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  • Jumped the shark?

    Until recently, I've enjoyed it emensly. However, with the increasing affectations, (odd stance, weird haircut) "Sherlock" *Johnny Lee Miller, has taken on, and now at the end of s3, the concocted reason for Watson's moving out of his house, and the sudden addition of the entirely superfluous, "new woman partner"... well I'm disappointed. It feels like it's "jumped the shark". Why mess with a good recipe, just to mess with it? I'll try to keep with it, but it's lost a great deal of its draw to this writer.


    My Name is Jim and I love your website. Sadly my account is not sending my the "New episode email I've tried everything i can think of but it's STILL not send them to me This has gone on now for about a week I would be ever SO grateful if some one could please help me.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jim avid tv watcher
  • Best Show You're Not Watching

    I have watched this since the beginning. Jonny Lee Miller is intoxicating. Some times completely frustrating, at other times heart breaking.
  • Can't wait for Season 5!

    Probably the most underrated show on TV. I do agree, some episodes can be awful, but only in contrast to those that are brilliant.

    My only critique of using different writers is that some think the essence of the show is the complexity and uniqueness of cases, but the true greatness lies in what makes Sherlock so unique; his deductive genius.

    Watching his skills in action, together with his incredible grasp of the English language is an absolute delight to watch. There's no other show like it.

    I'm so glad CBS went for season 5, it says much about integrity.

    Many thanks!
  • Great but could be better

    I've been watching this show from the beginning and I still love it. last season was just frustrating. I am so tired of Watson's new attitude that she is so hardcore now and smarter than everyone else. I miss the more down-to-earth Watson from the first two seasons. Also could not stand Fiona. I tried to be open-minded but she was just such a drag and I hope they get rid of her. I did like that they revealed information about Sherlock's mother and I hope they will give us more.
  • like a good book

    great show with a great cast
  • Joan wason cause a murder

    Joan attempting to be so slick and smart coerce emil Kirk to be her personal mole and to go into areas of spying that would cause him to get caught brought about the death of emil Kirks. All because she wanted to be so smart on her own. If she had shared what she was doing with Sherlock Holmes the man might still be alive, but not miss Watson. Instead all she does is lie, lie, lie. She lied to the former medical examiner, she lies to Sherlock she lied to Morland . All she does is lie. How can Sherlock trust her when al she does is lie. Yet she expect him to tell her the truth as to "where he is going" and things like that. Is she trying to leave the show?
  • One of them Great shows you just can't stop watching !!!!

    I watched the first episode, my interest was "Hmmm" and watched a few more, and I was hooked !!!! Great story plots, never a dull moment, just when you think you solved it - always a new twist. These two work very well together, as do the police department characters. John and Lucy are well suited to this show, compliment each other... Lucy is a great actress, prim and proper, respectful always - John is courteous, well mannered, never a jerk, has respect for everyone and can apologize when he feels he is wrong. A super great show, hope it lasts several years more. Lucy always looks great, doesn't dress like nor act like a tramp, and John is not a self centered pompous ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 thumbs up for this show !!!!!!
  • Love it!

    Great show, a lot of fun to watch.
  • Episode 4x07: Now we're talking!

    Since the fall of Moriarty, the quality of the episodes had been going downhill, almost like the writers were creating common police cases for a common police show, just to get it over with, and the essence of the characters was becoming a mere shadow of what they should be. I liked the addition of Sherlock's father, but still needed more. Now it seems that they've recharged batteries and the episodes are intriguing, clever and full of unexpected twists once again. Keep it up!
  • a role for Jonny

    someone should produce a biopic about Laurel and Hardy. they were brilliant comic innovators and Jonny would make the perfect Stan Laurel. pair him up with Oliver Platt to play Hardy and you'd really have something
  • John Noble

    I really love the addition of John Noble and the dynamics between him and Sherlock. It was about time another equally intelligent male would challenge his skills and abilities.

