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  • Clever title

    I like this show. Some people compare it to Sherlock and most of them evaluate this version as inferior. Well, I actualy like them together, because they're two very different things born from the same root. I find that beautiful.

    Everything has been said on that note. Every word has been spilled. They're both nice shows.

    What grinds my gears is the intro of Elementary. Right at the end of the intro, when the city is seen through the glass sphere. Shouldn't it be inverted? That's what bugs me.
  • Sherlock's New Assistant

    Can anyone out there understand the new assistant? It's hard enough with the accent but someone needs to teach her how to speak clearly and project her voice. It seems like everyone is whispering on TV these days. And the background noise is so loud not just this show but all the shows. Very frustrating. If she doesn't speak clearly and louder I will stop watching this good show.
  • Sorry, Jonny!

    I enjoyed the show for a season and a half, but Watson falling into bed with Mycroft was too much. Now she's PO'ed at Sherlock for disappearing last season without saying goodbye, and the cops don't miss him because Watson has "learned his methods" and is filling in. HUH?? If his methods are so easily learned, Gregson and Bell should know them by now too, and not need her at all. Hey, writers--it's not just Sherlock's "methods" that make him a great detective. His talents can't be learned! Another thing: Watson is not a police officer. It's not her place to say "You're under arrest" when Bell is standing right there. The show is now a soap opera with no connection to the original stories--unlike the brilliant "Sherlock" series starring Cumberbatch and Freeman. They're just (mis)using the names of the characters. I think I'll stop watching it. Sorry, Jonny! You and Cumberbatch were great together in "Frankenstein"!
  • Elementary Continues It's Drop Into Mediocrity

    Surprisingly, the 'creative staff' at Elementary continue their fascination with putting postmodern American neologisms into a thoroughly British character's mouth. What's next? After Sherlock and Joan are done "reaching out" will they begin "efforting" to solve their cases? On top of that, not seemingly satisfied with turning Elementary into the "Watson was a Woman" show [which, by the way, has been done before], with this new season they seem to be intent on turning it into Sherlock Holmes: Stalker-by-Proxy.

    The show started out beautifully, creating the most believable Sherlock Holmes ever attempted. I even hailed the idea of a female Moriarty, and brilliantly played! But Mycroft as Watson Love Interest/Spymaster/Sexually Ambiguous Serial Restaurant Opener signaled the beginning of a series death spiral into banal predictability. As of now, the writers have utterly lost their way in the looking glass land of ad hoc plot twisting, prime time soap opera. It has become more and more clear with the season opener that the show's creator never had more than the germ of an idea because the germ certainly never developed into a serious condition. Perhaps when he's finished trashing the airwaves with this failed pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, he can return to Silicon Valley to do a serious study on under-thirty slang terms.
  • It's complementary ELEMENTARY!

    And it's back for another season! Great comeback! Looks like another promising season is ahead of us!

    Smart, elegant, humorous! Intriguing, captivating, twisty! Lee Miller is overshadowing the rest of the good cast with his exceptional acting!

  • Writers of this show must be descendants of Agatha Christie

    At first when I heard about this show I was like What the f ? female Watson, NewYork setup , Drug addict Sherlock and female Moriarty and that too Moriarty=Irene Adler. I thought that the show creators completely "messed up" Sherlock even though I still stand by my original hypothesis of this show after watching it I must say they "messed" him up "good". The mystery elements, unpredictability and new and innovative plots makes the show "awesome" detective series even better than the original Sherlock that is airing on bbc. Miller is awesome as a "detective" or "consultant" or the show creators version of "Sherlock". And even Luci Liu fits "Watson" or messed up version of original version. This show might very well give Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a "heart attack" but the mystery plots would definitely give him a "smile".
  • Gran serie

    La encuentro interesante en muchos aspectos. En primer lugar, los guiones son originales con menciones a algunos argumentos clsicos de las novelas. En segundo lugar, la interpretacin de los 2 protagonistas me parece sensacional. En tercer lugar, la idea de cambiar de sexo a Watson me ha parecido sorprendente y le ha dado una perspectiva muy atractiva a la relacin entre ellos. Sin duda una gran serie.
  • Elementary Sound

    It's not just me! Fix the sound quality on this show! Your poor standards destroy the pleasure of viewing an otherwise well-scripted and acted production. Read the comments. We can't follow the dialogue. What is wrong with you people?
  • Elementary Fashion

    Fashion of Elementary for Episode 24

  • It's elementary to like "Elementary" :)

    Unpredictability, mystery, crime solving, personal issues, love, past-present connections, friendship, did i write unpredictability? Well it's worth writing again! :D

    There aren't many words I can say about this show as a rather neutral observer, it's just so damn good, and Jonny Lee Miller and his british accent keep staggering me every time!

