Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Didn't feel at Holmes in this structure.

    Horrible episode in that many of the major characters did things out of character for their character. The acting was excellent so I blame the writers.

    Holmes would have seen the man was carrying, would have deduced his intent and would have prevented the whole shooting. Additionally Holmes would have already done his background on the man and thus the whole stealing the phone would not have been necessary.

    Bell would not have blamed Holmes for what was clearly the shooter's fault- indeed, Bell's on fault, for stepping into the line of fire on purpose. Bell's character had overcome his dislike for Holmes a long time ago- this incident would not have destroyed that. Refusing medical help that could mean his staying on the force just out of pride or pettiness is not characteristic of Bell.

    The tendency to down Holmes in the last few episodes is just poor planning. Last episodes good points were negated in this episode making one of them feel unnecessary.
  • The Knight

    The sad return of Clyde the counterweight. This was a formulaic episode that still managed to be relevant and hard-hitting in regard to interpersonal relationships. It felt incredibly Sherlockian and was generally great all around. That we're potentially losing Bell is a shame, but the core hasn't had any shake-ups in quite a while, so it's overdue.
  • Sherlock's crimes are way too small for all this fall out.

    Personally I thought this was a really well done episode but the main premise felt ridiculously light to me. Yes Bell was shot which was huge and very serious but Sherlocks "crimes" were not. A lot of the things brought up had no bearing on Bells shooting access to crime scenes etc and everyone including Bell and the department have been more than happy to take the results.

    Sherlock followed leads to take them to a possible suspect, where he read the mans phone and spoke too loudly. That's it that's all he did and the talking to suspects for info is part of all police work. He didn't deliberately try and get the man fired, he never reported the man to parole. That the man was in such a precarious position was his own fault, he had a criminal record, he lied to his employer, he broke his parole conditions, he went and got a gun and intended to shoot someone. None of that is on Sherlock.

    Up till now I would have said that Marcus was as much a friend to Sherlock as Gregson and I think Marcus was being a bit harsh although I understand he's not in the best place. However if he only allowed Sherlock to stay on the force to use him then that's out of character for the Marcus we've known is a decent guy so far.

    I didn't mind this storyline just felt it would have made more sense with something bigger, more on a par with Watson's mistake when she killed a patient. I'm also not to keen on the trend the last few weeks to push for Sherlock to change, he has changed a lot since the series began at a believable rate, it would be too easy to turn him into something too different and not worth watching.
  • Bell's Tell

    after the ep ended I muted everything and contemplated the ending and the entire reveal. This was a really well-written ep; great set-up, excellent character development with Liz Marvel and the AA/NA connection, superb suspense both to know the setup and the outcome (very cool to start in the middle) and the ending!

    Wow! IMHO Bell knows Sherlock needs to be edgy and did not want him off the hook for the shooting; but at the same time, knows that Sherlock can do things for the NYPD and for Det Bell's career that no one else can do. Clever boy,

    as he keeps Sherlock on the hook, he achieves two goals - Assure that Sherlock stays with the NYPD, and makes Sherlock think more about the consequences of his actions. Bell jumped in front of the gunman just like a Secret Service Agent, protecting Sherlock without hesitation. Now he has put him on a light leash. Well played.

    *applause* for the writers - again.
  • Review

    An excellent episode with a sad outcome. I'm sorry for what happened to Detective Bell and i hope him and Sherlock patch things up. Joan is one of the best character on this show.
  • Thumbs up!

    I absolutely love and can't bear to miss this show!
  • elementary

    Lucyliu is brilliant as Watson and Johnny lee Miller brilliant as sherlock