Season 2 Episode 2

Solve for X

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Numb3rs meets Elementary

    When a mathematical formula that can virtually unlock any computer program in the world is close to being solved, it's 2 authors are shot to death. Add in a random mugger who happens to see one of the shootings, and a cunning killer who knows how to be in two places at once, and you've got a solid set-up for another case for Holmes & Watson. A bit twisty-turvy, and a tad tough to follow at times (it IS mathematical computations, after all), this was a solid ep.

    The B-story about Joan being asked for monetary help from the son of a former patient whose death was caused by Joan was okay but was the springboard for a great set-up for yet another evolution in Sherlock & Jane's relationship.

    Sherlock: I thought your plan was quite clever. You demonstrated your goodwill without allowing him to take further advantage. You know, I-I'd quite like to go with you next time. To the cemetery. The mistake that you made, it, uh... changed the course of your life. The man seems to have left quite an impression, as well. I'd just like to pay my respects.

    Sherlock continues to admire Jane more & more, and this was another example of that admiration...

    And the way that Jonny Lee Miller said the words "invisible ink" while he & Watson were at the morgue was too dang funny for words! At least to me... : )

    And am I the only one whose missing Clyde the Tortoise & Sherlock's bees? : )
  • Pretty good.

    This was interesting with a pretty unique storyline revolving around the world of maths. The case was interesting, although I think that some parta of it were a little predictable. Nonetheless, I'm pretty impressed with the writing.

    Not too sure about the side storyline. It was interesting, but not entirely necessary.

    All up, I did like the episode a lot.
  • Education

    Wavering on the edge of moving past the bromance again, especially with that end scene between Sherlock and Joan. The case was of typical Elementary give-and-take and lead the viewer around. It was this person! It was that person! It's this person! No wait, it was actually that person, framing that person to look like they were framing her! It was fairly obvious when you're used to that dance. I don't think the crook that got shot in the beginning would have reacted like he did had he been faced with a man, so it pretty much gave it away. I'm still wondering where the bees and Clyde are, but I suppose they can wait for another episode while we get more character development. This is mostly acceptable.
  • Elementary.

    Interesting case, so Benny Charles who mugged a guy and then runs into an alley way then accidentally witnesses a murder and is then shot. The murder victim is a brilliant mathematician who was working with someone else who also ends up being murdered, both victims were working on a mathematical equation called P vs MP which when nearly completed is worth millions of money. The main suspect is Tanya Barrett who claims she has a perfect alibi for the time of the first murder and points the blame to her ex boyfriend Jason Harrison. So Holmes and Watson interview Harrison and for a time he starts to look as the number one suspect until Benny wakes up in hospital and identifies the murderer. As Holmes and Watson go over the footage from Tanya's alibi and discover that the digital time stamp has been altered, Tanya did infact murder both victims because she had already solved P vs MP and wanted all the millions for herself. During this case Watson meets up with an old friend Joey Castoro who's father had died during surgery done by Watson and Joan blames herself for his death and Joey happens to ask Joan for a loan for $5000. Holmes points out to Watson that it was an accident, which it was, but she feels guilty so Holmes gives her over $20,000. So Joan meets up with Joey and gives him the money on one condition that he uses the money for a his scholarship which he is not happy about, so in the end he decides to think it over. Fantastic Episode. Very Well Written. Thumbs Up.
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