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  • No comment

    Seriously, I watched a bit because I was curious. But that's not how I know Sherlock Holmes.

    He turned all of a sudden into an American, lost all his taste for looking good and even his acting... he is too different. I wonder why Watson has to be a female? So if you want some Johnlock, it has to be straight?

    However, Americans shouldn't have touch an British television. It is more than horrible.

    The work of Gattis and Moffat are incredible, brilliant and would never get bored.

    Even the cases are more interesting, plus the was way of the friendship between Watson and Sherlock is in BBC just incredible.

    Moriarty a woman? No way, Moriarty is the Napolon of Crime, Mister Sex - the man with the key. Good looking, evil and just brilliant.

    And no, I don't care that this silly television got more episodes than BBC and I would say for sure

    the true BBC Sherlock fans wouldn't like it at all.

    PS: Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes!
  • the show will suck now! lucy will be the death of the is not a very good actress and her looks are in the past.

    the show sucks now plain and simple. we went from sherlock the genius to helping the police to joan the top person and sherlock a flunky. whho the fuck makes these ridiculous decisions to change the whole plot of the show. really really stupid. joan was just there to look at and not that great at her age. kick her off the show is about sherlock not some has been actress. remember the movie "kill bill" well lets kill lucy liu in the show and get back to the the show the way it was meant to be.. get her off the . whoever made this decision to change the format should be fired. ty. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED THE SHOW IS DEAD. I DO NOT WATCH IT ANY I LOVED THE SHOW AT FIRST. NOW IT`S WAS NEVER THE STAR. SHE WAS AN SUPPORTING IN THAT ROLE.. BUT TO TOTALLY TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN ISNT GONNA WORK. IIT WILL END THE SHOW. MAYBE THATS WHAT THESE PEOPLE WANT. THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO INSIGHT INTO WHAT IS GOOD. I TURN IT ON FOR 2 MINUTES NOW AND TURN IT OFF. GOODBYE ELEMENTARY!
  • Please remove Kitty

    Used to love the show it was my favorite. I liked it mainly because of the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson, now they have them fighting with each other and this new character that appears a bit brain dead Kitty. she may be good in other shows, but she doesn't belong in this one. If its not broke don't break it. This show is ruined for me now. I don't watch it any longer. thanks CBS writers for ruining and other wise Great show by changing everything. why cant they leave well enough alone when they finally get something right.
  • what's happened

    I've loved this show from the beginning and now I struggle to finish an episode, its just lost it..... have the writers changed ? and it seems that Watson has a much bigger part, Lucy Liu having a hissy ?
  • it aint what it used to be

    Is it me or does Sherlock "all at once" solve the crime? It USED to be he did a little snooping here, a little sniffing there, a little deep thought with Clyde, and maybe a little bit of Watson stumbling across a clue to solve the crime. But now in the last few episodes Sherlock appears in a scene(maybe two), spits out a plethora of dialog and some pictures and WHAM crime solved! The whole anticipation and suspense build up seems to be missing! . How many scenes were necessary to solve the plane crash on Far Rockaway in season 1? 10+! Now it seems one, maybe two scenes from Sherlock and things are figured out! The rest of the epsiode is Watson's love life, trials and tribulations with Kitty, Sherlock being pissed off at Kitty or Capt. Gregson checking to make sure everyone is playing nice!
  • Elementary Continues It's Drop Into Mediocrity

    Surprisingly, the 'creative staff' at Elementary continue their fascination with putting postmodern American neologisms into a thoroughly British character's mouth. What's next? After Sherlock and Joan are done "reaching out" will they begin "efforting" to solve their cases? On top of that, not seemingly satisfied with turning Elementary into the "Watson was a Woman" show [which, by the way, has been done before], with this new season they seem to be intent on turning it into Sherlock Holmes: Stalker-by-Proxy.

    The show started out beautifully, creating the most believable Sherlock Holmes ever attempted. I even hailed the idea of a female Moriarty, and brilliantly played! But Mycroft as Watson Love Interest/Spymaster/Sexually Ambiguous Serial Restaurant Opener signaled the beginning of a series death spiral into banal predictability. As of now, the writers have utterly lost their way in the looking glass land of ad hoc plot twisting, prime time soap opera. It has become more and more clear with the season opener that the show's creator never had more than the germ of an idea because the germ certainly never developed into a serious condition. Perhaps when he's finished trashing the airwaves with this failed pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, he can return to Silicon Valley to do a serious study on under-thirty slang terms.

