Season 1 Episode 8

The Long Fuse

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on CBS
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    Elementary "The Long Fuse" Review: Good Mystery! Now Quit Second-guessing Holmes and Pretending Watson's Gonna Leave

    "The Long Fuse" gave us one of the better puzzles the show has put together so far, if not the best.

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    Sherlock discovers a long hidden crime while investigating a bombing. Watson pushes Sherlock to choose a sponsor.

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    • Yay Cuddy!

      So another stellar opening when exposition Watson states stuff we don't get to see and never progresses, over background music borrowed from House. In a clever reversal Holmes reveals drugs free and empower him (rather than dull him as in classic Holmes) only for the writers to just execute the same reversal they used in the pilot... seven episodes in and already they were stuck as to how to open an episode.

      Something really bugged me with this episode. Twice in the first 10 minutes Holmes declares something only for the cops to say they already know. Why would you write a script that way? Then you have a plot where a pager stayed live for 4 years and apparently had batteries installed to enable that scenario... why?

      Yay Cuddy! Does she bring the tapes of House over to the script and score writers homes?

      What I did like is that for the first time they have Holmes actually deducing, observing, showing his intellect and knowledge in relation to solving a case. This is actually using Holmes as a template at last.

      Then they do something stupid like having a caught terrorist admit to 5 crimes when he was only accused of 1 (that he was innocent of) and caught for 1. Why would you admit complicity for 4 more in a post 9/11 New York? Unless you wanted to make a big show in court over your agenda.. so with a huge case like that no-one seems the slight bit interested. They broke a series of cold terrorism cases and they could care less.

      But whatever this is the first episode where it wasn't clear where it was going right off the bat and despite the director often appearing to mistake how Columbo would cast a famous person as the killer (because that show relied on you knowing who & how) with casting a recognizable person in a minimal role and hoping it's a surprise when they are unmasked.

      For all that I have to say it's the first since the opener that I had the glimpse of what the show could be.

    • Perfect!

      This episode featured a really interesting case with so many bizarre elements to it that made watching Sherlock solve it really fun! Everything from the four year old bomb to the accidental pager call and the skeletons in the closet - or in thsi case, the wall - were really executed to perfection!

      The case was superb and the side story with Sherlock's new psonsor were great as well, and the character development on the side of a flawless case truly made this an episode to remember!

      Great work, Elementary!moreless
    • better and better

      the writing, plots, dialog, acting, everything keeps getting better and better - Jonny Lee knows he has excellent competition for this role, and he plays it with gusto; at a party with Rob Downey and Benedict Cumberbatch he can hold his head high,

      Lucy plays her Watson with classic reserve and solid characterization. The f/x on the opening scene, and all the supporting actors, and the new street dude trying for the AA sponsor role hit the mark just right.moreless
    • Long Fuse" Episode

      Watson may be staying, but the closing scene with Watson, Holmes, and the prospective sponsor "tugged" at my emotions. With that smooth, beautiful background music, and Holmes declaring, "I'm entirely self sufficient". I have it on it again and again. Maybe I'm just getting sentimental as I grow old. Found the song called CALM THE STORM, by Graffiti6. Login (browser)ELEMENTARY EPISODE 8 END SONG.
    • Elementary.

      A very well written episode, Watson is looking for a new sponsor for Sherlock, because Watson is leaving in a few weeks. I dont read spoilers but i do know Lucy Liu is not leaving the show, i enjoyed this episode Sherlock asking Heather "Do You Want Sex". & Watson walking in

      "Am I Interrupting" lol. I Love This Show.
    Jonny Lee Miller

    Jonny Lee Miller

    Sherlock Holmes

    Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu

    Dr. Joan Watson

    Aidan Quinn

    Aidan Quinn

    Captain Tobias Gregson

    Jon Michael Hill

    Jon Michael Hill

    Detective Marcus Bell

    Lisa Edelstein

    Lisa Edelstein

    Heather Vanowen

    Guest Star

    Donnie Keshawarz

    Donnie Keshawarz

    Earl Wheeler

    Guest Star

    Deepa Purohit

    Deepa Purohit

    Himali Singh

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    Ato Essandoh

    Ato Essandoh

    Alfredo Llamosa

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      • Holmes: You want sex?
        Vanowen: Excuse me?
        Holmes: I'm not averse, Ms. Vanowen. I'm just busy. Perhaps we could set an appointment. You're flirting. This crossword talk. You find me attractive. The feeling is mutual, mostly. The musculature of your legs and your shoulders suggests a certain elasticity I find quite tantalizing. I must warn you, however, a relationship between us could never go beyond the physical. No offense to you, of course. It's just... not my way.
        Watson: (walks in) Hey. Am I interrupting?
        Vanowen: Nope. Not even a little.

      • Watson: Is this about us?
        Holmes: Is what about us?
        Watson: Your reluctance to find a sponsor. I'm starting to think you're being difficult because you don't want me to leave.
        Holmes: You never told me you were funny.

      • Watson: (about Alfredo) What's the harm in getting to know the guy? One way or the other, I'm gonna be out of your life in a few weeks. Maybe you're dreading that day, maybe you're counting the seconds. Either way, I'm going to make sure you're ready when the time comes. I promise.

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