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  • Very similar to the original books...

    The show is actually very similar to the original books. Sherlock was a drug addict (cocaine) and plays a violin. Lucy does a great job filling a role which is well within her capability. Very pleased they cast a British actor too, would have been too far from the character without the accent. The episodes are very similar to how Holmes would have solved cases in his books and the language used is again a lot like C.D's books. The setting in NY is also great, anywhere else in the US would have been wrong, NY is the closest thing to London in terms of environment.

    The show is off to a perfect start and I really hope it goes far, as far as the similar show House would be a real target for the team.
  • Elementary

    I love this show. Its fresh and exciting. Its not like other Sherlock movies, shows, etc, which to me is what makes this show unique and it all works!

    I think people compare this show to other Shelock movies, shows, books, etc. watch the show itself and don't comapre the show to the others, but its is a great show and its unique in its own way!

    I mean, how boring would it be if evertything was the same?!!
  • Modern, unique, and the writers are great.

    It's good to see a detective show that is in the modern world.

    Johnny Lee Miller is great, so are all the actors, I think Sherlock Holmes himself would be proud of this!
  • Awesome!

    I wasn't expecting to like this show, but I loved it. I love the relationship between Holmes and Watson, the characters and writing. Loved it!
  • Always on my watch list!

    I like the fact it is not a rehash of the original but a modern day version. I have always had an affection for Lucy Lui and enjoy how well she fits into the diverse rolls she acts in. She has this "girl next door" look about her and then you see her in "Kill Bill". She is a great actress and her roll playing as Watson compliments the present day Sherlock. I am looking forward to watching this show for years to come.

    I would like to draw the directors attention to scenes with actors drinking coffee. In the last show you could tell the the cups were empty by the way Sherlock took a quick drink and then when Watson was stirring the coffee you could see at least two inches into the cup and there was no coffee. Yet, when she took a drink, she just took a sip of air. It's always the little things. I'm anal.
  • Just keep it on...who wants another reality tv show!

    Finally a show worth watching, entertaining, engaging and fantastic acting, if you cancel this for some stupid comedy or reality show you should be ashamed of yourselves. Give us real entertainment like the good ole days! 10
  • Absolutely love Sherlock and Watson

    Johnny and Lucy, you are amazing, I plan my week around you. You guys have grown on me and I would be lost when the season ends. I love both of your unique qualities and interaction with each other and with other cast members. Only one little thing I wish was different, if Johnny can speak a little louder and clearer, at times you mumble and I am forced to use closed captioning because I don't want to miss one word that you are saying. But, keep up the good work, I looking forward to seeing a lot more of both of you.

  • Fresh & Clear

    I found Elementary interesting. It fills me with some amount of excitement to watch world's renowned detective switch his place (especially when its New York). I believe this show has lot to offer in coming episodes as Lucy Liu joins S.Holmes and we get a closer look on S.Holmes' personal life. I remember Jonny Lee mostly from Dexter's 5th season. He is doing great job here too.
  • elem fan review

    I think this is a great show, all shows have something that people choose to find fault in. I hope this show is around for many seasons to come.
  • Practice makes Perfect

    One thing I really like about the show is that it shows Sherock Holmes constantly practicing his skills e.g. how to escape manacles or open padlocks, doing experiements and so on and so forth... for far too many TV charcters we never see them practice, research do experiements or indeed alomost anything other than have white boards ot big computer screens with pictures here and there or lines drawing inferences (unless you are CSI and then you have a laboratory with so much equipment Croesuss couldn't afford to keep it running..)
  • Deductive Reasoning.

    Fantastic acting ,writing,&wit Smartest show on TV!

    Best Show on TV

    I've always loved Sherlock Holmes in Books and Movies. Great to see him now excell as a character of the 21st Century.
  • Help with the volume of this show

    I love this show and all of its characters. The problem I have is I can't hear most of the dialogue. I have to move the volume almost to top line to hear Sherlock and then when the ads come on....... hurry to mute or turn down. How can this show's volume get turned up so people like me can hear it??

    Thank you.
  • I hope they do make more

    This is a , excuse my French, bloody brilliant series. More please.
  • Very unique, clever and fun

    I do love this show.

    The characters are portrayed wonderfully, and the script is unique. Its all different than the run of the mill murders, and each episode bring a death out in a new way not commonly found in other shows.

    Sherlock himself, is shown as being very quirky, and anti social, and rather brash! It is wonderful!!!
  • Great series, great reimaging

    I read almost all the stories that Conan Doyle wrote for his iconic detective and i believe this serie is doing a great reinvention of a legend.

    Very entertaining and creative.
  • A British perspective.

    I was prepared to hate this. Sherlock Holmes already has two brilliant incarnations wandering the media world. Robert Downey Jr. reinventing the original Victorian detective as an action figure for the movies and Benedict Cumberbatch moving the classic stories into a modern London for the wonderful BBC tv series SHERLOCK.

    So SHERLOCK HOMES IN NEW YORK (wasn't there an old Basil Rathbone film like that?) with Watson as a WOMAN! It shouldn't work. It couldn't work. It's an abomination!

    Yet it does. Possibly Holmes is now so iconic you could put him in STAR WARS and he would still work but that would detract from Jonny Lee Miller's sterling interpretation of a damaged recovering addict Holmes and Lucy Lui's self-deprecating and subtle support as Watson.