    Oh well, hopefully it'll stick around for some years, thank God it's on CBS too, I'm not sure how the show would have done on a different, less watched network, but that's just my opinion.

    10 out of 10 and go on, Elementary!
  • Things are out of place

    Does anyone know if the producers of the show purposely put things out of place in the show? I realized that in more than one episode, when a scene is shown things are out of place.... For example Season 2 episode 9 about 21 minutes in, sherlock and watson argue that he should be nicer to the cops, the cup on the table keeps moving form left to right of watson's phone....

    Love the show btw, just became a
  • Help with the volume of this show

    I love this show and all of its characters. The problem I have is I can't hear most of the dialogue. I have to move the volume almost to top line to hear Sherlock and then when the ads come on....... hurry to mute or turn down. How can this show's volume get turned up so people like me can hear it??

    Thank you.
  • Art in the Blood as Double Entendre

    The brother's Holmes have reached an impasse it would seem. Mycroft must be removed from the domestic ecosystem at hand in order for the show to have the energy and flow it needs to be what it has become, which is Watson as caretaker to Sherlock who is then able to thrive. This is hardly a departure from Conan Doyle's portrayal of Dr. Watson and his relationship with both his wife and Sherlock. Yes, Watson needs a life outside of Holmes in order to establish any degree of credibility, but she must also be drawn to him in ways that defy whatever romantic interludes or relationships she explores outside their world. I must say I was disappointed with the rushed resolution of the Watson/Mycroft dilemma. Frankly, I also have a difficult time seeing them in bed together. There is no chemistry, and Mycroft is just, well, not leading man material in that sense. Okay, I admit it. I think Lucy Liu is totally hot and I see her with someone like, I don't
  • Soap Opera Shark Jumping

    This current multipart episode of Elementary has made me think of Whoopie Goldberg's rant in Soapdish. I mean, Watson has been a wonderful female character for most of the series, but suddenly, with regard to Sherlock's skeezy brother, rationality and judgement go out the window. In one scene, she is justifiably telling him she can never believe him and so she will have nothing more to do with him, and by the next day she is in bed with him?? Even if his latest version of his actions and motivations is accurate, he has still been dishonest with her, but suddenly that no longer matters??. And even in the previous episode, Sherlock had been reduced from the genius detective to an inept person who conveniently turns his back on his brother so he can be tased. And the only reason Mycroft and Watson are still alive is because the mobsters did not immediately obey their boss's instruction to "kill

    And wait a minute, what ever happened to Mycroft's illness?

    I think the scriptwriters need to think more carefully about the integrity of their characters.

    I am so sorry about this, because the show has been one of my favorites until recently.

    THAT WAS THE END, FOLKS. there was no need for them to have sex and no need for Sherlock to walk in on them. i will never watch again.
  • Getting sick of the brother

    I'm just about ready to stop watching. Will see what Season Finale brings. Lucy Liu's character is a jerk, and it makes me sick that she keeps doing it with Sherlock's brother. It's a betrayal and I can't stand her. Sherlock obviously cares for her, but she doesn't care. I'm sick of that brother coming around and taking what belongs to his brother and thinking nothing of it.

    And as a side, yes, the sound is too low. I have a hard time understanding Sherlock, and especially with his accent. Also, is Lucy Liu pregnant? She has gained weight, and while she still looks fine, I'm wondering if it's because she's in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Whispering wimpers is series undoing

    One would think in a competitive marketplace that a TV show's producers would do everything tpossible to deliver content in a suitable manner. Getting people to watch should be a matter of whether the content is enticing. The whispering and low talking on this show is maddening. Adjusting the volume for Sherlock's whispering leads to excessive volume for everything else. As a DJ, 45 years ago, I knew how to equalize sound levels, why can't these jerks do it. I expect this will be my last season if they don't fix it.
  • Bad Sound

    I had to stop watching this show because the sound is so bad. You must watch it with the remote in your hand and then I STILL MISS ALL THE dialogue. WHAT UP ?
  • Good entertainment

    Most shows are very good to watch. Except when Sherlock's brother comes around. Then you can just skip the episode.
  • Surprisingly good show!