    He ia an amazing actor (I'm watching him since Fringe) and I'm looking forward to his surprises!!! I strongly believe that he contributed a lot to the show, which went to another dimension!

    Keep up the good work!
  • superb

    one of the best shows on tv. great stories, great acting, great chemistry among the actors. A pleasure to watch.
  • one of the best shows on television

    Great actors, writers, and all around show. Lucy Liu as Watson works great it turns out.
  • As the Stomach Turns

    I love good mysteries. I enjoyed the first season of 'Elementary', then it started to turn into a soap opera.

    It's a clever, spicy soap opera, I'll give you that, but it's no longer what I tuned in for.
  • Vocabulary!

    Love this show and all the new words I am learning. Jonny Lee Miller is so much fun to watch! Sherlock is more than believable and JLM plays the part perfectly. The only criticism I could offer is the hope that the show does not glamorize heroin addiction. This truly ugly affliction is aptly illustrated in the movie Trainspotting, haha. Also, I want more of the character's interaction, less murder plot. It seems like it's just a few seconds here and there. JLM is such a remarkable actor, as is Aidan Quinn (that voice, those eyes). Can't wait for season 4!
  • Mangled grammar

    Frequent mangling of grammar, one of many examples occurs at about 12:40, Season 2 Episode 12: "You had him call Watson and I". It is jarring to hear this from someone with a British accent.
  • Surprisingly good

    I was really surprised as to how much I love this show. I am a huge fan of the original Sherlock Holmes. In my opinion the best Sherlock on TV has been Jeremy Brett from the series from the 80's and the 90's.

    I also like the the new Sherlock series on BBC, I actually didn't want to watch Elementary because it seemed strange with Watson as a woman and also because it was set in New York. To my surprise I actually love this series. Jonny Lee Miller is really good as Sherlock and Lucy Lui is equally good as Watson.

    I love the fact they are very clear on the point that Holmes and Watson are just friends and not a hint of "shipping" when you have a male and a female partner.

    The only thing I don't like is the combination they made of Moriarity and Irene Adler.

    And I found another thing I didn't lke, the season finale. That was mabe the weakest episode of the series...
  • The Addiction Solution should be Smarter

    Overall, I love this show.

    This review is specific to a topic that has been crucial to all of the seasons of Elementary and that is the topic of addiction. I have struggled ever since season one, with the creator's decision to use Alcoholics Anonymous as Sherlock's program. Certainly this must have come from lack of research, since it seems obvious that the modern Sherlock would have chosen a science based program like SMART Recovery over AA. Likewise, the modern sober companion, Watson, also would have recommended this. It is frustrating to watch as the show does great things to enlighten the public about the realities of being an addict but then it is sad that the solution that the show promotes is not a "smart" one and not likely the one Sherlock would choose.
  • Awesome.

    I must say, this show is meant for people with brains. Jonny Lee Miller is the best Sherlock Holmes i've ever seen. The development of the characters is great. In fact, Elementary surpasses bbc sherlock in a million times.
  • Great Cases / Not So Persuasive Acting

    Almost none of the characters displays himself the way they should, or at least the way we are familiar with from sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels. Jonny Lee Miller is overly exaggerating as a disfunctional sociopath and Watson has nothing to do with the prototype (and that's not Lucy Liu's fault). On the other hand, Aidan Quinn is remarkably good as Captain Gregson, maybe because there is not a benchmark for his role. I would certainly like to see more of Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes. I love the actor and he was great for the part.

    The cases are very interesting and well staged and the whole plot is carefully escalated, minus the approach and persistence in the drug addiction matter.

    Overall, it's a quite enjoyable show.
  • Heart & Head Matter

    I love the take on this...

    I love the Sherlock & the Female Watson; their acting is superb...

    The addiction angle is tugging at my familial heart-strings.
  • Lucy Liu is no Nigel Bruce

    On the other hand, she is Lucy Liu. And since no one could ever replace Nigel Bruce, I'm really glad they did this thing with Lucy. She's a doll and I really love the mix up.

