Season 2 Episode 1

Step Nine

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Sherlock remains free to kill again.

    So season 2 kicks off with Sean Pertwee! Dear lord some top notch acting and a serious tone wonderful.

    Cut to goofy music, Sherlock again breaking a case in the most nonsensical way possible: no one notices a man grabbing pigeons in a public park, or the note on it's leg (mainly due to the production team not bothering to put one on it) and then Watson assaults a man in front of everyone but is totally ignored. So how does that break the case? No evidence, no confession just a man in custody... but this is Elementary so Holmes doesn't have to make a case or prove anything.

    So the duo head to the UK as part of a manhunt.. well no they are the manhunt.. why? Whats worse is Sherlock finds him the same morning in his local.

    Now, with the teams careful eye for detail, Holmes returns to a street and 221b that looks nothing like the actual 221b (guess they wanted to avoid accusations of accuracy and the associated rights)

    Now the worst crime of all: Mycroft appears and, while explaining away his size, he is apparently now Sherlock's inferior. How childish can you get.

    It appears that since last season Miller has given up all pretense at good acting and has gone as hammy as a yank doing a British accent as if this is a deliberate farce.

    In the dumbest lines in a Holmes drama ever he suggests a to a 'victim' he might want to call in the police for protection.. when it's a policeman he is being hunted by and he has to tell that to Holmes. Seriously!

    We get a stupid clue of a uneven mask and a nail? WHAT! that is the dumbest, most ham-fisted clue ever. You drop the nail into a fire-grate, down a drain or indeed anywhere except for randomly using it to hang a mask on the wall poorly. If the other masks were there already why wasn't the last one already marked up?

    I liked the dissolved gun idea but the above method for working it out with no evidence at all was just pathetic.

    Watson seems to alternate between idiot and genius as the scene demands; she is apparently clueless about pick-pocketing yet blatant about calling out a seduction when she knew the date was more likely about medical issues that she spotted.. that is the most randomly awful character plotting all within the same of 2 minutes.. it's just gibberish.

    So how does Sherlock deduce proof of the gun? He gets someone else to get him a list and finds someone the man knew who bought one. That man randomly dies and because this is Elementary the killer destroyed all the evidence except for the PC, 3D Printer, software, plotting files, printing resin and splinters of the gun. So when Holmes figured it out all he had to do find the PC, Printer, Software and Gun printing file... the last two of which are easily traceable without entering his house, instead we had 20 minutes of lazy nonsensical filler that lead to an innocent mans death. Again how is Holmes a clever detective?

  • The second season begins with Holmes and Watson heading to London to help and old friend and make amends with family.

    Unlike "The Simpsons", "Elementary" started off the season on a positive note. Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu have not lost a beat and are just as good as ever. The one criticism I had of this episode was that it was a little too predictable. I think it was painfully obvious that it would turn out that LaStrade was right all along and all of his doubters would be made to look like idiots. Also, I did not care much for the story of Holmes and his estranged brother. I have seen it before in the past (Once in an episode of "All in the Family" that had an almost exactly the same story. Overall, I did find this episode enjoyable. I look forward to the next episode, and the episode after that and...
  • Welcome Holmes

    Just caught the season premiere. Holmes took Watson to his (former) stomping grounds,

    We meet Mycroft and Lestrade, and get a semi-tolerable murder case, quite the opener.

    My main issue lies within how they depicted Holmes' older sibling.

    Was I the only one disappointed in Mycroft's portrayal? Not the actor, but the character.

    He was a dullard, a hack of any past adaptions. The only related quality is spats with Sherlock.

    Mycroft always was painted as a sharper but less ambitious Holmes,

    I awaited any form of deduction, better yet anything impressive. Still waiting...
  • Not bad for a season head start

    As usual Holmes and Watson get the job done, but this plastic gun disposal issue, and anyone with 3D printer can make a gun .... well its stupid but worth the shot
  • Different, but not bad

    Not the best season opener for season 2, but I still liked it. It was different. It was a weird case, but I liked that we got some insight into Holmes' personal life. Those scenes were interesting in my opinion. Can't wait to see what happens in next weeks episode!
  • Home Sweet Home

    a good start for this season. I see that they went back to character's(sherlock holmes) roots by starting off this season in london... can't wait for episode 2
  • The charm of that whispering thing

    Holmes and Watson take their first vacation: to London! As the odd couple they truly are, they spend their time solving cases and introducing Joan to the brother Sherlock never told her about. The show dances around the issue with an uncanny set up for Mycroft's revenge and a surrogate Holmes that Joan may actually sleep with.

    It turns out Mycroft actually sees Joan and Sherlock for what they truly are. Intrigued by the discovery, he just wanted to ask, in that lovely whispering way the Holmes boys have made their trademark, what does it takes to be closer to his brother.

    Joan must be as moved by the request as Sherlock is irritated by Lestrade, for the next day the brothers finally reach Step 9, in their unique Holmes way. Thus Clyde the turtle finally has the chance to grow closer to his uncle.
  • Home-Made

    After making us wait so long for Moriarty, they just hand Mycroft to us on this premiere platter. I enjoyed having his character in the game, but I'm not quite sure what long-term he's added just yet. Being in London and actually getting to see 221B was great. The case, however, was very lacking and more than a bit convoluted because there were too many introductions and not enough time on the case itself. I kinda wanted to stay in London longer, but hopefully with Mycroft now, trips will be more frequent. One thing that really, really bothered me was how girly Joan was dressing. Where's the kickass-take-names outfits from last season? Why make her more of an object now? Anyway, decently strong premiere, decent hook to get me coming back.