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  • Elementary Watson

    What a perfect show and the main actors are brilliant choice.
  • emmet

    I love this show; is very nice to see this great detective

  • elemfan

    I love this show it is what it is people ask so much from tv shows this is a good show will watch it as long as its on tv. slappers has new meaning for me now.
  • Moriarty

    It's a good show, but not the best. But it has real potential. I wonder when they're putting the crime lord super villain into it. There should be like some sort of super cliff hanger where a gloved hand gives the flight attendant a ticket with the name "Moriarty James" printed on it and she like tears it and give him the other half. Then you could like hear his voice say "thank you" and the flight attendant responds!!! and SCENE!!!
  • lucy liu

    an ok unsherlock lol but lucy liu OMG! i must confess she's the reason i watch the 40+ she's still super hott!
  • best new show

    Dah! He's Sherlock III not Sherlock I. Please allow him to be himself. Lucy Liu as Watson is marvelous first amazed then befuddled and then exacerbated by Sherlock. The fact that one frequently knows the killer because of familiarity with the actor is disturbing. But over all I think this show is the best show I've seen in the 2012 season.
  • update: worse and worse and worse

    For someone who claims he never guesses (first episode) this Sherlock sure guesses a lot. Very very unSherlockian. The book Holmes never guesses. Yet in each episode this one does.

    This Sherlock has tattoos. Holmes is many things, including a druggie, but frivolous he's not.

    The show is fun but the logic is weak and the stories are lame. Some of the deductions are laughable.

    Too bad they just couldn't have went with a made up eccentric character based on Holmes. To stray this far away from the spirit of the man is going to far. This is no Holmes I've ever known.

  • Elementary - Solid Entertainment

    Although this is good, it falls short in comparison to Sherlock. A majority of episodes are satisfying and enjoyable but I wouldn't classify it as golden media except for a couple of pieces. The idea of Dr Watson as a woman is interesting but it does not exemplify the relationship between the two characters that much. I'm glad that the show takes particular note of Sherlock's habits and interests into hand and those moments like where he's picking locks is very satisfying. The concept of integrating the world of Sherlock Holmes into modern society isn't original though.
  • I just love it.

    The show uses uncommon facts to solve crimes so it makes you smarter and it's entertaining. Who can't like this?
  • Stands on its own merits

    As someone who has seen every Sherlock Holmes , series, tv movie ,etc,, (literally) i wasnt keen when i first heard of this and saw the cast....

    In particular Lucy Liu, (wth) but she does kinda grow on you as the series progresses, but never in a million years would i have thought to cast her as Watson,,,

    Though I do like the idea of it being a female Watson, its just the contrast between these two actors is in my opinion not a good one

    Anyways getting back to the plots themselves, its actually all right they didnt try to over do it and yet enough to keep you interested, or in my case 2 steps ahead of the clues and shouting at the TV "Its that woman you just past in the elevator played by a well known actor from another series"

    PS : dont make the smmistake of comparing it to any other Sherlock Holmes book or otherwise, and my fav Sherlock actor prior to the recent BBC revival in 2011 was Jeremy Brett
  • Elementary

    I love this show. Its fresh and exciting. Its not like other Sherlock movies, shows, etc, which to me is what makes this show unique and it all works!

    I think people compare this show to other Shelock movies, shows, books, etc. watch the show itself and don't comapre the show to the others, but its is a great show and its unique in its own way!

    I mean, how boring would it be if evertything was the same?!!
  • Modern, unique, and the writers are great.

    It's good to see a detective show that is in the modern world.

    Johnny Lee Miller is great, so are all the actors, I think Sherlock Holmes himself would be proud of this!
  • Unfavorable Changes

    Not every Sherlock created can be what is the real Sherlock Holmes...

    Maybe fun, but belittling our memories of Sherlock

    And who is this Watson? this one is lame!!

    The original stories and characters are what decades people loved. This one is temporary and easily gets forgotten.
  • Coolest new show on TV

    I have always loved Sherlock. My favorite was Basil Rathbone. This new version is up to date and just as complicated as the old ones.

    Best Show on TV

    I've always loved Sherlock Holmes in Books and Movies. Great to see him now excell as a character of the 21st Century.
  • A good show, especially with the history this has to live with.

    This in my opinion, has made a promising start, have watched first few episodes now and am enjoying this show in its own right, not just because it's a Sherlock Holmes series.

    There have been lot of remakes and films all with slightly different takes on he theme, loads bad, some mediocre, and some great notably the Jeremy Brett series but that was mainly the first series I watched and enjoyed of Sherlock Holmes, so may be biased there as you mainly judge anything against what was first for you.

