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  • Sherlock is based/set in LONDON, not NYC - just for an Wank Audience....

    I found this show to be total TRIPE, I would give it a (-) number but negative integers are not allowed on tv.com scale.

    Sherlock is based IN London, it is not just the character, it is the city and locality of his use of deductive reasoning - all based on LONDON. NOT NYC- sad it was transplanted for a wank audience, as they do not get the subtle nuiance of London/UK life!

    JLM acted more like Colin Ferrell in he come down years instead of a 'Clued UP' person who see's the world as it really is.

    Adding the woman, lucy lue, totally wrong, where is the ***-eroticism between Holme and Watson. Over his drug usage! Get real, in the original's by A.C. Doyle, he was more adept at solving his crimes when he was using mind expanding pyschoactive drugs.

    But the worst of the worst was to move Sherlock out of London and to NYC - it lost ALL context to the global viewers (but then most american's think the world begins and ends at their boarders).

    Benedict Cumberbach outshines JLM any day of the week. JLM just acts like a crack head on the hunt for his next hit. Nice to see he lost weight and go into shape (somewhat so) for the part, but this is his lowest part in his career history! PATHETIC and and an Abomination to ACD's legacy! stop letting wank usa writers ruin good english culture and heritage!

    Putting Sherlock in NYC is exactly the same as putting Mark Twain in Shanghai!!!

    PATHETIC and where is the homosexual inuendo between Holmes and Watson as Written by ACD! You have totally disgraced ACD's works. I watched once episode, CRINGED throughout and will NEVER watch another episode. That is a statement considering I find JLM HOT Gay Bait! If you cant get/keep the gay audience - the show is a Total FLOP!

    Cancel it NOW.
  • I could have written better.

    I will be watching hopefully, but this show has very little promise. The most compelling aspect of Sherlock Holmes is the mystery. In Elementary, there are no impressive deductions - Holmes' trademark - the mystery just falls together with no real interest created, and the whole plot is very stereotypical. I mean really, a husband who wants his wife's money? Manipulating a mental patient is fairly inventive, but its the same plot as always. In the books, Holmes is very discerning in the cases he takes. They either offer some peculiarity or are of immediate importance. This was neither. Holmes wasn't interested and neither were we.

    The whole thing is just bland. Sure, they've tried to disguise that by weaving elaborate back stories with dark secrets, but frankly, they haven't made me CARE.

    This pilot was a dissapointment. It was uninteresting and I forgot this man was supposed to be Sherlock and this woman was supposed to be John.

    (The only thing this whole show has going for it is that it treats Joan like an equal (or in my opinion, Holmes' superior) the only problem with that is... that's not how the Watson-Holmes relationship works.)
  • update: worse and worse and worse

    For someone who claims he never guesses (first episode) this Sherlock sure guesses a lot. Very very unSherlockian. The book Holmes never guesses. Yet in each episode this one does.

    This Sherlock has tattoos. Holmes is many things, including a druggie, but frivolous he's not.

    The show is fun but the logic is weak and the stories are lame. Some of the deductions are laughable.

    Too bad they just couldn't have went with a made up eccentric character based on Holmes. To stray this far away from the spirit of the man is going to far. This is no Holmes I've ever known.

  • Poison Pen lacks latex knowledge - do your homework!

    I am latex enthusiast. We are a large group of folks. We wear latex clothing and even enjoy events specifically designed to celebrate rubber! I have a large couture collection of latex and I've been in the hobby for several years. I can tell you that whoever wrote this show didn't do their homework. Maybe they did and because what they found didn't fit the story they decided to punt. But, as a latex enthusiast I was more than disappointed. I really like this show and I've been impressed by the level of authenticity that the writers have brought to it. But not this time.

    1) We do put our latex on by ourselves. Even gimp suits you can put on by yourself. Helping hands is nice, but not required. I have a friend who regularly zips himself into a sleepsack. The character on the show is just wearing a simple catsuit. VERY easy to get into by yourself.

    2) Most enthusiasts don't use talcum powder anymore. There are much better products on the market. Vivashine is one and if we don't have that we usually use a silicone based lube.

    3) You did get the acronyms correct - CP and OTK. Well done, but that's not tough to find out. Any fetish board will tell you that.

