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  • Elementary & Sherlock: what makes the difference (Sherlock obviously wins)

    I've never found the show particularly intriguing: no good stories, no brilliant scripts and dialogue but most of all I don't find the actors convincing. At all.

    Especially Lucy Liu, whose character (and acting) is the weakest. Aidan Quinn is the best.

    BUT! I watched Sherlock in the last few days, without any expectation and... wow!!!

    That's a Show with a capital letter! Mr Cumberbatch and coworkers really do a great, great job. Helped by polished scripts, wonderful settings, great directing, terrific care to the smallest detail.

    Producers please put your money in the British show and close the agonizing Elementary. . I'm not British, nor American, just neutral as Switzerland)
  • Everybody Hates Sherlock

    In this week's episode, Tremors, Holmes is hauled up the carpet in front of a police review board because his actions in solving a case gets a colleague (spoiler) shot. The review board will recommend whether Holmes and Watson will continue on as consultants to the NYPD. Throughout the hearing, Holmes is arrogant, condescending and, well, Holmes. Watson and Gregson plead with him to change his attitude to no avail. He digs his heels in and refuses to budge which provokes Watson to confess, "You know, for a genius, sometimes you can be a total It was a genuine sentiment that we all heard in our lives. The board makes its recommendation and we find out the result. The episode ends with an unresolved issue between Holmes and his wounded colleague.
  • indubitably My Dear Watson

    I have always been a fan of Lucy Liu and love that I can watch an episode each week with her in it.

    Lucy send me an autographed photo if you get a chance - I would be so grateful!

    Johnny Lee Miller does fantastic job as Sherlock.

    I love the twist that is happening with Sherlock's brother.

    I love this latest version of Sherlock Holmes hope it goes another season.
  • Best Written show

    What more can I say???? This is one of the best written show and character development I have every watched.
  • My dear Watson

    Love the show, but it helps that the cast is so phenomenal!

    I have to say, I'm not as observant as Sherlock or Joan, but I do love the way these people are always dressing Watson in short skirts... Lucy Liu's legs FTW!!
  • clothing optional

    I really love all the shows but how come Lucy is wearing the same shoes in every recent show and sometimes just reversing what she is wearing ? if I notice this younger people must is there a clothing allowance?
  • Where's Gladstone?

    The only thing that could make this show better is if Gladstone joined the cast!! Definitely a favorite of the whole family!
  • Poison Pen lacks latex knowledge - do your homework!

    I am latex enthusiast. We are a large group of folks. We wear latex clothing and even enjoy events specifically designed to celebrate rubber! I have a large couture collection of latex and I've been in the hobby for several years. I can tell you that whoever wrote this show didn't do their homework. Maybe they did and because what they found didn't fit the story they decided to punt. But, as a latex enthusiast I was more than disappointed. I really like this show and I've been impressed by the level of authenticity that the writers have brought to it. But not this time.

    1) We do put our latex on by ourselves. Even gimp suits you can put on by yourself. Helping hands is nice, but not required. I have a friend who regularly zips himself into a sleepsack. The character on the show is just wearing a simple catsuit. VERY easy to get into by yourself.

    2) Most enthusiasts don't use talcum powder anymore. There are much better products on the market. Vivashine is one and if we don't have that we usually use a silicone based lube.

    3) You did get the acronyms correct - CP and OTK. Well done, but that's not tough to find out. Any fetish board will tell you that.

    Next time if you need some help try finding folks who know more than you do. The Baroness in NY is a great resource and might have been a good place to get better information.

    Also - as a professional Domme, I resent the way the Domme on the show was referred to with such disdain.
  • What's going on???

    When watching Elementary, I noticed that there was a background commentary. I have also noticed it with other shows such as Bones. I'm wondering if it's the programmes or the channel Sky Living? Does anyone know hat's going on? Love Elementary though!!! fantastic cast and storyline!! AMAZING!!!
  • a good adaptation

    I really like this adaptation of the characters of Sherlock Holmes' books, especially Joan Watson played by Lucy Liu. I mean it won't beat Moffat's series which i just love and adore but still, it's very enjoyable to look at.
  • Wonderful!

    Great acting and story lines, keeps you on your toes. Need more episodes without Moriarty.
  • Bad time slot

    In looking at the time slot, Elementary should maybe have been moved to another slot. To have to go up against Scandal each week will be hard.
  • Better than the BBC version (in a TV series kind of way)

    Although Cumberbatch is unbeatable as Holmes (and Moffat does a incredible job in both series ''Sherlock'' and ''Dr. Who''), here are some of the reasons why I think ''Elementary'' is better than the BBC's Sherlock:

    1- Although not based on the originals, the scripts of the CBS show are closer to the spirit of the original stories (a reading of some of them is a must) ;

    2- As a series, 42 minutes is best suited for TV than 90;

    3- Holmes was not as socially stupid as in Moffat's vision;

    4- At least for one dozen episodes, no mention of Moriarty (but i think it's was clever the new encarnation of this nemesis).

    Hell hath no fury greater than a scorned Moriarty.

    The character of Moriarty, as Holmes's greatest enemy, was introduced primarily as a narrative device to enable Conan Doyle to kill off Sherlock Holmes, and only featured directly in two of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

    IN either version, the BBC's or the absurd version of Downey Jr,

    Moriarty is overused. Enough of that.

    The actors are very well and possibly will improve.

    REASSESSING after the 5th episode: Jonny L. Miller and are continuously improving in their roles, as well as the dialogues.

    I'm in Brazil, where the TV programs are horrible, basically soap operas in prime time, so i turn to UK and USA, source of the best television on the planet.

  • What I like and don't like about Elementary

    OK, lets do this in point form.

