Season 1 Episode 19

Snow Angels

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • There be blood and product placement.

    Miss Hudson *groan*. You can't accuse Elementary of being subtle or even faithful with it's reinvention and I can only assume that's due to the threats from Britain's Sherlock reboot over suing for stealing it's ideas.

    So we have an initially bloodless murder and it's randomly bloody aftermath.

    So while we have a very basic 'one crime to cover another' plot I have to say I rather enjoyed the setup, even if the writers never managed to find a more interesting way to reveal it than comically scratched key plates (forgive me if i'm wrong but isn't that exactly what those scratch plates are for and picking scratches are normally evident by scratches inside the lock?)

    Bell and the cops gets some great scenes of incompetence: Bell turning his back on a suspect and a cop bursts in to an interview a both blurts out he has never heard of the famous Mr Holmes and then gives the suspect information that would inform how she responds or withholds information. Why? Why would you film that for havens sake. the best part is the cops in the room don't even notice. Then opening an unsecured ambulance for a known armed gang, Bell just opens the doors. Does he have a deathwish?

    I was amused by the lack of security at the money plant with it's lack of checks and money shredding service. Why were they land-filled off site? Why not burn the darn stuff? For that mater whats wrong with a visual check, they let Holmes and Watson in to case the place without checking their credentials so they aren't that secure anyways.

    Sherlock's jump to ambulance was painful. I was really hoping when he offered to explain his reasoning he was going to say something clever instead we got a something that sounds good but makes zero sense (I can list a dozen configurations with small front, wider back wheels without even

    (yay Clyde makes a cameo)

    I was confused by the ending: Who was the woman in the precinct? Did we see her before? Did Sherlock know she was coming? Why did we need that scene? To me it was there in place of Sherlock working out where the cash was, which would have been the clever thing to do.. so did he arrange it and if so how?

    Kudos to the writers for finally making mention of Holmes training Watson. It's been a long time coming.

    I've refrained mentioning the awful green-screen car scenes in the series but the ones in the plow were amongst the worst (thankfully the director noticed too and kept the camera in close)

    Despite all this I actually enjoyed this episode more than most. It was brain out fun.

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