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  • KEEPER!!!!!

    Love, Love, Love this new show....I'm a fan of the BBC Sherlock show but they only did 2 seasons and their fans have been drooling for more episodes. I on the other hand refused to hold my breath. So when I got wind of this show I thought, "What the heck" I'll check it out...and to my surprise Lucy Liu makes a great Watson. So take that BBC...see what happens when you make Americans wait too long to watch your shows??? They go off and make it better...THAT is elementary my dear Watson.
  • I'm not sure yet

    Not sure yet if I approve of this show or not. There's enough to like, but then there is also so much that seems wrong. To start with, if we were going to twist things in a new way, why making Watson a woman? Why not Holmes? It sort of bothers me to have a woman following a man around in all his majesty all day. I was hoping that after a few episodes, there would be some balance on this - but no, no balance, Holmes is Holmes and Watson is just there to take care of him. What a big cliche. Then the cops are so incopetent and hollow. Is it really necessary to make everybody stupid so that Holmes can be smart? See the Mentalist. Yes, he ends up outsmarting everyone, but there's cops there that can do their job. Well, not sure yet.
  • Could Do Better

    This show has real potential but the writers have to do a better job getting us to 'buy in' to the relationship between their Holmes and Watson. The actress playing Watson is given very little to work with and at the moment comes across like a bit of a nagging older sister. A big part of the charm of the original Conan Doyle characters is their true bond of friendship. I don't yet see any evidence of such a bond with the characters (or indeed actors) on this show. Maybe it will develop as the season progresses. I'm afraid it will need to for people to keep watching.
  • Love it

    After the 3rd episode I am hooked when Zoa Keatiing's Escape Artist played when you realize the kid was villain was amazing.
  • I Like It

    I find this show to be very entertaining. I think it has the potential to be around for a good many seasons. I like the premise; and I like the characters (I like Lucy Liu's character in this show--could not stand her character in last season's "Southland") . I think Jonny Lee Miller and Ms. Liu have good chemistry on screen. Lots of room for character development and you know the arching story line is coming.
  • Quite good!

    I did not knew before watching this show, that its about Holmes & Watson, so I watched it completely unbiased, when I found out that I really like this Duo so far! His cynical, yet objective way reminds me strongly of Hugh Laurie in House MD.

    I dont want to compare this show with any other Sh. Holmes series and it works out
  • Loving the new Sherlock & Watson Team...

    I've loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a little girl, there's been so many to play that role... Just to add that my love for this show doesn't take away from any of those past, or the recent Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes movie (& I hope he makes more!). But this show has a twist on this old and familiar theme, that just pops! I hope there are some episode that they travel the world together!
  • I like it but...

    I like this series, let me get that out of the way first, but I feel like I've seen this before. Specifically on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

    The main character from the L&O:CI series, detective Goren, is based on Sherlock Holmes. This is common knowledge. He also has a female partner, like Sherlock has in elementary. Both female characters are used as sparring partners for the main character and have no real other purpose. Both sets of characters work for the police. Both shows have a 'crime of the week' format. It just feels more or less the same. Elementary has more humor but that's about it.

    Like I said, I like this series but it doesn't feel fresh or new.
  • Is Adam our new our american Moriarty?

    excellent episode with several good twists which must be a part of the sherlock expierience...it appears that the young man has all the trademarks needed for a Moriarty...abusive childhood,but a core of sociopathy and sadism that was fueled with 1st abuse,boredom and the need to hurt others with out regard for their feelings...all of this in a man who is a match for Sherlocks wit and intellectual skill. or almost... have we been introduced to our new american Morierty???well it certainly will save the other one a trip to new york. is adam going to jail? will he excape? maybe we will never hear from him again? i hope not...we'll have to see...what do people think???
  • Sherlock is based/set in LONDON, not NYC - just for an Wank Audience....

    I found this show to be total TRIPE, I would give it a (-) number but negative integers are not allowed on tv.com scale.

    Sherlock is based IN London, it is not just the character, it is the city and locality of his use of deductive reasoning - all based on LONDON. NOT NYC- sad it was transplanted for a wank audience, as they do not get the subtle nuiance of London/UK life!

    JLM acted more like Colin Ferrell in he come down years instead of a 'Clued UP' person who see's the world as it really is.

    Adding the woman, lucy lue, totally wrong, where is the ***-eroticism between Holme and Watson. Over his drug usage! Get real, in the original's by A.C. Doyle, he was more adept at solving his crimes when he was using mind expanding pyschoactive drugs.

    But the worst of the worst was to move Sherlock out of London and to NYC - it lost ALL context to the global viewers (but then most american's think the world begins and ends at their boarders).

    Benedict Cumberbach outshines JLM any day of the week. JLM just acts like a crack head on the hunt for his next hit. Nice to see he lost weight and go into shape (somewhat so) for the part, but this is his lowest part in his career history! PATHETIC and and an Abomination to ACD's legacy! stop letting wank usa writers ruin good english culture and heritage!

    Putting Sherlock in NYC is exactly the same as putting Mark Twain in Shanghai!!!

    PATHETIC and where is the homosexual inuendo between Holmes and Watson as Written by ACD! You have totally disgraced ACD's works. I watched once episode, CRINGED throughout and will NEVER watch another episode. That is a statement considering I find JLM HOT Gay Bait! If you cant get/keep the gay audience - the show is a Total FLOP!

    Cancel it NOW.
  • Interesting so far

    The most attractive part of the show for me is looking at how Holmes goes about solving the cases using his unique and non-traditional sleuthing modus operandi. So far, the dynamics between Sherlock and Watson are engaging enough although I wish Watson has more to contribute in terms of solving the cases. Will continue watching the series and hope it gets better through the season.
  • Very similar to the original books...