    Like:Good acting by star-improving by female co-star

    Dislike:In the USA(not meaning to hack on the US but it's British)

    Like:Good story lines

    Dislike:Moriarty is a weak villain

    Like:Good modern retelling that is different from the BBC version

    Like:Great support characters

    Dislike: Watson has no link to the military as per the character should

    Dislike: Where is Holmes's brother?

    This show could have really bombed for me but I must admit that I tune in every week without fail. Whats more Im starting to really become a fan. I just wish the Watson had more depth and Moriarty was a better, more engaging bad guy. But next season might see an improvement. Lets hope so.
  • Did . Doyle not exist?

    Love this show. It's well written, has great acting and I really like how they relocated all the characters to present day New York. BBC's Sherlock is better, but a great show overall.

    There's one thing I can't figure out, though (in both shows): how can they never have heard of Arthur Conan Doyle??
  • Kill Moriarty

    Just like Red John on the Mentalist, you're starting to ruin this show by the continuous use of Moriarty in the series. Please go back to the way you seemed to be headed when the series started. New and fresh with no need for just one diabolical enemy. This lazy way of writing series has ended so many in my watching schedule and I hate to change the station on this one. Please!!
  • What is this? AND WHY IS DR. JON WATSON A GIRL???

    Ok, I havent read the books, but I have seen all the movies with Robert Downey jr. and I love the TV Show Sherlock. I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, so I assumed my next step in my fandom would be to watch Elementry (and read the books obviously), The OTHER Sherlock Holmes TV Show.

    But... Jon watson is a GIRL??? Nope, no way. Can't cope with that. Sorry but this show just seems like its aimed at fools who love romance and drama, bla bla. (not that I don't like those types of shows, but I always liked Sherlock Holmes stuff because of the friendship and stuff like that. (Although im pretty sure John has a major crush on Sherlock on TV Show Sherlock))

    Im not trying to be mean, im just... JON IS GUY NOT A GIRL!! ASDFGHCCVGJBKL!!!! I feel like you have personally insulted me by making Jon Joan.

    ps: i rated it five because ive never actually seen the show so i dunno if its actually good or not. I MIGHT try and watch it... MIGHT
  • Deductive Reasoning.

    Fantastic acting ,writing,&wit Smartest show on TV!
  • Great song at the end is...

    The song at the end is Yo La Tengo - 08. Two Trains . Thank you buddy2blogger!

  • episode 20 chelo song

    Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello suite No.1 Prelude in G

    . This show R O X ! and that's my constructive review.
  • music question

    Anyone know the music played at the end of elementary episode 20?? Dead mans Switch sounded classical kind of no lyrics played cant figure it out for the life of me looked all over online
  • Music question .....


    For the reviewer below that low rated the show but asked about music: there was no April 11 show I'm pretty sure. Maybe you were watching something else? That might explain your review.
  • A Sherlock Holmes for the 21st century

    First of all, I love the BBC series. It's very close to the original characters of Conan Doyle.

    "Elementary" on the other hand transposes the figures into modern times people.

    Watson is a woman, Holmes is very human, and surprisingly enough - it works very well.

    Foremost due to the cast, I'd say. The script is good with room for improvement, but this shows creates a certain dense atmosphere, very well supported by the fantastic score, and this is rarely found in TV shows these days.

    Definetely a very good adaptation of an rather overused clich.
  • Continuation of the logical outcome of Holmes

    The addiction is actually, unlike some people's assumption, the logical outcome and 21st century continuation of Doyle's characters fancy for shooting up with cocaine to continue his studying of cases. Watson always warned him of the results.

    On to the good stuff. I love this show. I am fascinated by the use of logic and deductive abilities of the duo. As a guy I really don't mind seeing Watson played by Lucy Lui. ;-)

    The radio shows and older TV had Dr. Watson as a bit of a bumbling mumbler. This is annoying to me, and the articulation and care of this female Watson is a welcome relief.
  • Great!

    This show rocks! It started kinda slow, but now I'm hooked. I love the dynamic between all of them, specially Watson and Holmes. Sherlock is like House, he bugs you, but you just can't quit him, he is extremely funny and brilliant. Love the show and I hope it goes a long way. Also, the sight of Jonny Lee Miller would make up even if the show was horrible! LOL =]
  • Last song in April 11th episode?

    Anyone know the song they played at the end of last night's episode?

  • Yess!! thank you cbs for renewing Elementary for a second season!!

    L O V E this show. plowed through 11 episodes in 5 days and I'm hooked. Love the show and the characters. So again, thank you for letting Sherlock solve some more crimes with Joan!!
  • Figures. We just started watching a few episodes, now it might be quietly retired?!?

    We didn't bother watching the first few episodes - figured good ol' CBS would kill it off after 5-6 episodes. We finally decided to try it when we noticed they actually kept it going - and we like it! Of course, now I see that CBS may doing just what we suspected they'd do all along. Can never win! Hopefully the fact that we like it won't be the "kiss of death" to the show! Thanks for the heads up.
  • This series disappears...

    in weeks out. Even Sherlock would have trouble finding it. WTF. One of my fave shows of late but is the network trying to kill it off on the quiet?
  • Neat Twist on a Crime Show

    Elementary is a neat little show. The use of deduction in the show reminds me of a combination of the Mentalist and Psych. The show's theme is aimed at fans of Sherlock Holmes, but all the elements are all twisted a bit (a female plays Watson and it's located in NY). The stories are what you'd expect from a standard crime show and involve solving mostly murders and kidnappings. I thought the characters and acting were all well done. One downside, at least for me, is each episode in the first season tends to get weaker in the second half, predictable and often lazy. Otherwise, Elementary is a better than average show with some room to grow.
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