    Next time if you need some help try finding folks who know more than you do. The Baroness in NY is a great resource and might have been a good place to get better information.

    Also - as a professional Domme, I resent the way the Domme on the show was referred to with such disdain.
  • Too simple, too dull

    Since the plot is already known to most, I won't spoiler it to those that haven't watched it yet.

    The pilot introduces us to our main characters, namely Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson - and what an introduction it is:

    Sherlock is a pathetic and overly nervous little man under the heel of his father - not at all the poised and (kind of) arrogant genius we know from the books or the many, many movies ( especially the superb russian films of 1979-1986) or, well, the excellent BBC Show "Sherlock". He has his moments, sure, but for every ingenious deduction he makes, he has to act overly stupid at least 10 other times.

    Which brings us to Joan Watson - what an odd combination of brilliance and disappointment. On the one Hand she is instrumental in solving the case - there are moments when it seems only needs sherlock to get her interested - but is perfectly capable of breaking the case by herself. On the other hand, her character just isn't that well defined: She is Sherlocks sitter / romantic interest / "partner in crime" - and the one motivation the episode gives for her to act as she does, doesn't explain anything at all.

    Finally, this pilot doesn't seem to be an episode of series about Sherlock Holmes. It looks and feels like we were watching a new show about the relativly dim-witted little brother of Gregory House, without the medical expertise - who only seems smart compared to the absolut idiots working in the police department, and of course compared to the killer, flat out confesses the first time Sherlock confronts him with his hunch.

    The camera is lifted from House, the dialogs trys to divert from its blandness by beeing very fast, the motivations for all the characters are pathetic, the villain doesn't deserve the name (and was done better in Dexter, Season 1 Episode 8 "Shrink Wrap"), the plot is laughable and the conclusion is an insult to anyone with half a brain cell.

    Maybe I am unfai to this show, maybe I shouldn't judge it to hard. But when there is a BBC Show about Sherlock Holmes out there, which does it almost perfectly, it's hard not to compare those two.
  • all episodes

    I enjoy most aspects of this show, EXCEPT, that I have been able to figure out the killer in the 1st 5 minutes of every episode! At first I thought it was because I am a retired homicide investigator and a forensic psychologist...but NO!! It is because casting directors use well known character actors to play significant roles...and if I spot a familiar actors' face in the first few scenes, even though his part may seem small....he ALWAYS turns out to be the killer! So it is a spoiler alert for me in every show. This also occurs in most other TV shows that involve any "who done it" in the plot. Does anybody else experience this problem?
  • Kill Moriarty

    Just like Red John on the Mentalist, you're starting to ruin this show by the continuous use of Moriarty in the series. Please go back to the way you seemed to be headed when the series started. New and fresh with no need for just one diabolical enemy. This lazy way of writing series has ended so many in my watching schedule and I hate to change the station on this one. Please!!
  • Last song in April 11th episode?

    Anyone know the song they played at the end of last night's episode?

  • trying to like it

    I love the concept, however, we find Sherlock very difficult to understand. He talks too fast,, and we miss half the things he is saying. Yeah, we tried turning up our hearing aids...lol
  • Thanks to DVR

    If I hadn't dvr this show i would never watch it again. My biggest problem is I can't understand half of what they say. either his brouge is so strong or she speaks so soft that I can't hear. So far not a good feeling about it.
  • Elementary & Sherlock: what makes the difference (Sherlock obviously wins)

    I've never found the show particularly intriguing: no good stories, no brilliant scripts and dialogue but most of all I don't find the actors convincing. At all.

    Especially Lucy Liu, whose character (and acting) is the weakest. Aidan Quinn is the best.

    BUT! I watched Sherlock in the last few days, without any expectation and... wow!!!

    That's a Show with a capital letter! Mr Cumberbatch and coworkers really do a great, great job. Helped by polished scripts, wonderful settings, great directing, terrific care to the smallest detail.

    Producers please put your money in the British show and close the agonizing Elementary. . I'm not British, nor American, just neutral as Switzerland)
  • An attempt to differentiate, gone horribly wrong

    I don't write these reviews often, actually this would be my first here, but after seeing the show and then seeing the rating I had to react.

