Season 6 Episode 1

An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

Full Episode: An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

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The Season 6 premiere: As Holmes confronts a medical diagnosis that threatens both his career and sobriety, he meets Michael, a man who credits Sherlock for helping him conquer his own addiction. Also, Holmes and Watson are hired by a reformed party girl heiress to find her missing partner in a years-old sex tape that has just leaked online.

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Jun 22, 2018
Fascinating case about sex tapes and how it led to murders.
My wife Karen Gillan have a sex tape of our own as we have fantastic sex together.
Very very intriguing after Michael finished his call to Sherlock that he was about to bury a dead woman!

Matthew See
Karen Gillan’s Chinese Husband/Spocksoc Vice President

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