Season 2 Episode 18

The Hound of the Cancer Cells

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2014 on CBS

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  • Brilliant!

    Perhaps one of my favourite episodes, this one was excellent on two fronts. This little side story with Bell adn Watson was very interesting - I loved how they executed it and the ending was ultimately sad yet fitting. I was excited by this storyline without the main storyline but the main storyline itself was amazing.

    I loved the main case - it had everything from an interesting contraption worth millions to sabotage and murder and whistleblowers. It was just a complete case.

    Well executed and edgy - one of my favourite eps of Elementary!
  • Fun With Gasses

    Oh yeah, definitely paying attention to Hannibal. "We can smell cancer, guys!" Elementary seems to be trying to bolster itself, make itself more edgy. The flavor has changed quite a bit over this season, like it's trying to compete with the other shows that have that darker, more intense feel. It's not quite working for Elementary, though. It's dangerous trying to make a change like this in a second season, but we'll if they iron it out soon. The case this week was very convoluted, back-and-forth, almost how some of the first episodes in season one were. It's not a good thing. Bring it back together, guys. Also, sad about the sudden lack of roosters. They should have mentioned the bees or Claude.
  • Hounds of cancer cells

    The obvious analogy to the Hounds of baskerville made me grin when I read it^^

    But the murder in the first 2 minutes seems very unlikely to work. The victim should have heard the

    attacker sticking the tape to the door. And while the Helium is rushing into the room, there still had to be enough oxygen to respirate, because the prior oxygen in the room couldnt escape or am I wrong?

    dont want to spoil more, so CU
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