lee Miller would make up even if the show was horrible! LOL =]
  • Last song in April 11th episode?

    Anyone know the song they played at the end of last night's episode?

  • Yess!! thank you cbs for renewing Elementary for a second season!!

    L O V E this show. plowed through 11 episodes in 5 days and I'm hooked. Love the show and the characters. So again, thank you for letting Sherlock solve some more crimes with Joan!!
  • Figures. We just started watching a few episodes, now it might be quietly retired?!?

    We didn't bother watching the first few episodes - figured good ol' CBS would kill it off after 5-6 episodes. We finally decided to try it when we noticed they actually kept it going - and we like it! Of course, now I see that CBS may doing just what we suspected they'd do all along. Can never win! Hopefully the fact that we like it won't be the "kiss of death" to the show! Thanks for the heads up.
  • This series disappears...

    in weeks out. Even Sherlock would have trouble finding it. WTF. One of my fave shows of late but is the network trying to kill it off on the quiet?
  • Neat Twist on a Crime Show

    Elementary is a neat little show. The use of deduction in the show reminds me of a combination of the Mentalist and Psych. The show's theme is aimed at fans of Sherlock Holmes, but all the elements are all twisted a bit (a female plays Watson and it's located in NY). The stories are what you'd expect from a standard crime show and involve solving mostly murders and kidnappings. I thought the characters and acting were all well done. One downside, at least for me, is each episode in the first season tends to get weaker in the second half, predictable and often lazy. Otherwise, Elementary is a better than average show with some room to grow.
  • An attempt to differentiate, gone horribly wrong

    I don't write these reviews often, actually this would be my first here, but after seeing the show and then seeing the rating I had to react.

    First of all I'm not sure how this show got green-lighted at all, it's a genuine example how things in TV today are totally "bonkers". Seems there is no story left, that US shows won't apply a "contemporary twist" perverting the original in a unwatchable mess). This show is basically a sacrilege to the Arthur Conan Doyle's timeless story, everything is wrong including setting, tone, atmosphere, time and also last but not the least casting. Horrible, horrible casting choices made for both characters, probably to "appease" a wider viewer base. I see a lot of 10s in the reviews below, well it makes you think, it's no wonder that poor excuse for literature Twilight is popular, since it seems anyone can write a script or a book these days and get acclaim from public. A lot of excellent shows probably got canned to allow this uninspired nightmare to stay on air.

    I gave it 4.5 instead of 1 since production quality is good, other than that bad beyond words.
  • This is no elementary-level show

    The only disappointment with this show is that it's not on every week, as I had hoped, The plots keep me guessing and the acting are top notch. Sherlock is the kind of character that grows on you Hope this show airs weekly.
  • That series can't finish

    This series is so cool, i enjoy the characters and the episodes holds you.
  • Awesome new show

    Firstly i think i like this show so much because, for once, Sherlock isnt always right. He makes mistakes, he was a drug addict and this makes him more human. I think Johnny Lee Miller plays the character wonderfully. Also i love the idea of Watson being a woman, especially since she is Lucy anyway love the show, and i hope it stays on air for many seasons to come...
  • Wish there were more like this.

    This is my favorite series on television. I thoroughly enjoy the main characters. I wish the other networks would put on a series as entertaining as this one.
  • Love this show, but have a confession

    I have been a major Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a kid. Read all the books, went to the mock 221b Baker street apartment in London when I was there (adorable place, seriously). I've seen, probably, every single version of TV show or movie based on the concepts of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

    I had planned to HATE this show. I was, not necessarily a purist, but a traditionalist.

    I was wrong. I really like this show.

    Yes it has it's flaws. But it's growing on me. From the apartment, to the characters. I like it.

    But I have a SPOILER I have to get off my chest. Please forgive me. (and if you haven't seen the episode "-M" DO NOT READ BELOW)

    After seeing "M"- I have to admit- I have a strong feeling that Moriarty is Sherlock's father. That his dad is kind of schizophrenic, or just flat out psycopathic. That he is Moriarity. But he went too far when he didn't like Sherlock's lover, killed her, discovered that it messed up his son, the only one really smart enough to "play" with, so he had to put the guy through rehab and recovery so he could continue to "play". I really, really think M is Sherlock's dad.

    I really hope I'm wrong.
  • It's elementary that it's a good show

    Okay, I'll say it: I like this new show and I don't care if it's American and not British (Don't know if BBC's Sherlock is better since I haven't watched it, but I don't want to compare). I know this is not perfect (it has some details I don't like) but, in my point of view, Elementary is one the best new tv series. And that means that it's officially part of my favorites. Let's explain why.

    I like Jonny Lee Miller's character. I always thought that Sherlock Holmes was a great character but now that it's portrayed by the british actor, I feel like it's better. Jonny is doing a great job, his acting skills are pretty good, the way he speaks... everything convinces me. Holmes is an enigmatic character and I like how the writters keep it in this new series. Even if Sherlok is no longer living in London but in Brooklyn, New York -and is part of the XXI century- it's impossible for me to feel disappointed. Sure he now helps to the NYPD solving the most difficult cases, and he has those deductive skills you can't hate. This is actually why I love this show, because he's such an excellent detective capable of solving mysteries that nobody else would.

    Joan Watson. I like that character too. I never expected it to be a woman, in fact at first -when I saw a promo talking about this- I thought Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be angry if he were alive to see it. But I ended up loving this character, and especially because of their relationship with Holmes. I do like the story is forming between them. Joan really cares about Holmes, and vice-versa, one aspect that I really like.