    All the tropes are there. Holmes was an addict in the stories (the notorious seven per cent solution) and exhibited all the symptoms of what we would now classify as borderline Asberger's. The violin-playing turned up in episode 2 and even Holmes' final fate, as a beekeeper, was prefigured in the pilot.

    All I ask is that the stories start to rise to the level of Holmes' genius. The original Holmes saved governments from scandal and wrestled with the Napoleon of Crime. Mere domestic murder will soon send Holmes scurrying back to the syringe, his usual refuge when bored. Don't bore us, enthrall us. Challenge us. That's what we want from Holmes!

  • Interesting so far

    The most attractive part of the show for me is looking at how Holmes goes about solving the cases using his unique and non-traditional sleuthing modus operandi. So far, the dynamics between Sherlock and Watson are engaging enough although I wish Watson has more to contribute in terms of solving the cases. Will continue watching the series and hope it gets better through the season.
  • Meet Sherlock. Not AC Doyle's, but I have hope for this character

    I've loved Conan Doyle's books ever since I was a kid. As a result, I don't always agree with some of the contemporary takes on the characters and story - I'm talking about you, Guy Ritchie.

    I love certain interpretations of this story - like the British one with Benedict Cumberbatch(and the amazing way he portrays Sherlock); others I think have kept true only the names of the characters. And as long as they don't actually pretend to be a portrayal of AC Doyle's work, I'm fine with that. They're just procedurals that are mildly inspired by SH.

    If you can look at it like that, my first impression is that Elementary is worth your while. It's only a taste and I'm curious about where they can take it next - the character history seems a bit generic - but if they can keep up the pace, I'm there with them.
  • Bad Sound

    I had to stop watching this show because the sound is so bad. You must watch it with the remote in your hand and then I STILL MISS ALL THE dialogue. WHAT UP ?
  • Gathering momentum weekly

    Not just your average weekly murder mystery, this show has nuance: the performances by the lead characters are wonderful, and each week we get a better glimpse into their personalities. The plotting is tight, the dialogue crisp, the production values high. It takes a while to warm up to Holmes, but it's worth the investment of time; the show grows on you.
  • Elementary Watson

    What a perfect show and the main actors are brilliant choice.
  • Sherlock is fantastic !

    I love this program , is amazing . Sherlock RLZ!
  • Love it

    After the 3rd episode I am hooked when Zoa Keatiing's Escape Artist played when you realize the kid was villain was amazing.
  • Amazing show!!!

    Alot of people are saying how they hate this show cause its not like a typical Sherlock Holmes story, well people stop being butthurt and realize this is an american adaptation. The begging was an instant hook with the whole "Do you believe in love at first sight?" So charming. Watson is a women and its a nice twist, seems as if a watson is the love interest... maybe? Either way a great show and a must for CSI, cop show fans and sherlock fans 10/10 for me
  • Better than the BBC version (in a TV series kind of way)

    Although Cumberbatch is unbeatable as Holmes (and Moffat does a incredible job in both series ''Sherlock'' and ''Dr. Who''), here are some of the reasons why I think ''Elementary'' is better than the BBC's Sherlock:

    1- Although not based on the originals, the scripts of the CBS show are closer to the spirit of the original stories (a reading of some of them is a must) ;

    2- As a series, 42 minutes is best suited for TV than 90;

    3- Holmes was not as socially stupid as in Moffat's vision;

    4- At least for one dozen episodes, no mention of Moriarty (but i think it's was clever the new encarnation of this nemesis).

    Hell hath no fury greater than a scorned Moriarty.

    The character of Moriarty, as Holmes's greatest enemy, was introduced primarily as a narrative device to enable Conan Doyle to kill off Sherlock Holmes, and only featured directly in two of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

    IN either version, the BBC's or the absurd version of Downey Jr,

    Moriarty is overused. Enough of that.

    The actors are very well and possibly will improve.

    REASSESSING after the 5th episode: Jonny L. Miller and are continuously improving in their roles, as well as the dialogues.

    I'm in Brazil, where the TV programs are horrible, basically soap operas in prime time, so i turn to UK and USA, source of the best television on the planet.

  • KEEPER!!!!!

    Love, Love, Love this new show....I'm a fan of the BBC Sherlock show but they only did 2 seasons and their fans have been drooling for more episodes. I on the other hand refused to hold my breath. So when I got wind of this show I thought, "What the heck" I'll check it out...and to my surprise Lucy Liu makes a great Watson. So take that BBC...see what happens when you make Americans wait too long to watch your shows??? They go off and make it better...THAT is elementary my dear Watson.
  • best new show

    Dah! He's Sherlock III not Sherlock I. Please allow him to be himself. Lucy Liu as Watson is marvelous first amazed then befuddled and then exacerbated by Sherlock. The fact that one frequently knows the killer because of familiarity with the actor is disturbing. But over all I think this show is the best show I've seen in the 2012 season.
  • It's elementary to like "Elementary" :)

    Unpredictability, mystery, crime solving, personal issues, love, past-present connections, friendship, did i write unpredictability? Well it's worth writing again! :D

    There aren't many words I can say about this show as a rather neutral observer, it's just so damn good, and Jonny Lee Miller and his british accent keep staggering me every time!

    Oh well, hopefully it'll stick around for some years, thank God it's on CBS too, I'm not sure how the show would have done on a different, less watched network, but that's just my opinion.

    10 out of 10 and go on, Elementary!
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