Season 1 Episode 19

Snow Angels

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • There be blood and product placement.

    Miss Hudson *groan*. You can't accuse Elementary of being subtle or even faithful with it's reinvention and I can only assume that's due to the threats from Britain's Sherlock reboot over suing for stealing it's ideas.

    So we have an initially bloodless murder and it's randomly bloody aftermath.

    So while we have a very basic 'one crime to cover another' plot I have to say I rather enjoyed the setup, even if the writers never managed to find a more interesting way to reveal it than comically scratched key plates (forgive me if i'm wrong but isn't that exactly what those scratch plates are for and picking scratches are normally evident by scratches inside the lock?)

    Bell and the cops gets some great scenes of incompetence: Bell turning his back on a suspect and a cop bursts in to an interview a both blurts out he has never heard of the famous Mr Holmes and then gives the suspect information that would inform how she responds or withholds information. Why? Why would you film that for havens sake. the best part is the cops in the room don't even notice. Then opening an unsecured ambulance for a known armed gang, Bell just opens the doors. Does he have a deathwish?

    I was amused by the lack of security at the money plant with it's lack of checks and money shredding service. Why were they land-filled off site? Why not burn the darn stuff? For that mater whats wrong with a visual check, they let Holmes and Watson in to case the place without checking their credentials so they aren't that secure anyways.

    Sherlock's jump to ambulance was painful. I was really hoping when he offered to explain his reasoning he was going to say something clever instead we got a something that sounds good but makes zero sense (I can list a dozen configurations with small front, wider back wheels without even

    (yay Clyde makes a cameo)

    I was confused by the ending: Who was the woman in the precinct? Did we see her before? Did Sherlock know she was coming? Why did we need that scene? To me it was there in place of Sherlock working out where the cash was, which would have been the clever thing to do.. so did he arrange it and if so how?

    Kudos to the writers for finally making mention of Holmes training Watson. It's been a long time coming.

    I've refrained mentioning the awful green-screen car scenes in the series but the ones in the plow were amongst the worst (thankfully the director noticed too and kept the camera in close)

    Despite all this I actually enjoyed this episode more than most. It was brain out fun.

  • Interesting stuff!

    This was a great case and certainly a unique one as Sherlock has to contend with adverse weather which sends things back to basics!

    I liked that the episode took place during the storm. There were some stunning scenes with the snow everywhere and it made the investigation rather interesting.

    All up, very enjoyable! Can't wait for the next one!
  • Snow Angels

    Snow Angels was an excellent episode of Elementary. The story was engaging and fun. I loved the inter storm in the background which cast NYC in a beautiful blanket of snow. Pam the plow truck driver was awesome and I liked how she interacted with Sherlock. It was fun watching Holmes and Watson investigate and almost be bested by a group of thieves. It was neat to see how brilliant their plan was. I also liked Holmes and Watson's house guest and how she cleaned and organized the apartment. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Good, but I miss the "sober companion" thing

    Reading the opinions of the other people, I think Im tthe only person that prefered the "sober companion thing" rather the "detective aprentice" dont misunderstand me, I love Watson-Holmes interaction, but I love the "excuse" of a companion to introduce their relationship... I feel this new turn somehow forced... but I love the way they live together, and this is a nice example of an interesting episode. At first, I was not very sure that this new concept of Watson being a woman, and them working in the USA, but I simple love this think that JLM has SO much to be part of my adoration... ;-)
  • And the family keeps expanding...

    The most amazing Miss Hudson joins the family, as Joan comes home to find her not a client, but a mess. A mess Shelock didn't talk to her about. The "roommate thing" discussed more presentely than the fact Miss Hudson has a Adam's apple. Sherlock is right Joan has no problem with it, but Joan is right this is their home now, the polite thing to do is to ask before - not after - the fact.

    And ask he does, the next morning when Sherlock asks her out on a blizzard to solve their latest case, of course Joan is not going to dress in front of an audience. A qualm their turtle Clyde doesn't share, happy to pose the latest fashion as a fake ambulance in their model crime scene. By the end of the episode they have solved the case, Miss Hudson's love life and Clyde almost gets a habitat. You can't have everything in life but, for the time being, life at the Holmes-Watson household rings as close as perfect as it can be.
  • Ms Hudson


    The show is interesting in that, it's Sherlock Holmes, in the broad strokes. But everything is different. Not that they have much of a choice, since the BBC Sherlock have a vested interest in ensuring this version doesn't copy cat theirs.

    The relationships between the characters cannot be as per the original, it makes sense, but so far, whatever it is they have, is working. I'm entertained, so, for me, I'm happy.

    Just can't wait to see how they will implement Moriarty.

    A transgender character being portrayed by a real transgender person. Interesting. Why not? Ms Hudson was Holmes' landlady in the original version. In this version, I suspect she will become a recurring character who, may even become a regular if she becomes popular with the viewership.

  • Snow angels

    I didn't realize how much I missed this show until I was watching it tonight. the summer hiatus will absolutely suck. I really liked the scene in the snow at the guard station at EROC. Having Waatson point out how annoying Holmes can be when he gives his answers without explanation was great and funny.

    And I liked the houseguest part of the story. It helped show a little more of how wide a cast of people Sherlock uses in his investigations. And the fact that he was interested in her as an expert in ancient Greek with no mention of an interest in her as a transgendered woman says a lot. Maybe he goes to a different transgendered person if the case calls for insight into that part of society, maybe he has done enough studying himself to feel he has enough knowledge, or maybe he is keeping that part of her life in his back pocket in case it ever becomes pertinent to a case. And then he acquires the card of a random plow truck driver in the course of his travels in case he ever needs her again. He just seems to have a knack for getting people interested in helping him.

    Loved the episode, and can't wait for the next one.
  • Clyde!

    This episode was a lot of fun, mostly because it found a reasonable way to remove technology from Sherlock's crime-solving, bringing it closer to canon and making the case more fun to watch evolve over the course of the episode. I'm not sure how to feel about the side-plot of the woman staying in their flat, but it kept things moving, so I really can't complain. I loved seeing Clyde again, and no higher in Sherlock's eyes than he was previously. Good to know they're not just conveniently dropping things in and rec-conning them.