Season 2 Episode 7

The Marchioness

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2013 on CBS
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Mycroft shows up in New York to ask Holmes and Watson to solve a case concerning his former fiancée. Mycroft and Joan's relationship is a source of contention with Sherlock.

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  • Studly

    It really felt like this episode petered out come the end of the case after barreling full-steam ahead the whole time. The biggest revelation was, of course, between Watson and Mycroft, which I feel was a cheap shot having more to do with the gender bending than the actual character development because despite his tantrum and all around likeness to Big Bang Theory's Sheldon, Sherlock's reaction didn't feel right. And it kinda touched on the possibility of a more-than-bromance between Holmes and Watson. I'm very interested in where they go with this little tidbit. And not at all interested in the rest of the episode.moreless
  • Sherlock's brother Mycroft arrives in New York and asks for help in a case concerning Mycroft's ex-fiancee.

    Instead of the best episode of the season, I would classify "The Marchioness" as probably the most interesting of the season. As always it was great seeing how Sherlock managed to crack the case. This episode is no exception. Probably the best scene is when Holmes and Watson discuss her one night stand with Mycroft. Johnny Lee Miller is terrific (as usual) in explaining the underlying reason why he is so troubled by what they did. I felt like I was was twelve again seeing Oliva D'Abo. I almost had to remind myself I was not watching "Conan the Destroyer" for the bazillionth time. The second season of "Elementary" continues to probduce strong episodes. I hope that is a trend that continues for a long time.moreless
  • Absolutely no horsing around here!

    The best episode of the season so far. Mixing it up with Mycroft was masterly. Leading to personal insights which were totally unexpected and some of the best humorous moments yet!

    I do think I know one thing. There must be no hook up "ever" between Watson and Holmes. She is far too good for him. It would spoil the dynamic that works so well. Lucy Lui is simply to die for... what a wonderfully subtle and charming performance this episode. And lets be clear she simply lights up the screen!moreless
  • The Green Eyed Monster arises.

    I have to admith to a certain disappointment with Watson's dalliance with Mycroft on such a minimal meeting and have a fair amount of sympathy with Holme's obvious jealousy.

    As Holmes mentioned, his and Watson's partnership engenders a certain intimacy, displayed by Watson wandering around in fairly skimpy night attire (long may it continue BTW, as Lucy Lui has great legs) and Holmes bursting into her personal space on a regular basis.

    Blatant annoyance and jealousy ensued to a fair amount of comic relief that somewhat overshadowed an otherwise interesting case,

    I really enjoy shows like this that teach you things like whorls on horses are almost a good as fingerprints for identification purposes.

    If I have a niggle about this episode, it's that the drug "Baron" gave up his vengeance so readily in the end.

    I also have an issue with Mycroft's character in that, in the original stories, he was portrayed as "lazy" but brilliant, even more so than Sherlock but that definitely doesn't come across here.

    However, a fine episode but I wonder when the writers will yield to the inevitable Holmes/Watson pairing ???

    They simply won't be able to help themselves!moreless
  • Interesting.

    Admittedly not my absoltue favourite episode, but nonetheless a very good one.

    We get an interesting character from the past. It leads to some interesting scenes and fun interactions that we saw.

    The case was pretty interesting and went in some interesting directions as usual.

    Overall, pretty good!
Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Dr. Joan Watson

Jon Michael Hill

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

Captain Tobias Gregson

Olivia d'Abo

Olivia d'Abo

Nigella Mason

Guest Star

Andrew Samonsky

Andrew Samonsky

El Mecanico aka Keith Newell

Guest Star

Orlagh Cassidy

Orlagh Cassidy


Guest Star

Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans

Mycroft Holmes

Recurring Role

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    • Mycroft: I owe you an apology. Obviously, I should've told you.
      Holmes: You needed bone marrow. A sibling is the most likely match by far.
      Mycroft: I'm trying to be less stubborn now. I think ... I hope my illness has made me a more compassionate, better person.
      Holmes: Well, of course you do. You're following the same narrative all venal people do when they get sick.
      Mycroft: A lot of people may go through the same thing, but it doesn't make it less real.

    • Holmes: (at the Narcotics Anonymous meeting) My-my, my senses are unusually well, one could even say unnaturally keen. And ours is an era of distraction. It's, uh, a punishing drumbeat of constant input. This-this cacophony which follows us into our homes and into our beds and seeps into our into-into our souls, for want of a better word. For a long time, uh, there was only one poultice for my raw nerve endings, and that was, uh, copious drug use. So in my less productive moments, I'm given to wonder if I'd just been born when it was a little quieter out there, would I have even become an addict in the first place? Might I have been more focused? A more fully realized person?

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