    First of all I'm not sure how this show got green-lighted at all, it's a genuine example how things in TV today are totally "bonkers". Seems there is no story left, that US shows won't apply a "contemporary twist" perverting the original in a unwatchable mess). This show is basically a sacrilege to the Arthur Conan Doyle's timeless story, everything is wrong including setting, tone, atmosphere, time and also last but not the least casting. Horrible, horrible casting choices made for both characters, probably to "appease" a wider viewer base. I see a lot of 10s in the reviews below, well it makes you think, it's no wonder that poor excuse for literature Twilight is popular, since it seems anyone can write a script or a book these days and get acclaim from public. A lot of excellent shows probably got canned to allow this uninspired nightmare to stay on air.

    I gave it 4.5 instead of 1 since production quality is good, other than that bad beyond words.
  • Sherlock Holmes would never "Reach Out"

    Concerning Elementary, there's almost nothing that can be said as a criticism of the show itself. Of all the latest attempts to revive the character of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary's version is the only one that is both dramatically compelling AND humanly possible. By that I simply mean that Elementary's Sherlock Holmes might very well exist as an actual human being and not just a dramatic or comical character deliberately created for the screen.

    However, in going over the total of the first year's episodes and keeping up to date on the second season, I have noted that the phrase "reached out" used as a substitute for "called," "contacted," "telephoned," etc. has been used on an average of 2.5 times per episode and has been used more than once by each of the main characters.

    Now, ignoring the fact that the phrase "reached out" actually has a specific meaning in the English language that has nothing to do with emailing, telephoning or sending someone a letter and is only the latest in a sad, sick list of faddish PC phrases utilized by certain pseudo intellectuals in an attempt to impress everyone and offend no one, the fact is that Sherlock Holmes in any of his incarnations would never be party to such a usage. Given that Elementary's Sherlock is fascinated with internet shorthand, he is enamored because such a use serves to make communication concise, and above all Precise!!! OMG may be a fad but there's no question about what it means. The phrase "reached out" is the opposite. Does it mean you telephoned, emailed, texted, met with, skyped, twittered? Or could it even mean that you appealed for someone's help or attempted to help someone in a crisis which is the original meaning of the phrase. Like most PCisms, "reached out" seems to mean something but actually could mean almost anything.

    Sherlock Holmes is, above all, a man with a passionate belief in the value of DETAIL. He would never use such a meaningless phrase, nor would he let anyone else use it without questioning what the speaker actually meant.

    Worst of all, in my opinion, in having all the characters use this absurd PCism in, quite literally, EVERY episode, the watcher is subconsciously reminded that the characters in the show are the creations of a writer, that the characters lack actual individuality, speaking far too much and far too often exactly like each other to be considered individuals with their own linguistic quirks.

    My personal theory is that the newest PCism, "reach out" dates back to the old ATT television ads that tried to convince us to Reach Out And Touch Someone. It's sad to think that such an empty and trivial bit of jargon should have infected television screenplay writers like a lethal virus. Sadder still: although the phrase is rampant on many television shows of the last three years, Elementary is the worst offender.
  • Meh!! Average at best!

    To be honest while I enjoy this show I just don't think it's the best show out there. Sure, it's had a few good episodes, but I have found most of the episodes to be boring, and I just can't seem to like the characters that much. What I really enjoy about TV (apart from good storyline) is characters that I can relate to or that I can really enjoy and I'm just not finding that in this show.
  • Just not that great

    I'm with sippyber - I've watched about 30 episodes of this show and I have to say I'm just not that impressed. All episodes run the same pattern, 1. Dead body found 2. Make us believe that suspect one is the guilty person 3. Sherlock comes in and questions why 4. Sherlock believes it's suspect No. 2 due to some crazy theory or crack in the wall 5. Sherlock is right. If you want to see a superbly written/acted show, watch The Returned on the Sundance Channel. France has us beat as far as intriguing shows with interesting characters.
  • What is this? AND WHY IS DR. JON WATSON A GIRL???

    Ok, I havent read the books, but I have seen all the movies with Robert Downey jr. and I love the TV Show Sherlock. I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, so I assumed my next step in my fandom would be to watch Elementry (and read the books obviously), The OTHER Sherlock Holmes TV Show.

