Season 1 Episode 22

Risk Management

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 09, 2013 on CBS
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    Elementary "Risk Management" Review: Set Up for a Punch

    All in all, a slightly interesting case of the week. But I'm excited for next week, and that’s the main point of an episode before a finale, isn’t it?

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    A man claiming to be Moriarty hires Holmes to solve a murder. Watson is being pushed by Gregson to go back to being a sober companion rather than pursuit dangerous exploits with Holmes.


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    • Set-up for the Finale Syndrome

      A banal case but a good excuse to spend quality time with Holmes and Watson. Suffering badly from set-up for the finale syndrome the episode struggles to create stakes not developed during the season (mostly due to the non-serialized nature of the show) but on the upside there was no room for the usual stupid 'just because' plotting.

      It's hard to love or even respect the show after such an abysmal run but this was about as least offensive as the series has gotten.moreless
    • Stunning!

      This was a breathtaking episode with an interesting continuation to what occurred at the end of the last episode. The events were really interesting, culminating with the shock of the season that will laeve everyone waiting impatiently for next week!

      What a breathtaking episode! I just loved it and I can't wait for more! Great episode!
    • Breathtakng TV

      When I first started watching this show, I was dubious. I have to admit to being really nervous about a female Watson and Sherlock fans did a good job of trying to kill this show before it started.

      This last hour was absolutely riveting. Jonny Lee Miller was absolutely fantastic, yes, but I was really impressed at how Lucy Liu seems to be amping up her game by association. The one scene where she self-consciously gets out her trepidation over her potential fate was really very authentic. I also notice with some amusement that she's becoming more animated body-language-wise on the show, as if JLM's twitchiness is rubbing off.

      But JLM--wow. That last scene. I FELT that. One of the better bits of acting I've seen all year in an episode full of good acting. The one long sequence from where he wakes Watson to their scene in the bathroom was enthralling. The true awesomeness of this show lies in the fact that these two don't need to do or say anything mind-blowing to keep your attention--it's the realism of their interactions and the way they bring it to every scene.

      This episode was a veritable Emmy reel for Jonny Lee Miller, but such is the Emmys that I don't think he has a real shot. Shame.moreless
    • A man claiming to be Moriarity hires Holmes to solve a murder. Meanwhile Captain Gregson tries to convince Watson to go back to being a Sober Companion.

      "Risk Management" certainly did a good job setting up the seaon finale. As they have been all season Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are terrific. The twist ending did not come as a total surprise to me. For some reason or another I had a feeling that would be the big reveal. One problem with it is it creates a big question. I can't say what that question is without revealing what the twist is. Maybe it will be answered in the next episode. We will soon find out. The episode as whole was very well written. The main storyline of the murder investigation worked for me. This episode certainly delivered on all fronts. Hopefully the finale will too.moreless
    • A nice series even getting better!

      I dont want to spoil, so I wont say anything too discrete...

      I cant complain about anything here, this episode was so fantastic. The major plot about Moriarty was perfectly connected with only episode related plot about another murder with a well-written backgound.

      Cant write about the ending without spoiling, so watch and enjoy it, you wont be disappointed!
    Jonny Lee Miller

    Jonny Lee Miller

    Sherlock Holmes

    Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu

    Dr. Joan Watson

    Aidan Quinn

    Aidan Quinn

    Captain Tobias Gregson

    Jon Michael Hill

    Jon Michael Hill

    Detective Marcus Bell

    Adam Godley

    Adam Godley

    British Man (voice over)

    Guest Star

    J.C. MacKenzie

    J.C. MacKenzie

    Daren Sutter

    Guest Star

    Francie Swift

    Francie Swift

    Katie Sutter

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      • Watson: (referring to Moriarty) Are you even afraid of him?
        Holmes: I find fear to be an unproductive filter with which to view the world. It dampens my powers of--
        Watson: Can't you just answer a question like a normal human being?
        Holmes: As I mentioned earlier, he clearly doesn't want to kill me, so, no, I'm not afraid.
        Watson: Well, there are ways to hurt you that do not involve hurting you.
        Holmes: Watson, you know that there are risks entailed in the work that I, that we perform. You cannot do the work without undertaking those risks. But know this, as far as Moriarty is concerned, I will never allow any harm to come to you. Not ever.
        Watson: You can't promise that.
        Holmes: And yet I have.

      • Watson: Well, your friend in Boca, the one whose daughter needs a companion, I-I just feel like you're pushing me to take that offer. Are you unhappy with my work?
        Gregson: No, of course not. I appreciate the work you've done with Holmes. And, uh, you're turning into a pretty damn good investigator in your own right.
        Watson: But?
        Gregson: Have a seat. There's something you got to try to understand. Guys like him, they walk between the raindrops. They don't get wet. People like you do. People like his ex-girlfriend do.

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