Season 1 Episode 22

Risk Management

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 09, 2013 on CBS



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    • Watson: (referring to Moriarty) Are you even afraid of him?
      Holmes: I find fear to be an unproductive filter with which to view the world. It dampens my powers of--
      Watson: Can't you just answer a question like a normal human being?
      Holmes: As I mentioned earlier, he clearly doesn't want to kill me, so, no, I'm not afraid.
      Watson: Well, there are ways to hurt you that do not involve hurting you.
      Holmes: Watson, you know that there are risks entailed in the work that I, that we perform. You cannot do the work without undertaking those risks. But know this, as far as Moriarty is concerned, I will never allow any harm to come to you. Not ever.
      Watson: You can't promise that.
      Holmes: And yet I have.

    • Watson: Well, your friend in Boca, the one whose daughter needs a companion, I-I just feel like you're pushing me to take that offer. Are you unhappy with my work?
      Gregson: No, of course not. I appreciate the work you've done with Holmes. And, uh, you're turning into a pretty damn good investigator in your own right.
      Watson: But?
      Gregson: Have a seat. There's something you got to try to understand. Guys like him, they walk between the raindrops. They don't get wet. People like you do. People like his ex-girlfriend do.

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