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  • Holy mackerel!

    Despite all of the hole plots i love this show with all my heart! Jonny Lee Miller is incredible in this role, i hope this show will be airing for many years.

    I agree with commentators, i didn't like Mycroft and Kitty too, but let's just pretend like they never existed. Hopefully there'll be a better storyline in the future.
  • I hope Kitty comes back for a visit.

    Thank god the "will they, wont they" will never happen on this show but the idea of Holmes and Watson as foster "mum and dad" blew im socks off. The writers are thinking "outside the box" for there partnership to a different level as we saw each week a new sence of pride that Holmes saw in Kitty's training.

    Hope kitty has a few more arc's in the storylines.

  • finally.

    Finally moronic boring Kitty is gone. i hope she won't return. the show is so much better without this pathetic character. pity that writers didn't get rid of her earlier.
  • Change can be a good thing!

    I will admit that I was rather disconcerted by the fact that Watson had moved out. However, at the end of last season, she said she was going to, so we were forewarned. And the addition of Kitty, to me, is a positive thing. I like her and I think that it's wrong to be so against the addition of this character. As this season has progressed, we've seen Holmes and Watson continue to work closely together. We've also seen Kitty be of great assistance and come up with some excellent deductions of her own. As for the focus on Watson's personal life, it seems to me that that is a natural extension of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. She did, after all, live with him as his sober companion, which would have meant that they would have, by necessity, developed a very intense relationship. Added to that is the fact that she also became, and continues to be, involved in his work, and became his "apprentice"; their closeness then becomes quite understandable, both personally and professionally. And they've both grown and changed through this process. I binge-watched most of season 2, and all of Season 3 that has thus far been broadcast, very recently, and so I'm able to see this change in a different light, as I watched so many episodes in succession. I truly enjoy this show. I hope it continues on for many years to come. Sherlock, most especially, never, ever, bores me.

  • Let's say HELLO KITTY.

    I don't understand why people hate change so much. I FUCKING LOVE KITTY! She seems amazing, and has done a lot to refresh the feel of the show. I liked it before, I love it now.
  • Best show on TV

    So good that I routinely go back and watch old episodes because I get impatient for the next new episode. And I don't do that for ANY show. Ever. I am addicted to this show. Watson moving out kind of bummed me because my favorite part of the show has been the chemistry between Holmes and Watson. I like Kitty but I'm feeling a little trepidation about the possibility of them phasing Watson out. That would be a show-stopper (literally) for me.
  • Elementary Fashion

    Fashion of Elementary for Episode 24

  • It's elementary to like "Elementary" :)

    Unpredictability, mystery, crime solving, personal issues, love, past-present connections, friendship, did i write unpredictability? Well it's worth writing again! :D

    There aren't many words I can say about this show as a rather neutral observer, it's just so damn good, and Jonny Lee Miller and his british accent keep staggering me every time!

    Oh well, hopefully it'll stick around for some years, thank God it's on CBS too, I'm not sure how the show would have done on a different, less watched network, but that's just my opinion.

    10 out of 10 and go on, Elementary!
  • A nice replacement for NCIS

    It took me a couple of episodes before I began to like this team but now I don't miss the show. This season I had to give up another crime show and this is a welcome replacement. The characters are strong, acting and script well done. The background characters are on enough so you are vested but they don't overrun the main characters. They've had several interesting storylines and unique backstories, like how they took in two roosters. Lucy Lui is strong to his silent character and it works. Highly recommend you watch a couple shows before you pass judgment on it.
  • indubitably My Dear Watson

    I have always been a fan of Lucy Liu and love that I can watch an episode each week with her in it.

    Lucy send me an autographed photo if you get a chance - I would be so grateful!

    Johnny Lee Miller does fantastic job as Sherlock.

    I love the twist that is happening with Sherlock's brother.

    I love this latest version of Sherlock Holmes hope it goes another season.
  • Best Written show

    What more can I say???? This is one of the best written show and character development I have every watched.
  • clothing optional

    I really love all the shows but how come Lucy is wearing the same shoes in every recent show and sometimes just reversing what she is wearing ? if I notice this younger people must is there a clothing allowance?
  • Where's Gladstone?