    The show is actually very similar to the original books. Sherlock was a drug addict (cocaine) and plays a violin. Lucy does a great job filling a role which is well within her capability. Very pleased they cast a British actor too, would have been too far from the character without the accent. The episodes are very similar to how Holmes would have solved cases in his books and the language used is again a lot like C.D's books. The setting in NY is also great, anywhere else in the US would have been wrong, NY is the closest thing to London in terms of environment.

    The show is off to a perfect start and I really hope it goes far, as far as the similar show House would be a real target for the team.
  • Fresh & Clear

    I found Elementary interesting. It fills me with some amount of excitement to watch world's renowned detective switch his place (especially when its New York). I believe this show has lot to offer in coming episodes as Lucy Liu joins S.Holmes and we get a closer look on S.Holmes' personal life. I remember Jonny Lee mostly from Dexter's 5th season. He is doing great job here too.
  • Awesome!

    I wasn't expecting to like this show, but I loved it. I love the relationship between Holmes and Watson, the characters and writing. Loved it!
  • Amazing show!!!

    Alot of people are saying how they hate this show cause its not like a typical Sherlock Holmes story, well people stop being butthurt and realize this is an american adaptation. The begging was an instant hook with the whole "Do you believe in love at first sight?" So charming. Watson is a women and its a nice twist, seems as if a watson is the love interest... maybe? Either way a great show and a must for CSI, cop show fans and sherlock fans 10/10 for me
  • Thanks to DVR

    If I hadn't dvr this show i would never watch it again. My biggest problem is I can't understand half of what they say. either his brouge is so strong or she speaks so soft that I can't hear. So far not a good feeling about it.
  • I could have written better.

    I will be watching hopefully, but this show has very little promise. The most compelling aspect of Sherlock Holmes is the mystery. In Elementary, there are no impressive deductions - Holmes' trademark - the mystery just falls together with no real interest created, and the whole plot is very stereotypical. I mean really, a husband who wants his wife's money? Manipulating a mental patient is fairly inventive, but its the same plot as always. In the books, Holmes is very discerning in the cases he takes. They either offer some peculiarity or are of immediate importance. This was neither. Holmes wasn't interested and neither were we.

    The whole thing is just bland. Sure, they've tried to disguise that by weaving elaborate back stories with dark secrets, but frankly, they haven't made me CARE.

    This pilot was a dissapointment. It was uninteresting and I forgot this man was supposed to be Sherlock and this woman was supposed to be John.

    (The only thing this whole show has going for it is that it treats Joan like an equal (or in my opinion, Holmes' superior) the only problem with that is... that's not how the Watson-Holmes relationship works.)
  • Meet Sherlock. Not AC Doyle's, but I have hope for this character

    I've loved Conan Doyle's books ever since I was a kid. As a result, I don't always agree with some of the contemporary takes on the characters and story - I'm talking about you, Guy Ritchie.

    I love certain interpretations of this story - like the British one with Benedict Cumberbatch(and the amazing way he portrays Sherlock); others I think have kept true only the names of the characters. And as long as they don't actually pretend to be a portrayal of AC Doyle's work, I'm fine with that. They're just procedurals that are mildly inspired by SH.

    If you can look at it like that, my first impression is that Elementary is worth your while. It's only a taste and I'm curious about where they can take it next - the character history seems a bit generic - but if they can keep up the pace, I'm there with them.
  • Not bad for a pilot

    I'm going to give it a shot and see where it goes. It has the potential to go places!!!! I'm not judging prematurely.
  • Has more to offer!

    Well as for a television adaptation of Sherlock Holmes goes, nothing compares to the British tv series Sherlock by Steven Moffat (if you havent watches that, you will not be disappointed!); this show, however, obviously had to be different! interesting twists with the characters and being away from baker street but i am definitely sticking around to see this show!
  • Too simple, too dull

    Since the plot is already known to most, I won't spoiler it to those that haven't watched it yet.

    The pilot introduces us to our main characters, namely Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson - and what an introduction it is:

    Sherlock is a pathetic and overly nervous little man under the heel of his father - not at all the poised and (kind of) arrogant genius we know from the books or the many, many movies ( especially the superb russian films of 1979-1986) or, well, the excellent BBC Show "Sherlock". He has his moments, sure, but for every ingenious deduction he makes, he has to act overly stupid at least 10 other times.

    Which brings us to Joan Watson - what an odd combination of brilliance and disappointment. On the one Hand she is instrumental in solving the case - there are moments when it seems only needs sherlock to get her interested - but is perfectly capable of breaking the case by herself. On the other hand, her character just isn't that well defined: She is Sherlocks sitter / romantic interest / "partner in crime" - and the one motivation the episode gives for her to act as she does, doesn't explain anything at all.

    Finally, this pilot doesn't seem to be an episode of series about Sherlock Holmes. It looks and feels like we were watching a new show about the relativly dim-witted little brother of Gregory House, without the medical expertise - who only seems smart compared to the absolut idiots working in the police department, and of course compared to the killer, flat out confesses the first time Sherlock confronts him with his hunch.

    The camera is lifted from House, the dialogs trys to divert from its blandness by beeing very fast, the motivations for all the characters are pathetic, the villain doesn't deserve the name (and was done better in Dexter, Season 1 Episode 8 "Shrink Wrap"), the plot is laughable and the conclusion is an insult to anyone with half a brain cell.

    Maybe I am unfai to this show, maybe I shouldn't judge it to hard. But when there is a BBC Show about Sherlock Holmes out there, which does it almost perfectly, it's hard not to compare those two.
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