Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2013 on CBS
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An official police inquiry into one of Sherlock's investigations puts his and Watson's future with the NYPD on the line.

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  • Didn't feel at Holmes in this structure.

    Horrible episode in that many of the major characters did things out of character for their character. The acting was excellent so I blame the writers.

    Holmes would have seen the man was carrying, would have deduced his intent and would have prevented the whole shooting. Additionally Holmes would have already done his background on the man and thus the whole stealing the phone would not have been necessary.

    Bell would not have blamed Holmes for what was clearly the shooter's fault- indeed, Bell's on fault, for stepping into the line of fire on purpose. Bell's character had overcome his dislike for Holmes a long time ago- this incident would not have destroyed that. Refusing medical help that could mean his staying on the force just out of pride or pettiness is not characteristic of Bell.

    The tendency to down Holmes in the last few episodes is just poor planning. Last episodes good points were negated in this episode making one of them feel unnecessary.moreless
  • The Knight

    The sad return of Clyde the counterweight. This was a formulaic episode that still managed to be relevant and hard-hitting in regard to interpersonal relationships. It felt incredibly Sherlockian and was generally great all around. That we're potentially losing Bell is a shame, but the core hasn't had any shake-ups in quite a while, so it's overdue.
  • Self recrimination is a bitch !

    This was an excellent episode, treating the viewers as adults and allowing them to draw their own conclusions all the way through.

    At the beginning, Gregson's "talk" to his team laid the foundation for a shot policeman and as Bell was the only one of import missing, it seemed likely who the injured officer was going to be.

    Holmes was his usual arrogant self and with brain power like his, who could blame him for it.

    His somewhat obscure praise for Bell was well done, showing IMHO a real admiration for the detective that the attorney chose to mock.

    The attorney must have wondered what to make of Holmes analysis of her and her thought that he was threatening her was spot on.

    Again, Watson's role in controlling Holme's impulses and poor interpersonal skills was at the fore and handled well. She worked on Holmes to direct him toward contrition for what happened to Bell, showing him that just because the words couldn't make up for the shooting, actually visiting might heal any rift between the two characters.

    Some of the reviewers below have mentioned Bell's shooting and I have a couple of thoughts on it and the outcome for Sherlock/Watson.

    1) the judge really didn't have a choice but to recommend Holmes removal from consulting.

    2) Holmes should have stepped up and asked for Watson NOT to be included with him in removal.

    3) The commissioner obviously did ask Bell for his opinion and Bell recommended Holmes/Watson be retained.

    The last point brings up the actual shooting where Bell very clearly chose to take the bullet and stepped in front of Holmes.

    OK, he rightly feels aggrieved that he's been shot but to make Holmes feel like crap at the end was just petty and unworthy of him.

    I'm certainly looking forward to the next episode.moreless
  • Sad About Bell.

    Some very good points made in this episode, Sherlock says that the world exists in Black or White, welcome to the Greys, which is true. Also this was the second time Watson had to bring Sherlock in line about how treats other people especially the NYPD who Sherlock himself has regarded Gregson and Bell as close friends. Lets hope Bell and Sherlock can work things out. Outstanding writing by Liz Friedman for this Episode. Brilliant. Thumbs Up. This Is Why I Love This Show.moreless
  • Sherlock's crimes are way too small for all this fall out.

    Personally I thought this was a really well done episode but the main premise felt ridiculously light to me. Yes Bell was shot which was huge and very serious but Sherlocks "crimes" were not. A lot of the things brought up had no bearing on Bells shooting access to crime scenes etc and everyone including Bell and the department have been more than happy to take the results.

    Sherlock followed leads to take them to a possible suspect, where he read the mans phone and spoke too loudly. That's it that's all he did and the talking to suspects for info is part of all police work. He didn't deliberately try and get the man fired, he never reported the man to parole. That the man was in such a precarious position was his own fault, he had a criminal record, he lied to his employer, he broke his parole conditions, he went and got a gun and intended to shoot someone. None of that is on Sherlock.

    Up till now I would have said that Marcus was as much a friend to Sherlock as Gregson and I think Marcus was being a bit harsh although I understand he's not in the best place. However if he only allowed Sherlock to stay on the force to use him then that's out of character for the Marcus we've known is a decent guy so far.

    I didn't mind this storyline just felt it would have made more sense with something bigger, more on a par with Watson's mistake when she killed a patient. I'm also not to keen on the trend the last few weeks to push for Sherlock to change, he has changed a lot since the series began at a believable rate, it would be too easy to turn him into something too different and not worth watching.moreless
Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Dr. Joan Watson

Jon Michael Hill

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

Captain Tobias Gregson

Elizabeth Marvel

Elizabeth Marvel

Cassandra Walker

Guest Star

Frankie Faison

Frankie Faison

Judge Brewster O’Hare

Guest Star

Jordan Lage

Jordan Lage

Dr. Phineas Hobbs

Guest Star

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    • Watson: I know that we color outside the lines a lot, but this time, Bell got shot. Doesn't that give you pause about how we do our jobs?
      Holmes: No.
      Watson: Why not? Why do we get to be above the rules?
      Holmes: Because our methods work, and I'm comfortable that our actions are guided by a morality which supersedes any clumsy employee manual. The danger with rulebooks, Watson, is that they offer the illusion that leading a moral life is a simple undertaking, that the world exists in black and white. Welcome to the grays.

    • Judge O'Hare: Mr. Holmes, do me a favor? Spare us the flourishes. You're under oath, and that oath counts. This is a real hearing presided over by a real judge.
      Holmes: Of course, Your Honor. It is an administrative hearing. This court represents neither state nor federal law, but rather the dictates of the police department of New York. So, real judge, while not technically inaccurate, seems like an overstatement.
      Judge O'Hare: By all means, let's be 100% accurate. I do only represent the police department of New York. We're here today because you screwed up. And the NYPD has empowered me, as a technically real judge, to determine the magnitude of said screw-up, and to make a recommendation as to whether or not you and your partner can continue your relationship with the city. Now, is that accurate enough for you?

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