    Miller is outstanding to say the least.

    Sorry mmackay doesn't go for Lucy. Well, maybe she'll grow on him/her.

    I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails !
  • Lucy Liu is the Jar Jar Binks of Sherlock Holmes

    I have loved SH since I was a little boy. The collective works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was one of the first things I ever read, and I have been a devoted fan of all things Sherlock ever since. At least until now.

    JLM is marvelous. I even enjoy the New York twist, and the shows are well written, shot, cast, and directed. BUT Lucy Liu is, on a scale from 1 to 10, minus 75 trillion. I can't even watch the scenes she is in, I have to mute or fast forward during any of her dialogue, and it is still nearly beyond painful. I have never minded her in anything before, but her absolute butchery of this role is like watching a baboon finger paint randomly in the Louvre. Please. Someone. Make her stop.

    I would rate the show a 9.5 but I am removing 5 points purely because of LL

    Shame on you CBS
  • It is a great TV Show! Elementary! watson, elementary.

    First firstly I am a very big fan of Sherlock from the BBC and Benedict is just great in that role and the series done in that modernize manner.

    So when I started watching the US version, Elementary treating it like a "reboot" I starting watching the first season and I have to say it was very well done! I separate myself from the the classic Sherlock and then the modern version and now a American version with a female Watson and though it depart from the usual, I am bowl over by the quality of the plot line!

    JLM is very good in his role. I just found it a little strange with Lucy playing the role a little demure then the usual feisty roles she played in other tv series heheh.

    I welcome this reboot very much and the writing and crime are above average and well made out then most crime TV shows of late.

    till the next season of Sherlock from BBC comes around, I will keep myself occupied with Elementary.

  • Awesome!

    Brilliant. JLM is such an underrated actor. There are a lot of fans who don't like this version of Sherlock, which is understandable. But to skip the show because of that is a sin. BBC's Sherlock with overrated Benedict Cumberbatch is nowhere near the acting that Miller brings. Miller is Sherlock with so many layers, while BC is just pompous a**.
  • Holy mackerel!

    Despite all of the hole plots i love this show with all my heart! Jonny Lee Miller is incredible in this role, i hope this show will be airing for many years.

    I agree with commentators, i didn't like Mycroft and kitty too, but let's just pretend like they never existed. Hopefully there'll be a better storyline in the future.
  • No comment

    Seriously, I watched a bit because I was curious. But that's not how I know Sherlock Holmes.

    He turned all of a sudden into an American, lost all his taste for looking good and even his acting... he is too different. I wonder why Watson has to be a female? So if you want some Johnlock, it has to be straight?

    However, Americans shouldn't have touch an British television. It is more than horrible.

    The work of Gattis and Moffat are incredible, brilliant and would never get bored.

    Even the cases are more interesting, plus the was way of the friendship between Watson and Sherlock is in BBC just incredible.

    Moriarty a woman? No way, Moriarty is the Napolon of Crime, Mister Sex - the man with the key. Good looking, evil and just brilliant.

    And no, I don't care that this silly television got more episodes than BBC and I would say for sure

    the true BBC Sherlock fans wouldn't like it at all.

    PS: Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes!
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson

    I like Sherlock, but I love Elementary. I originally looked down on this show as being lesser than the first BBC show, but now, I'm firmly in Elementary's quarters, and that is largely thanks to the superb chemistry and acting between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Oh yes, and Natalie Dormer is superb as Irene Adler. Whilst I'm working my way through Season 2 as I type this review, It's still awesome. It's probably the best show on CBS apart from Person Of Interest, and well worth checking out.
  • I hope Kitty comes back for a visit.

    Thank god the "will they, wont they" will never happen on this show but the idea of Holmes and Watson as foster "mum and dad" blew im socks off. The writers are thinking "outside the box" for there partnership to a different level as we saw each week a new sence of pride that Holmes saw in Kitty's training.

    Hope kitty has a few more arc's in the storylines.