    Watson being a doctor was also a good addition. But she decided to work as sober companion to help addicted people to fix their lives, and that was the best decision she made. (Yeah, because she met Holmes) I find interesting and nice that Holmes really appreciates what Watson meant to him, and although I also want to know more about Irene Adler, his ex-girlfriend, I don't want it to be more important than the good relationship between Holmes and Watson. Yeah, Watson can think whatever she wants about Holmes (because he may be a bit weird), but their relationship will always be one of the best aspects of this show.

    However, as I said above, Elementary isn't perfect. It has some aspects that I don't like and that the writers should improve to make it a better series. First, the other members of the NYPD may be somewhat incompetent. Second, I like and hate Captain Gregoson (seriously, I think the story would be fine without him, because it's about Sherlock Holmes, the one who SOLVES the cases along with Watson) Bell? I'm fine with him. Third, you can guess who's the culprit because at the end, the culprit is portrayed by a well-known actor or actress (Lisa Edelstein, Jake Weber). So, writers, please change that.

    About the cases? I like them, but I also think than some of them, such as the russian spies and the one of "You Do It to Yourself", are a bit strange.

    So, well, that's what I wanted to say. Elementary is a good tv show that you'll be always to enjoy. If you were looking for a good story, this CBS offer is all what you need. I don't know why some people hate it. It's not like Sherlock, because they are two different shows. Elementary definitely shines.


  • I hope they do make more

    This is a , excuse my French, bloody brilliant series. More please.
  • Not Cancelled

    I don't know why some of you seem to think Elementary will be cancelled... Have you seen the ratings? It got around 11million viewers this week. With ratings like that it's impossible for it to be cancelled. It might be getting a short hiatus but there will be 24 episodes this season. If you are basing it on IMDb then don't worry. Sometimes it is not updated quick enough.
  • Hope Elementary is not cancelled?

    Took me some time to get to like Elementary, for me its got better and better each time, I hope they will show the remaining 6-7 episodes in this first years series and then carry on later this year? If anyone knows if the eries is carrying on please wite

    Soo... is this show cancelled? The internet said they got signed for 22-24 episodes, but it looks like it only goes to the 17th? Anyone know what's going on? I don't want it to be cancelled!!!
  • Gathering momentum weekly

    Not just your average weekly murder mystery, this show has nuance: the performances by the lead characters are wonderful, and each week we get a better glimpse into their personalities. The plotting is tight, the dialogue crisp, the production values high. It takes a while to warm up to Holmes, but it's worth the investment of time; the show grows on you.
  • the best

    part is alway's the end. 10/10
  • A good show with the potential to be great

    I am really enjoying the show I have to admit though at times it can seem a bit to much like every other cop show and not have enough of the Sherlock quirkiness. In saying that though I am really enjoying Sherlock as a character because he does seem really smart and well sherlockly but at the same time you do see the broken side of Sherlock with the drug problems and having the one woman he loved taken from him. It's a good show and it's fast becoming a great one. Though one thing that bothers me I think they are giving so much air time to Watson not because she is Sherlocks closet friend and what not but because it's Lucy Liu, which is ok but it seems to take something away from Sherlock I'm not sure if the show is based more on Sherlock or Watson so at times it can be confusing who is really the leading main character here? besides that I very much enjoy the show and will continue to watch.
  • Epic!

    Most shows when you watch them your just brain dead. You don't need to function your brain to be entertain, but Elementary is the opposite. You try to solve cases with Sherlock every episode. You prediction the ending of each episode if your conclusions are right, wrong, surprised, amazed, stunned, thrilled or whatever, you just cant stop thinking! This what makes Elementary an EPIC show!
  • Waiting On the Real Sherlock Holmes!!!

    I must say I am really enjoying this show it is a good substitute while season 3 of BBC's amazing Sherlock is in production but its not a replacement. I am still coming to terms with Watson being a women so theres that but other then that it has been good so far.
  • Spiritual Successor to "House"

    This is a great show. It comes at the perfect time because I needed someone to watch that was as interesting of a person as Dr. House. It's cool to watch the way that Sherlock solves a case with the same ingenuity that Dr. House would find a patient's diagnosis. Also, watching Sherlock struggle with his fatal flaw of drug addiction is just as interesting as Dr. House's struggle with his drug addiction and social issues. This show definitely fills a hole in the Drama genre of TV shows left by the departure of the TV show House.
  • Elementary's Not

    I enjoy Elementary more than any series currently on tv. The story line and dialog are clever and the casting is inspired: Aidan Quinn is a bit of an overactor, but Lucy Liu is interesting and beautiful, and Jonny Lee Miller is extraordinarily appealing. I love the way the set of Sherlock's place connect with the Victorian original. The development of Holmes's and Watson's characters has me looking forward to each next episode.
  • High Intellect - Elementary Mistakes

    Really like the well thought out story lines, but all the 'smarts' are ruined by simple (elementary) 'continuity' errors. This series could really be appreciated, if it would take the time to eliminate obvious errors in editing. Two quick examples (but loads in entire series) -- Leviathan -- Sherlock (hands) are shown playing piano -- NO GLOVES (and at a crime scene), but when he gets up from piano -- SUDDENLY Wearing Gloves ???!!!! Latest -- Red Team -- opening scene and the 'abracadabra' with milk bottle between Sherlock 'omelet' and Watson coffee cup. Stop the mistakes and let viewers 'really' enjoy the show !!!!
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