Season 1 Episode 4

The Rat Race

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Exasperatedly

    I'm exasperated by these writers. Watson had a character development moment and even a task set her by Holmes and... nothing happened.. we saw her go places and talk but it meant absolutely nothing to the story and she ended the episode with nothing to show for any of it and when tasked with some investigation.. she did nothing and made no conclusions and waited for Holmes to give them to her.

    Sherlock himself got to run around and tell the police their job while they stood shocked at his amazing jumps of logic... a victim with a needle in his arm it's staged! The show is so insulting they have the victim in a chair with the needle in his arm with his thumb still on the plunger. An open tub of salad on the counter (the only thing out of place in the sparse apartment)... police! you better test . well DUH!

    So after a display of not-at-all-clever deductions (lets not forget that Holmes has been in this apartment for the previous hour while waiting for the police to arrive) the plot shifts to a multi-murder mystery that's so stupid you have to have never read or seen a crime plot ever before.

    Lets put it simply you don't murder your way to the top of anything but being the obvious benefactor of those murders and more so lets not forget that the police tend to investigate deaths and those patterns tend to point at you and those around you. The fact that Sherlock is the only person to think beyond the obvious is just plain insulting to everyone including the poor viewer.

    On the positive side.. the show looks nice... and is competently acted and shot. Oh no wait... after me praising Quinn's character for acting like a policeman last week he starts putting his bare hands all over crime scenes while Holmes goes out of his way not to int he same damn scene.
  • Great csae!

    This was a really interesting case, with an unexpected ending for me. I loved the first scene and then going back and the lead up to it. Episodes like that tend to work for me, and this is no exception. It was really good!

    So many interesting developments with the case and also at a personal level! I loved the episode and can't wait for more!
  • And the name of the song

    Anyone know the name of the song playing in the background of the coffee shop scene in "The Rat Race"? I have been trying hard to figure it out through multiple approaches with no luck. Please e-mail me at chevymtrsport at yahoo dot com if you have the answer. Thanks!
  • A clever title goes here!

    I thought it was her from the beginning. When she first appeared, she seemed mysterious, and I was getting a bad vibe from her. When holmes said that it was someone from the company and the man denied it, i thought it could have been her because as a secretary she is always with him.
  • There's something about it...

    This show is full of silly things and mistakes that shouldn't have been made by show producers anymore. But i do love it. There's something about it. I just can't get to what it is really. This show should hire a good mystery writer just to ante up the cases, because somehow their police force is the stupidest one I've ever seen.
  • Back on Down

    After last week's episode, this one decreased in watch-ability for several reasons. The case was simple, the people were idiots. The clues were handed out on silver platters. It's very frustrating to know how intelligent this series should be, and then watch it and see how intelligent it isn't. So far, I think the only saving grace is Watson, though they do sometimes get me with the relationship they're developing. It's just not enough. Only a handful of episodes left before my cut-off date. C'mon guys. Get this show on the road.
  • The Rat Race

    The Rat Race was a perfect and superbly entertaining episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development, intriguing story lines and an awesome ending. It was great watching Holmes investigate the disappearance of a Wall St. executive discovering other colleagues have met similar fates. I liked the mystery and the way Watson's friend set her up on a date. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Best Epi so far. Watson as a woman has been a masterful stroke so far!

    This was the best epi so far. I felt from the beginning that a woman as Watson was a brilliant stroke and its been masterful. There's no weakness in the plot development of the relationship between Sherlock and Watson . This episode furthered the development of the relationship with a masterfully clever murder mystery.

    And Lucy Lu 's character had a date with a guy with something to hide and she was able to deduce this fast from having worked with Holmes a while. Sherlock lets on that its lonely being able to read people and their motives, and perhaps he's been lonely too.

    Am glad the Captain knows Sherlock had issues and it made sense he did his due diligence before hiring him and knew he was a recovering addict.

    Watson kicked ass big time by deducing Holmes was in trouble too even though I thought him pretty cavalier trying to take the glory for her deduction.

    I love this show so far and folks trying to compare this t the BBC version I hope will be silenced because so far its not only holding its own but is kicking ass!
  • The best episode since the pilot....

    .... "The Rat Race" continues to build the relationship between Holmes and Watson as they investigate the disappearance of a Wall Street executive. A great caper, perfect humor and some wonderful character moments between Holmes, Watson and Gregson line this installment of a clever, altogether enjoyable revisionist Sherlock Holmes series. Holmes and Watson are clearly beginning to form an effective partnership; Watson even begins to pick up on some of Holmes' methods as she is set up on a blind date. For my money, "The Rat Race" is the best episode of "Elementary" since the pilot episode and is another example of this series moving in the right direction.