    At first I thought the Sherlock character was very Liu is cool as always and so HOT! But now I see enough of Sherlock Holmes character that I look forward to it! Watson adds to the show as well as being so lovely.
  • A nice replacement for NCIS

    It took me a couple of episodes before I began to like this team but now I don't miss the show. This season I had to give up another crime show and this is a welcome replacement. The characters are strong, acting and script well done. The background characters are on enough so you are vested but they don't overrun the main characters. They've had several interesting storylines and unique backstories, like how they took in two roosters. Lucy Lui is strong to his silent character and it works. Highly recommend you watch a couple shows before you pass judgment on it.
  • Absolutely love Sherlock and Watson

    Johnny and Lucy, you are amazing, I plan my week around you. You guys have grown on me and I would be lost when the season ends. I love both of your unique qualities and interaction with each other and with other cast members. Only one little thing I wish was different, if Johnny can speak a little louder and clearer, at times you mumble and I am forced to use closed captioning because I don't want to miss one word that you are saying. But, keep up the good work, I looking forward to seeing a lot more of both of you.
  • Performances are good, but scripts are lacking

    There have been a couple of Sherlock shows in recent years (UK - Sherlock, USA - Elementary) and they both seem to suffer the same issues.

    The level of acting is great in both, but as the shows pass by each episode gets less and less "Holmesian" and more and more any old cop show.

    There are fewer and fewer real Sherlock like insights into cases, the kind of leads that no-one else could see. Elementary suffers even more too, as there are just so many episodes to write, and they have to be kept brief most of the time to fit in with schedules.

    Still, they are both better than average, but they are trending in the wrong direction, and good cast performances can only hold your interest for so long...
  • OK but pretty average.

    There's nothing really wrong with Elementary. It a fairly average procedural with a good cast. The problem is that it's supposed to be about Sherlock Holmes. As such the cases should be solved through deduction but usually end up being solved through luck.

    Not the worst programme and perfectly watchable but nothing special.
  • Depth & strong performance

    Enjoyed this episode ( the diabolical kind) - Strong performance by Natalie Dormer as moriarty, good onscreen dynamic with JLM. Interesting plot, great use of cipher & steganography.

    There is depth & elegance that enrich the series.
  • Meh!! Average at best!

    To be honest while I enjoy this show I just don't think it's the best show out there. Sure, it's had a few good episodes, but I have found most of the episodes to be boring, and I just can't seem to like the characters that much. What I really enjoy about TV (apart from good storyline) is characters that I can relate to or that I can really enjoy and I'm just not finding that in this show.
  • Natalie performances

    Great adaptation of old Holmes traits. Natalie Dormer was absolutely outstanding as Irene Adler. Your writing is very creative. You are to be commended.
  • Just not that great

    I'm with sippyber - I've watched about 30 episodes of this show and I have to say I'm just not that impressed. All episodes run the same pattern, 1. Dead body found 2. Make us believe that suspect one is the guilty person 3. Sherlock comes in and questions why 4. Sherlock believes it's suspect No. 2 due to some crazy theory or crack in the wall 5. Sherlock is right. If you want to see a superbly written/acted show, watch The Returned on the Sundance Channel. France has us beat as far as intriguing shows with interesting characters.
  • Elementary & Sherlock: what makes the difference (Sherlock obviously wins)

    I've never found the show particularly intriguing: no good stories, no brilliant scripts and dialogue but most of all I don't find the actors convincing. At all.

    Especially Lucy Liu, whose character (and acting) is the weakest. Aidan Quinn is the best.

    BUT! I watched Sherlock in the last few days, without any expectation and... wow!!!

    That's a Show with a capital letter! Mr Cumberbatch and coworkers really do a great, great job. Helped by polished scripts, wonderful settings, great directing, terrific care to the smallest detail.

    Producers please put your money in the British show and close the agonizing Elementary. . I'm not British, nor American, just neutral as Switzerland)
  • Everybody Hates Sherlock

    In this week's episode, Tremors, Holmes is hauled up the carpet in front of a police review board because his actions in solving a case gets a colleague (spoiler) shot. The review board will recommend whether Holmes and Watson will continue on as consultants to the NYPD. Throughout the hearing, Holmes is arrogant, condescending and, well, Holmes. Watson and Gregson plead with him to change his attitude to no avail. He digs his heels in and refuses to budge which provokes Watson to confess, "You know, for a genius, sometimes you can be a total It was a genuine sentiment that we all heard in our lives. The board makes its recommendation and we find out the result. The episode ends with an unresolved issue between Holmes and his wounded colleague.
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