    THAT WAS THE END, FOLKS. there was no need for them to have sex and no need for Sherlock to walk in on them. i will never watch again.
  • Whispering wimpers is series undoing

    One would think in a competitive marketplace that a TV show's producers would do everything tpossible to deliver content in a suitable manner. Getting people to watch should be a matter of whether the content is enticing. The whispering and low talking on this show is maddening. Adjusting the volume for Sherlock's whispering leads to excessive volume for everything else. As a DJ, 45 years ago, I knew how to equalize sound levels, why can't these jerks do it. I expect this will be my last season if they don't fix it.
  • Bad Sound

    I had to stop watching this show because the sound is so bad. You must watch it with the remote in your hand and then I STILL MISS ALL THE dialogue. WHAT UP ?
  • Sherlock is based/set in LONDON, not NYC - just for an Wank Audience....

    I found this show to be total TRIPE, I would give it a (-) number but negative integers are not allowed on tv.com scale.

    Sherlock is based IN London, it is not just the character, it is the city and locality of his use of deductive reasoning - all based on LONDON. NOT NYC- sad it was transplanted for a wank audience, as they do not get the subtle nuiance of London/UK life!

    JLM acted more like Colin Ferrell in he come down years instead of a 'Clued UP' person who see's the world as it really is.

    Adding the woman, lucy lue, totally wrong, where is the ***-eroticism between Holme and Watson. Over his drug usage! Get real, in the original's by A.C. Doyle, he was more adept at solving his crimes when he was using mind expanding pyschoactive drugs.

    But the worst of the worst was to move Sherlock out of London and to NYC - it lost ALL context to the global viewers (but then most american's think the world begins and ends at their boarders).

    Benedict Cumberbach outshines JLM any day of the week. JLM just acts like a crack head on the hunt for his next hit. Nice to see he lost weight and go into shape (somewhat so) for the part, but this is his lowest part in his career history! PATHETIC and and an Abomination to ACD's legacy! stop letting wank usa writers ruin good english culture and heritage!

    Putting Sherlock in NYC is exactly the same as putting Mark Twain in Shanghai!!!

    PATHETIC and where is the homosexual inuendo between Holmes and Watson as Written by ACD! You have totally disgraced ACD's works. I watched once episode, CRINGED throughout and will NEVER watch another episode. That is a statement considering I find JLM HOT Gay Bait! If you cant get/keep the gay audience - the show is a Total FLOP!

    Cancel it NOW.
  • I could have written better.

    I will be watching hopefully, but this show has very little promise. The most compelling aspect of Sherlock Holmes is the mystery. In Elementary, there are no impressive deductions - Holmes' trademark - the mystery just falls together with no real interest created, and the whole plot is very stereotypical. I mean really, a husband who wants his wife's money? Manipulating a mental patient is fairly inventive, but its the same plot as always. In the books, Holmes is very discerning in the cases he takes. They either offer some peculiarity or are of immediate importance. This was neither. Holmes wasn't interested and neither were we.

    The whole thing is just bland. Sure, they've tried to disguise that by weaving elaborate back stories with dark secrets, but frankly, they haven't made me CARE.

    This pilot was a dissapointment. It was uninteresting and I forgot this man was supposed to be Sherlock and this woman was supposed to be John.

    (The only thing this whole show has going for it is that it treats Joan like an equal (or in my opinion, Holmes' superior) the only problem with that is... that's not how the Watson-Holmes relationship works.)
  • I guess people don't like this kitty kat

    she was brought in for a younger appealing edgier story line and it isn't working. I saw an early ad where they were trying to insinuate that there would be kat fight type drama with Watson, which is stupid, Watson's character is too mature for that or thy would have had to do a 180. I mean the whole schtick is unappealing and the ratings show it.
  • update: worse and worse and worse

    For someone who claims he never guesses (first episode) this Sherlock sure guesses a lot. Very very unSherlockian. The book Holmes never guesses. Yet in each episode this one does.

    This Sherlock has tattoos. Holmes is many things, including a druggie, but frivolous he's not.

    The show is fun but the logic is weak and the stories are lame. Some of the deductions are laughable.

    Too bad they just couldn't have went with a made up eccentric character based on Holmes. To stray this far away from the spirit of the man is going to far. This is no Holmes I've ever known.

  • Done watching

    Show has become a repetition of the last episode show me a tv with some humanity, let sherlock relapse let holmes fail, Dont show a half assed holmes who cant do a reverse azimuth in an elevator, show me holmes mad at sherlock or something and sherlock telling her to keep up. Instead I get happy cast cause they keep their job and I get stuck with a boring episode because of your lack of creativity.
  • What is the point of the new character?