    Getting back to Elementary, way to early to put in the 'greats' but certainly not poor. Like the fact there is a Joan Watson and she's there initially to help counsel Sherlock, because it does give Sherlock a flawed side, in Conan Doyle's book he did have a drug problem but also I believe Sherlock has to be flawed to be that good. He seems to tunnel what he's thinking and deducting, and maybe he does bounce around and rush and be unaware of social niceties, but if he was brilliant all-around he would b very boring. It's this that highlights his brilliance in one area means less in another. These faults give Watson a genuine reason to be there and together they make a 'rounded' person.

    This brings me to my but!

    I do think Watson and Sherlock work well together its what makes the show higher up in the mediocre category. It's there interactions and jibes and the fact Joan Watson isn't just a sidekick to look good and in some areas betters Holmes. This if developed could make this series great.

    The but is I hope the writters carry on like this and yes please develop the characters further, but please don't develop the characters so as many series do that it turns into a soap opera of will they/won't they and it's all about small conflicts of normal life. Yes make it real but please don't dwell on stories or sub plots which are in soaps. If I want to watch a soap i will but at other times I don't.

    I believe if they avoid this trap too much then this has possibility of being 'great'

    Only time will tell but good start.

  • love this show, great cast and interesting story so far

    love the cast. both main characters and aidan are fantastic. i used to really like him back in "practical magic"

    hope you keep it up!
  • Only Granada TV did better than this

    For ten years, between 1984 and 1994, Granada TV made the best adaptations EVER of the stories of Conan Doyle for audio visual media.

    The transcripts were virtually perfect, very faithful and intelligent. And Benjamin Brett was and always will be the authentic incarnation of Sherlock Holmes in any media.

    But here the CBS achieves similar results with a masterfully adapted vision for the present day.

    New York certainly would be no better choice than London, but the end result is exceptional.

    Better than the BBC version indeed, my dear watchers.
  • Very unique, clever and fun

    I do love this show.

    The characters are portrayed wonderfully, and the script is unique. Its all different than the run of the mill murders, and each episode bring a death out in a new way not commonly found in other shows.

    Sherlock himself, is shown as being very quirky, and anti social, and rather brash! It is wonderful!!!
  • No originality, no cleverness, no fun.

    So, after six episodes it is clear that american Sherlock is an exaggerated, banal, light-weighted version of the real thing. The creators took on risk on this one, and created a tasteless, pale brew of chewed genres - seen so many times before (house, mentalist, NCSI, CSI etc.).

    The plot line can be seen for miles ahead lacking sophistication and finesse. The leading characters, well, they're no good. They are simply not interesting. Holems should be appreciated as a phenomenal in-spite of his flawed personality. Miller's Holmes is not very witty nor smart and always seems on the verge of an anxiety attack.

    So, British version much much better.
  • Practice makes Perfect

    One thing I really like about the show is that it shows Sherock Holmes constantly practicing his skills e.g. how to escape manacles or open padlocks, doing experiements and so on and so forth... for far too many TV charcters we never see them practice, research do experiements or indeed alomost anything other than have white boards ot big computer screens with pictures here and there or lines drawing inferences (unless you are CSI and then you have a laboratory with so much equipment Croesuss couldn't afford to keep it running..)
  • all episodes

    I enjoy most aspects of this show, EXCEPT, that I have been able to figure out the killer in the 1st 5 minutes of every episode! At first I thought it was because I am a retired homicide investigator and a forensic psychologist...but NO!! It is because casting directors use well known character actors to play significant roles...and if I spot a familiar actors' face in the first few scenes, even though his part may seem small....he ALWAYS turns out to be the killer! So it is a spoiler alert for me in every show. This also occurs in most other TV shows that involve any "who done it" in the plot. Does anybody else experience this problem?
  • Great series, great reimaging

    I read almost all the stories that Conan Doyle wrote for his iconic detective and i believe this serie is doing a great reinvention of a legend.

    Very entertaining and creative.
  • Always on my watch list!

    I like the fact it is not a rehash of the original but a modern day version. I have always had an affection for Lucy Lui and enjoy how well she fits into the diverse rolls she acts in. She has this "girl next door" look about her and then you see her in "Kill Bill". She is a great actress and her roll playing as Watson compliments the present day Sherlock. I am looking forward to watching this show for years to come.

    I would like to draw the directors attention to scenes with actors drinking coffee. In the last show you could tell the the cups were empty by the way Sherlock took a quick drink and then when Watson was stirring the coffee you could see at least two inches into the cup and there was no coffee. Yet, when she took a drink, she just took a sip of air. It's always the little things. I'm anal.
  • Just keep it on...who wants another reality tv show!

    Finally a show worth watching, entertaining, engaging and fantastic acting, if you cancel this for some stupid comedy or reality show you should be ashamed of yourselves. Give us real entertainment like the good ole days! 10
  • Sherlock is fantastic !

