Season 2 Episode 21

The Man With the Twisted Lip

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2014 on CBS



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    • Holmes: Watson? I've not respected your privacy. I apologize for that. Please know, I value you for more than just the many benefits you've brought into my life. I value you as a person.
      Watson: That's nice. It really is. But your apologies always seem to come after you already got what you wanted.

    • Meeting Leader: (points to Sherlock) You're next. What's the greatest threat to your sobriety?
      Holmes: Aah. Sherlock addict. (room responds) Hmm. I am without peer, without sane peer anyway, which is functionally identical to being without peer, full stop. I can only extend so much of myself to a non-peer, which means I can only extend so much of myself to anyone. I've made progress, of course, but I don't know how much more growth there is within me. If I can never value a relationship properly, then at what point do I stop trying to maintain them?
      Meeting Leader: You haven't turned your back on the world yet.
      Holmes: But I am without peer and that is the greatest threat to my sobriety.

    • Holmes: Well, I suppose with some detailed planning it could be made to work.
      Watson: What could be made to work?
      Holmes: This relationship with Mycroft. We could draw up some sort of shared custody arrangement.
      Watson: Did you just say, shared custody arrangement? As in you and Mycroft sharing custody of me?
      Holmes: There's no need to be offended. It's a term of art.
      Watson: It is a term of, "Never use it again or I will kick you in your soft parts."

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