Season 1 Episode 10

The Leviathan

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • There is Hope.

    I'm not sure what to think of this episode. It's certainly the most competent episode yet and, while the story felt like a flatter version of a great episode of Leverage, it had the fewest goofs, dumb moments and a plot that just about makes sense.

    I found the story serviceable but just a day later I'm having trouble remembering the details but I know I enjoyed it at the time and it avoided the obvious twists... it even felt like they setup some traps for the viewer to make guesses at the eventual outcome and then introduced a final twist that, while pretty basic, was effective.

    The sub plot of Watson's family was somewhat redundant but it was nice to see Sherlock being something other than a pain in Watson's neck. It's small character developments like that that the shows been missing and almost feel like a deliberate attempt to differentiate between Sherlock and the titular House whose show this one often mirrors.

    Finally getting the pay off after so many episodes has been rather a painful experience but still am glad I stuck around this long to see where the show could be going.
  • Very good!

    This was a very exciting and interesting case once more and I really enjoyed this. The story was great and I loved how there was an intricate jury plot. It was great!

    I really enjoyed seeing Joan's family too. It aded another dynamic to the episode.

    Overall, very interesting, and I look for the next episode and hope i t is also good!
  • The Leviathan

    The Leviathan was an astonishing and very intriguing episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well thought out and the acting was superb. It was hilarious to see twins in the morning. Watching Sherlock try to figure out how the Leviathan was broken into was awesome and fun. There was a lot of character development and plot progression and it was cool to see Joans family and see and see Sherlock explain in better detail just exactly what it is that she does. The case was broken after a few deductions by both Sherlock and Joan. The ending was awesome and paves the way for Joan to continue working with Sherlock. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I've been hired to get into the Leviathon! You didn't think I could get into your phone?

    IMHO, the best episode of the series to date.

    I appreciate this series has been compared to the BBC's Sherlock but I believe it's getting a life all it's own.

    Virtually no reference to any of the classic Holme's books and only a slight nod in this episode to one of the most iconic lines from Holmes; (If you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth".

    Loved the bit when Watson quotes this back at him and he says "Sounds like a windbag".

    He certainly knows what his "dangly bits" are for given the two young ladies at the start of the ep.

    I thought the "family" dinner was superb, allowing Holmes to praise Watson while not displaying sentimentality. He obviously took on board Watson's sadness that her Mother didn't appreciate what she did and set out to let her Mother know that what she did was, indeed, important.

    If I have a criticism, it was the ridiculous ease with which Holmes found the Chevalier, noticing the VERY small image of a cufflink on a picture.

    Again, how confident do you have to be to simply smash, then cut up a picture in someone's house? Classic Holme's arrogant belief in his own ability!

    At last, there seems to be some resolution to how Watson is going to stay on, as she is obviously enthused about the whole "sleuthing" aspect of Holmes life.

    However, I wonder how she'll react to various ladies of "easy virtue" showing up occasionally and why Holmes isn't noticing her running around in VERY short shorts. I certainly like the eye candy!

    Can't wait for the show to resume after the holidays.
  • The Leviathan

    good episode
  • Wait.... what?

    At the very end, when the news said that the painting was returned. I thought it was placed on a wall and someone miraculously found it. But no... I was disappointed... The episode in general however was interesting and I loved how you see Watson's family.
  • Elementary.

    This was a brilliant case & Sherlock having dinner with Watson's family & giving her high priase for what she does was a nice touch. Finally at the end when Watson's mother paid a visit to see Joan & basically saying she was proud off the work she was doing with Holmes & saying "Will The Next Client Make You Happy". Nice ending, Love This Show.

    Sherlock "Green Stick Do You Want Your Diamonds Back".
  • Decent

    Here, let me just hit you over the head with this plot brick. The bit at the end with Joan's mother was obvious plot work, setting them up for Joan to want to stay with Sherlock after the weeks are up. For a show to be successful, you have to be able to balance the plot with the story and that did not happen in this episode.

    The case was interesting enough and once again, Watson helped solve it. I enjoyed the focus on her and what her work means to her, though as stated above, it did end up heavy-handed.

    Not a perfect episode, but not terrible, either.
  • Another fun ride!

    I cracked up at 'before you say anything I'll like to remind you am holding an axe!' Another beautifully written and acted episdoe.
  • Fire the PA who took the coffee order! AAIIIEEEEE!!

    That's right I screamed! Am I crazy? Possible tiny, spoiled soy alert coming up...

    The breached Leviathan case hinges, HINGES, I say, on Sherlock's minutiae-obsessed fixation on a scribbled coffee order that supposedly lists and links all four defendants from the first Leviathan robbery; a piece of evidence which is reviewed by the jury in that case three times. Sherlock shows that coffee order to Watson in order to draw her attention to the seeming nonsense lines printed on the back, lines which are recognized by one member of the jury as a code written in an obscure programming language and which provide the key to cracking the Leviathan - any Leviathan. That juror goes on to recruit three other members of the jury to plan another Leviathan heist - the case Sherlock is brought in to solve.

    What the PROLLEM is, is the coffee order we are shown has the names of the four jurors who conspire to commit the later theft, NOT the names of the four safe-cracking defendants the jurors are deliberating over. Except one of the names is written as Justine, not Justin - the actual juror. Or - I'm just crazy. Also annoying is that when Sherlock shows Watson the code on the back of the scribbled coffee order, he shows it to her upside down. I'm just saying....

    Am I seeing things, or did that really happen in a show about a detective whose attention to detail is both preternatural AND legendary?

    Still gave it a 7, cause Jonny Lee and Lucy Liu! Get new writers and more interesting cases, cause Jonny Lee and Lucy Liu are doing all the work right now.
  • To be honest, this was the first episode of the series I have seen. And also, I was impressed with it, and will continue to watch more of it.

    Honestly, when I first heard about this show, I was unsure what to think about it. But I saw the commercial for this, and I was interested in the premise.

    After watching the episode, I was impressed. I liked the personality of the characters, and the clever twists the episode had. It had humor, drama, and humanity, and Miller's performance as Sherlock Holmes was spot-on. It was strange to see Watson as a Woman, but in retrospect it was a bit different and refreshing. And Lucy Liu was a perfect choice for this Watson, and she brings a different humanity to the character.

    As mentioned before, this was my first episode. And after watching this, I can say that it won't be my last.

    8.5/10 = B: Good Entertainment
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