    I love this program , is amazing . Sherlock RLZ!
  • trying to like it

    I love the concept, however, we find Sherlock very difficult to understand. He talks too fast,, and we miss half the things he is saying. Yeah, we tried turning up our hearing aids...lol
  • Why "Elementary" is so elementary?

    Sherlock seems to new obsession. A brutal murder, a female Watson, high rises, modern day New York and a lean, charismatic and slightly charming Billy Lee Miller and we have the American version of the highly popular BBC Sherlock. Elementary they have decided to call it. And while it seems to have all the right ingredients, Elementary just doesn't feel right on many levels. By simply changing a single letter, John has now transformed to Joan Watson being played by Lucy Lui (dear lord!). Billy seems to be doing a fine job as Sherlock. I do not know if it's the director or if it is just him but it is quite clear that he is trying too hard. Comparisons might not seem fair but Benedict was far more natural. Both Billy and Benedict have in fact not long ago, shared a stage in Danny Boyle's Frankenstein. Who could predict they would eventually spawn off a pair of Sherlock Holmeses.

    Dr. Joan Watson is quick, witty, and dry. A disgraced surgeon, who is now an addiction recovery companion, is appointed by Sherlock's exceedingly well to do father to help and prevent Sherlock from relapsing. That's right; Sherlock is introduced as a drug addict, struggling to find his way out of addiction. When asked he mentions that he used to be a consultant for the Scotland Yard before he went down the path of self-destruction. The Sherlock we are familiar with has always been eccentric but in most situations seems in control. The Elementary Sherlock appears to be more of a junior Sherlock who is in comparison to the original or even the BBC Sherlock, is a lot less mature and in many ways unnecessarily erratic. Like I said earlier Billy is somehow attempting to mimic Benedict and this is clear in many scenes. The rapid speech, the sudden fits of rage, the blowing up of cars, this Sherlock is more of a loose cannon than a composed intelligent master sleuth. Of course I do not blame poor Billy for any of this; he is desperately trying to make it all work. Irrespective of the so called chemistry between Joan and Holmes (which for the moment has thankfully not evolved into something romantic) and the super eccentric partially insane Sherlock himself, the show fails in the area that matters the most the cases.

    One of the things that differentiated BBC's Sherlock from all the other police procedurals was the writing. Dr. Watson's history and how he comes to meet Sherlock was just so interesting. 221 baker street, Holmes Senior, Moriarty, Adler etc. everything was so well integrated with the brilliant story line. It was all given a modern touch so effortlessly. In one word, it was impeccable. But the cases on Elementary, are simply too elementary. They remind me more of Hardy boys and Nancy drew than Sherlock. The actors in the show are talented, the set up too is well thought of, but story is not working in any way. They do not act as reminders for existing cases and seem too silly to require Sherlock's attention. Like the first episode that has a psychiatrist who plans to murder his wife and does so through a patient of his. This patient is having fantasies about murdering a certain woman, so the doctor feeds this fantasy by compelling his wife to alter her looks and exposing her to him. Eventually he kills her. Well I still don't understand how but that's pretty much what happens.

    Sherlock has potential and can develop into an interesting show but for the moment it in desperate need of decent writers. I hope and pray that a romantic angle between the new Joan and Sherlock is not added to the show. It would be both absurd and bizarre. Billy needs to tone down his acting a little bit and Lucy Lui needs to act a little more; she is just too stiff and indifferent at times. The ingredients are rich but the recipe is lacking flavor for now, let's hope that the writers pay some attention and stir things up a little bit.

    Worth a watch

  • KEEPER!!!!!

    Love, Love, Love this new show....I'm a fan of the BBC Sherlock show but they only did 2 seasons and their fans have been drooling for more episodes. I on the other hand refused to hold my breath. So when I got wind of this show I thought, "What the heck" I'll check it out...and to my surprise Lucy Liu makes a great Watson. So take that BBC...see what happens when you make Americans wait too long to watch your shows??? They go off and make it better...THAT is elementary my dear Watson.
  • I'm not sure yet

    Not sure yet if I approve of this show or not. There's enough to like, but then there is also so much that seems wrong. To start with, if we were going to twist things in a new way, why making Watson a woman? Why not Holmes? It sort of bothers me to have a woman following a man around in all his majesty all day. I was hoping that after a few episodes, there would be some balance on this - but no, no balance, Holmes is Holmes and Watson is just there to take care of him. What a big cliche. Then the cops are so incopetent and hollow. Is it really necessary to make everybody stupid so that Holmes can be smart? See the Mentalist. Yes, he ends up outsmarting everyone, but there's cops there that can do their job. Well, not sure yet.
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