    What is wrong with the writers of this show? The first season was great, last season with Joan's affair with Mycroft was heading toward the deep end, and now they've gone off the edge. The whole thing that made this show work, aside from the excellent Jonny Lee Miller, was the dynamic between Sherlock and Joan. Why have they added this useless protege and messed up that dynamic? Are you TRYING to kill this show, people? I've just found out they intend to keep this new character around--mistake! If they don't go back to the old dynamic, I will not watch past this season. Or maybe I won't have to worry about that, since I predict the ratings will drop.
  • Sherlock's New Assistant

    Can anyone out there understand the new assistant? It's hard enough with the accent but someone needs to teach her how to speak clearly and project her voice. It seems like everyone is whispering on TV these days. And the background noise is so loud not just this show but all the shows. Very frustrating. If she doesn't speak clearly and louder I will stop watching this good show.
  • Poison Pen lacks latex knowledge - do your homework!

    I am latex enthusiast. We are a large group of folks. We wear latex clothing and even enjoy events specifically designed to celebrate rubber! I have a large couture collection of latex and I've been in the hobby for several years. I can tell you that whoever wrote this show didn't do their homework. Maybe they did and because what they found didn't fit the story they decided to punt. But, as a latex enthusiast I was more than disappointed. I really like this show and I've been impressed by the level of authenticity that the writers have brought to it. But not this time.

    1) We do put our latex on by ourselves. Even gimp suits you can put on by yourself. Helping hands is nice, but not required. I have a friend who regularly zips himself into a sleepsack. The character on the show is just wearing a simple catsuit. VERY easy to get into by yourself.

    2) Most enthusiasts don't use talcum powder anymore. There are much better products on the market. Vivashine is one and if we don't have that we usually use a silicone based lube.

    3) You did get the acronyms correct - CP and OTK. Well done, but that's not tough to find out. Any fetish board will tell you that.

    Next time if you need some help try finding folks who know more than you do. The Baroness in NY is a great resource and might have been a good place to get better information.

    Also - as a professional Domme, I resent the way the Domme on the show was referred to with such disdain.
  • Too simple, too dull

    Since the plot is already known to most, I won't spoiler it to those that haven't watched it yet.

    The pilot introduces us to our main characters, namely Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson - and what an introduction it is:

    Sherlock is a pathetic and overly nervous little man under the heel of his father - not at all the poised and (kind of) arrogant genius we know from the books or the many, many movies ( especially the superb russian films of 1979-1986) or, well, the excellent BBC Show "Sherlock". He has his moments, sure, but for every ingenious deduction he makes, he has to act overly stupid at least 10 other times.

    Which brings us to Joan Watson - what an odd combination of brilliance and disappointment. On the one Hand she is instrumental in solving the case - there are moments when it seems only needs sherlock to get her interested - but is perfectly capable of breaking the case by herself. On the other hand, her character just isn't that well defined: She is Sherlocks sitter / romantic interest / "partner in crime" - and the one motivation the episode gives for her to act as she does, doesn't explain anything at all.

    Finally, this pilot doesn't seem to be an episode of series about Sherlock Holmes. It looks and feels like we were watching a new show about the relativly dim-witted little brother of Gregory House, without the medical expertise - who only seems smart compared to the absolut idiots working in the police department, and of course compared to the killer, flat out confesses the first time Sherlock confronts him with his hunch.

    The camera is lifted from House, the dialogs trys to divert from its blandness by beeing very fast, the motivations for all the characters are pathetic, the villain doesn't deserve the name (and was done better in Dexter, Season 1 Episode 8 "Shrink Wrap"), the plot is laughable and the conclusion is an insult to anyone with half a brain cell.

    Maybe I am unfai to this show, maybe I shouldn't judge it to hard. But when there is a BBC Show about Sherlock Holmes out there, which does it almost perfectly, it's hard not to compare those two.
  • all episodes

    I enjoy most aspects of this show, EXCEPT, that I have been able to figure out the killer in the 1st 5 minutes of every episode! At first I thought it was because I am a retired homicide investigator and a forensic psychologist...but NO!! It is because casting directors use well known character actors to play significant roles...and if I spot a familiar actors' face in the first few scenes, even though his part may seem small....he ALWAYS turns out to be the killer! So it is a spoiler alert for me in every show. This also occurs in most other TV shows that involve any "who done it" in the plot. Does anybody else experience this problem?
  • Joan wason cause a murder

    Joan attempting to be so slick and smart coerce emil Kirk to be her personal mole and to go into areas of spying that would cause him to get caught brought about the death of emil Kirks. All because she wanted to be so smart on her own. If she had shared what she was doing with Sherlock Holmes the man might still be alive, but not miss Watson. Instead all she does is lie, lie, lie. She lied to the former medical examiner, she lies to Sherlock she lied to Morland . All she does is lie. How can Sherlock trust her when al she does is lie. Yet she expect him to tell her the truth as to "where he is going" and things like that. Is she trying to leave the show?
  • The game is not afoot!