    The only thing that could make this show better is if Gladstone joined the cast!! Definitely a favorite of the whole family!
  • What's going on???

    When watching Elementary, I noticed that there was a background commentary. I have also noticed it with other shows such as Bones. I'm wondering if it's the programmes or the channel Sky Living? Does anyone know hat's going on? Love Elementary though!!! fantastic cast and storyline!! AMAZING!!!
  • Wonderful!

    Great acting and story lines, keeps you on your toes. Need more episodes without Moriarty.
  • Deductive Reasoning.

    Fantastic acting ,writing,&wit Smartest show on TV!
  • music question

    Anyone know the music played at the end of elementary episode 20?? Dead mans Switch sounded classical kind of no lyrics played cant figure it out for the life of me looked all over online
  • Music question .....


    For the reviewer below that low rated the show but asked about music: there was no April 11 show I'm pretty sure. Maybe you were watching something else? That might explain your review.
  • A Sherlock Holmes for the 21st century

    First of all, I love the BBC series. It's very close to the original characters of Conan Doyle.

    "Elementary" on the other hand transposes the figures into modern times people.

    Watson is a woman, Holmes is very human, and surprisingly enough - it works very well.

    Foremost due to the cast, I'd say. The script is good with room for improvement, but this shows creates a certain dense atmosphere, very well supported by the fantastic score, and this is rarely found in TV shows these days.

    Definetely a very good adaptation of an rather overused clich.
  • Continuation of the logical outcome of Holmes

    The addiction is actually, unlike some people's assumption, the logical outcome and 21st century continuation of Doyle's characters fancy for shooting up with cocaine to continue his studying of cases. Watson always warned him of the results.

    On to the good stuff. I love this show. I am fascinated by the use of logic and deductive abilities of the duo. As a guy I really don't mind seeing Watson played by Lucy Lui. ;-)

    The radio shows and older TV had Dr. Watson as a bit of a bumbling mumbler. This is annoying to me, and the articulation and care of this female Watson is a welcome relief.
  • Yess!! thank you cbs for renewing Elementary for a second season!!

    L O V E this show. plowed through 11 episodes in 5 days and I'm hooked. Love the show and the characters. So again, thank you for letting Sherlock solve some more crimes with Joan!!
  • Figures. We just started watching a few episodes, now it might be quietly retired?!?

    We didn't bother watching the first few episodes - figured good ol' CBS would kill it off after 5-6 episodes. We finally decided to try it when we noticed they actually kept it going - and we like it! Of course, now I see that CBS may doing just what we suspected they'd do all along. Can never win! Hopefully the fact that we like it won't be the "kiss of death" to the show! Thanks for the heads up.
  • This is no elementary-level show

    The only disappointment with this show is that it's not on every week, as I had hoped, The plots keep me guessing and the acting are top notch. Sherlock is the kind of character that grows on you Hope this show airs weekly.
  • That series can't finish

    This series is so cool, i enjoy the characters and the episodes holds you.
  • Awesome new show

    Firstly i think i like this show so much because, for once, Sherlock isnt always right. He makes mistakes, he was a drug addict and this makes him more human. I think Johnny Lee Miller plays the character wonderfully. Also i love the idea of Watson being a woman, especially since she is Lucy anyway love the show, and i hope it stays on air for many seasons to come...
  • Wish there were more like this.

    This is my favorite series on television. I thoroughly enjoy the main characters. I wish the other networks would put on a series as entertaining as this one.

    Soo... is this show cancelled? The internet said they got signed for 22-24 episodes, but it looks like it only goes to the 17th? Anyone know what's going on? I don't want it to be cancelled!!!
  • Gathering momentum weekly

    Not just your average weekly murder mystery, this show has nuance: the performances by the lead characters are wonderful, and each week we get a better glimpse into their personalities. The plotting is tight, the dialogue crisp, the production values high. It takes a while to warm up to Holmes, but it's worth the investment of time; the show grows on you.
  • deducacation all the way!!!!

    LOVE this show. is funny fresh and alround exciting. you always want more. also love the banter between holmes and watson.
  • Elementary is my Favorite Show!

    I really enjoy good 'who done it' mysteries but not the CSI kind. I've liked it from the start and really look forward to watching the next episode every week.
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