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  • Better than the BBC version (in a TV series kind of way)

    Although Cumberbatch is unbeatable as Holmes (and Moffat does a incredible job in both series ''Sherlock'' and ''Dr. Who''), here are some of the reasons why I think ''Elementary'' is better than the BBC's Sherlock:

    1- Although not based on the originals, the scripts of the CBS show are closer to the spirit of the original stories (a reading of some of them is a must) ;

    2- As a series, 42 minutes is best suited for TV than 90;

    3- Holmes was not as socially stupid as in Moffat's vision;

    4- At least for one dozen episodes, no mention of Moriarty (but i think it's was clever the new encarnation of this nemesis).

    Hell hath no fury greater than a scorned Moriarty.

    The character of Moriarty, as Holmes's greatest enemy, was introduced primarily as a narrative device to enable Conan Doyle to kill off Sherlock Holmes, and only featured directly in two of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

    IN either version, the BBC's or the absurd version of Downey Jr,

    Moriarty is overused. Enough of that.

    The actors are very well and possibly will improve.

    REASSESSING after the 5th episode: Jonny L. Miller and are continuously improving in their roles, as well as the dialogues.

    I'm in Brazil, where the TV programs are horrible, basically soap operas in prime time, so i turn to UK and USA, source of the best television on the planet.

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