    I am hoping Elementary stops changing the basic premise of the brilliant deductions that truly make Sherlock who he is. Not to compare with the British show: Sherlock, also a modern interpretation on he detective, but I am bored with Holmes making more comments about Watson's lifeystyle than the cases themselves. Sherlock's unique crime solving abilities seem to be lost in how he plays off two women with similar skills. So sad.
  • This new season

    I have really enjoyed this show - well at least the previous seasons. DO NOT LIKE THE DEVELOPMENTS FOR THIS YEAR!!! Don't like the sullen useless new assistant "protg" There seems to be no point in having this character, on the contrary she is an annoyance and keeps getting in the way of the story line. She was stalking Watson (what??) I also don't buy the premise that Watson has suddenly outdone Holmes in her detecting skills.

    Very unhappy to the point that I may not continue watching; losing interest quickly.
  • Sorry, Jonny!

    I enjoyed the show for a season and a half, but Watson falling into bed with Mycroft was too much. Now she's PO'ed at Sherlock for disappearing last season without saying goodbye, and the cops don't miss him because Watson has "learned his methods" and is filling in. HUH?? If his methods are so easily learned, Gregson and Bell should know them by now too, and not need her at all. Hey, writers--it's not just Sherlock's "methods" that make him a great detective. His talents can't be learned! Another thing: Watson is not a police officer. It's not her place to say "You're under arrest" when Bell is standing right there. The show is now a soap opera with no connection to the original stories--unlike the brilliant "Sherlock" series starring Cumberbatch and Freeman. They're just (mis)using the names of the characters. I think I'll stop watching it. Sorry, Jonny! You and Cumberbatch were great together in "Frankenstein"!
  • Kill Moriarty

    Just like Red John on the Mentalist, you're starting to ruin this show by the continuous use of Moriarty in the series. Please go back to the way you seemed to be headed when the series started. New and fresh with no need for just one diabolical enemy. This lazy way of writing series has ended so many in my watching schedule and I hate to change the station on this one. Please!!
  • As the Stomach Turns

    I love good mysteries. I enjoyed the first season of 'Elementary', then it started to turn into a soap opera.

    It's a clever, spicy soap opera, I'll give you that, but it's no longer what I tuned in for.
  • Soap Opera Shark Jumping

    This current multipart episode of Elementary has made me think of Whoopie Goldberg's rant in Soapdish. I mean, Watson has been a wonderful female character for most of the series, but suddenly, with regard to Sherlock's skeezy brother, rationality and judgement go out the window. In one scene, she is justifiably telling him she can never believe him and so she will have nothing more to do with him, and by the next day she is in bed with him?? Even if his latest version of his actions and motivations is accurate, he has still been dishonest with her, but suddenly that no longer matters??. And even in the previous episode, Sherlock had been reduced from the genius detective to an inept person who conveniently turns his back on his brother so he can be tased. And the only reason Mycroft and Watson are still alive is because the mobsters did not immediately obey their boss's instruction to "kill

    And wait a minute, what ever happened to Mycroft's illness?

    I think the scriptwriters need to think more carefully about the integrity of their characters.

    I am so sorry about this, because the show has been one of my favorites until recently.
  • Too bad

    They had to work to mess up this show. It was a brilliant whodoneit with two quirky interesting characters and great dialogue. Suddenly all of that is gone. Sherlock is painfully inept now and moves like Joe Cocker. Watson is mean spirited and their is no ingenuity to any of the plot lines. No savaging this show that was so brilliant. Too bad.
  • kitty litter

    Elementary has been my favorite program since its start but it has now been messed with to the point where it has lost its spark. There was such great chemistry between Holmes and Watson, and they are supposed to be friends and crime solvers. It doesn't feel right for them to be chilly and distant to one another. Trying to garner a younger audience with the introduction of Kitty just isn't working. Her acting ability needs apprenticing in that area, too. There's no chemistry between her and Holmes and the whole program has become lopsided and strange. Please bring back the magic of the original!
  • The show is failing

    This use to be such a good show but this season is terrible. It was bad enough to involve Joan with Mycroft. Dumb move by the writers. Is Joan being written out of the show? Why the new character? Let's get back to the interaction of the characters that was in the first season. I wouldn't be surprised if the show gets cancelled.
  • Last song in April 11th episode?

    Anyone know the song they played at the end of last night's episode?

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