    But... Jon watson is a GIRL??? Nope, no way. Can't cope with that. Sorry but this show just seems like its aimed at fools who love romance and drama, bla bla. (not that I don't like those types of shows, but I always liked Sherlock Holmes stuff because of the friendship and stuff like that. (Although im pretty sure John has a major crush on Sherlock on TV Show Sherlock))

    Im not trying to be mean, im just... JON IS GUY NOT A GIRL!! ASDFGHCCVGJBKL!!!! I feel like you have personally insulted me by making Jon Joan.

    ps: i rated it five because ive never actually seen the show so i dunno if its actually good or not. I MIGHT try and watch it... MIGHT
  • Unfavorable Changes

    Not every Sherlock created can be what is the real Sherlock Holmes...

    Maybe fun, but belittling our memories of Sherlock

    And who is this Watson? this one is lame!!

    The original stories and characters are what decades people loved. This one is temporary and easily gets forgotten.
  • I'll give it a chance!

    I have only seen the first 2 episodes as of now but I am still willing to give it a chance to prove itself to me. It has a wonderful potential, beautiful shots and the acting/writing is decent. Johnny Lee Miller is amazing in the part and so is Lucy Liu who I love and adore from her previous TV shows Ally McBeal, Cashmere Mafia and Dirty Sexy Money and many many other things. But this show might not be right for me, I am not a big fan of procedural crime shows. Although I often found myself bored and checking the time while watching this I will give it a chance and watch a few more episodes. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually start enjoying it. [5.5/10]
  • Could Do Better

    This show has real potential but the writers have to do a better job getting us to 'buy in' to the relationship between their Holmes and Watson. The actress playing Watson is given very little to work with and at the moment comes across like a bit of a nagging older sister. A big part of the charm of the original Conan Doyle characters is their true bond of friendship. I don't yet see any evidence of such a bond with the characters (or indeed actors) on this show. Maybe it will develop as the season progresses. I'm afraid it will need to for people to keep watching.
  • OK but pretty average.

    There's nothing really wrong with Elementary. It a fairly average procedural with a good cast. The problem is that it's supposed to be about Sherlock Holmes. As such the cases should be solved through deduction but usually end up being solved through luck.

    Not the worst programme and perfectly watchable but nothing special.
  • High Intellect - Elementary Mistakes

    Really like the well thought out story lines, but all the 'smarts' are ruined by simple (elementary) 'continuity' errors. This series could really be appreciated, if it would take the time to eliminate obvious errors in editing. Two quick examples (but loads in entire series) -- Leviathan -- Sherlock (hands) are shown playing piano -- NO GLOVES (and at a crime scene), but when he gets up from piano -- SUDDENLY Wearing Gloves ???!!!! Latest -- Red Team -- opening scene and the 'abracadabra' with milk bottle between Sherlock 'omelet' and Watson coffee cup. Stop the mistakes and let viewers 'really' enjoy the show !!!!
  • lucy liu

    an ok unsherlock lol but lucy liu OMG! i must confess she's the reason i watch the 40+ she's still super hott!
  • Performances are good, but scripts are lacking

    There have been a couple of Sherlock shows in recent years (UK - Sherlock, USA - Elementary) and they both seem to suffer the same issues.

    The level of acting is great in both, but as the shows pass by each episode gets less and less "Holmesian" and more and more any old cop show.

    There are fewer and fewer real Sherlock like insights into cases, the kind of leads that no-one else could see. Elementary suffers even more too, as there are just so many episodes to write, and they have to be kept brief most of the time to fit in with schedules.

    Still, they are both better than average, but they are trending in the wrong direction, and good cast performances can only hold your interest for so long...
  • Elementary's "Wannabe" cleverness is it's own downfall ...

    First of all. It's inevitable not to compare this show to the BBC's Sherlock. It's when this show got a hit the US had to make their own version.

    Although it's not a complete remake of the UK's version and made some original twists their own, the character Sherlock is pretty much the same idea. Highly intelligent, photographic skills and highly observant with excellent deducting skills.

    But there are some problems with the US take on this (after watching 5 eps, will update if it changes):

    1) You can deduct a complete episode yourself most of the time, even before Sherlock does. Or the solution is so far-fetched it's just unbelievable, unlikely or plain stupid. You can even see how they reverse dialogs and scenes. Starting with the outcome and then figuring out a clever way to get there.

    2) (A common TV show mistake:) Taking actors that are pretty much known already in the TV world and make them the "offenders" is making it so predictable.

    3) The actors, acting, atmosphere and characters are nowhere near as exiting as with the UK version.

    The thing is: It's not nearly as smart and clever as the UK's version. It's actually quite easy and stupid. Together with a less eccentric role from Jonny Lee Miller, who i usually enjoy, and a kinda plain boring Watson played by Lucy Liu it's just not as exiting as the excellent and weird Benedict Cumberbatch and goofy and funny Martin Freeman from the UK's version. There is an original idea behind these 2 characters. With Elementary? It's just the same usual stereotyping and settings you get in 90% of the other shows in the US.

    But comparing it with Sherlock is just one way to look at it. I can't help myself comparing it. But letting that perspective go i can't say this is a better then average show. I even consider shows like "Person of Interest", "Bones" or "Criminal minds", which aren't perfect either and i consider fillers, better then this one.

    But maybe they will find their way. It won't be the first show that needs to grow and some tweaks to make it click. But they really need to make some choices. Make it more funny, build up better and interesting characters or just make the stories and plots better. Just do something with it. Because now it's nothing more then a grey mouse.

  • Surprisingly good show!

    At first I thought the Sherlock character was very Liu is cool as always and so HOT! But now I see enough of Sherlock Holmes character that I look forward to it! Watson adds to the show as well as being so lovely.
  • Turning into a ordinary

    I was opposed to watching this show since it took Sherlock and made it with a twist, to cater to US market.

    Only difference to original is Watson being a woman.

    Still I watched the pilot, it looked interesting and now I'm watching each episode and find it engaging and interesting.

    But, the show is, after initial few episodes, starting to become a standard procedural with banal solutions, obvious endings and nothing much in between. I'm scared it would turn into another MONK.

    Eccentric investigator, women companion, strange cases no one would solve.. if it wasn't branded Sherlock it could as easily be Monk.

    So, I hope the show would stir things a bit and look at the cannon stories for inspiration. I give it 7 for now.
  • Elementary - Solid Entertainment

    Although this is good, it falls short in comparison to Sherlock. A majority of episodes are satisfying and enjoyable but I wouldn't classify it as golden media except for a couple of pieces. The idea of Dr Watson as a woman is interesting but it does not exemplify the relationship between the two characters that much. I'm glad that the show takes particular note of Sherlock's habits and interests into hand and those moments like where he's picking locks is very satisfying. The concept of integrating the world of Sherlock Holmes into modern society isn't original though.
  • A good show, especially with the history this has to live with.

    This in my opinion, has made a promising start, have watched first few episodes now and am enjoying this show in its own right, not just because it's a Sherlock Holmes series.

    There have been lot of remakes and films all with slightly different takes on he theme, loads bad, some mediocre, and some great notably the Jeremy Brett series but that was mainly the first series I watched and enjoyed of Sherlock Holmes, so may be biased there as you mainly judge anything against what was first for you.

    Getting back to Elementary, way to early to put in the 'greats' but certainly not poor. Like the fact there is a Joan Watson and she's there initially to help counsel Sherlock, because it does give Sherlock a flawed side, in Conan Doyle's book he did have a drug problem but also I believe Sherlock has to be flawed to be that good. He seems to tunnel what he's thinking and deducting, and maybe he does bounce around and rush and be unaware of social niceties, but if he was brilliant all-around he would b very boring. It's this that highlights his brilliance in one area means less in another. These faults give Watson a genuine reason to be there and together they make a 'rounded' person.

    This brings me to my but!

    I do think Watson and Sherlock work well together its what makes the show higher up in the mediocre category. It's there interactions and jibes and the fact Joan Watson isn't just a sidekick to look good and in some areas betters Holmes. This if developed could make this series great.

    The but is I hope the writters carry on like this and yes please develop the characters further, but please don't develop the characters so as many series do that it turns into a soap opera of will they/won't they and it's all about small conflicts of normal life. Yes make it real but please don't dwell on stories or sub plots which are in soaps. If I want to watch a soap i will but at other times I don't.

    I believe if they avoid this trap too much then this has possibility of being 'great'

    Only time will tell but good start.

  • No originality, no cleverness, no fun.

    So, after six episodes it is clear that american Sherlock is an exaggerated, banal, light-weighted version of the real thing. The creators took on risk on this one, and created a tasteless, pale brew of chewed genres - seen so many times before (house, mentalist, NCSI, CSI etc.).

    The plot line can be seen for miles ahead lacking sophistication and finesse. The leading characters, well, they're no good. They are simply not interesting. Holems should be appreciated as a phenomenal in-spite of his flawed personality. Miller's Holmes is not very witty nor smart and always seems on the verge of an anxiety attack.

    So, British version much much better.
  • Why "Elementary" is so elementary?

    Sherlock seems to new obsession. A brutal murder, a female Watson, high rises, modern day New York and a lean, charismatic and slightly charming Billy Lee Miller and we have the American version of the highly popular BBC Sherlock. Elementary they have decided to call it. And while it seems to have all the right ingredients, Elementary just doesn't feel right on many levels. By simply changing a single letter, John has now transformed to Joan Watson being played by Lucy Lui (dear lord!). Billy seems to be doing a fine job as Sherlock. I do not know if it's the director or if it is just him but it is quite clear that he is trying too hard. Comparisons might not seem fair but Benedict was far more natural. Both Billy and Benedict have in fact not long ago, shared a stage in Danny Boyle's Frankenstein. Who could predict they would eventually spawn off a pair of Sherlock Holmeses.

    Dr. Joan Watson is quick, witty, and dry. A disgraced surgeon, who is now an addiction recovery companion, is appointed by Sherlock's exceedingly well to do father to help and prevent Sherlock from relapsing. That's right; Sherlock is introduced as a drug addict, struggling to find his way out of addiction. When asked he mentions that he used to be a consultant for the Scotland Yard before he went down the path of self-destruction. The Sherlock we are familiar with has always been eccentric but in most situations seems in control. The Elementary Sherlock appears to be more of a junior Sherlock who is in comparison to the original or even the BBC Sherlock, is a lot less mature and in many ways unnecessarily erratic. Like I said earlier Billy is somehow attempting to mimic Benedict and this is clear in many scenes. The rapid speech, the sudden fits of rage, the blowing up of cars, this Sherlock is more of a loose cannon than a composed intelligent master sleuth. Of course I do not blame poor Billy for any of this; he is desperately trying to make it all work. Irrespective of the so called chemistry between Joan and Holmes (which for the moment has thankfully not evolved into something romantic) and the super eccentric partially insane Sherlock himself, the show fails in the area that matters the most the cases.

    One of the things that differentiated BBC's Sherlock from all the other police procedurals was the writing. Dr. Watson's history and how he comes to meet Sherlock was just so interesting. 221 baker street, Holmes Senior, Moriarty, Adler etc. everything was so well integrated with the brilliant story line. It was all given a modern touch so effortlessly. In one word, it was impeccable. But the cases on Elementary, are simply too elementary. They remind me more of Hardy boys and Nancy drew than Sherlock. The actors in the show are talented, the set up too is well thought of, but story is not working in any way. They do not act as reminders for existing cases and seem too silly to require Sherlock's attention. Like the first episode that has a psychiatrist who plans to murder his wife and does so through a patient of his. This patient is having fantasies about murdering a certain woman, so the doctor feeds this fantasy by compelling his wife to alter her looks and exposing her to him. Eventually he kills her. Well I still don't understand how but that's pretty much what happens.

    Sherlock has potential and can develop into an interesting show but for the moment it in desperate need of decent writers. I hope and pray that a romantic angle between the new Joan and Sherlock is not added to the show. It would be both absurd and bizarre. Billy needs to tone down his acting a little bit and Lucy Lui needs to act a little more; she is just too stiff and indifferent at times. The ingredients are rich but the recipe is lacking flavor for now, let's hope that the writers pay some attention and stir things up a little bit.

    Worth a watch

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