Season 2 Episode 3

We Are Everyone

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • Fascinating

    I love that twist in the plot where Sherlock reads the letter from Moriarty. She is still out there, manipulating him from prison. it fit in well with the themes of security in this episode.
  • Pretty good.

    This was definitely an interesting episode, with a really good case that took us in multiple directions - everything from espionage to murder to some interesting scenes at home with some hackers!

    It was really good, and the side story with Joan's membership on a dating website was interesting enough and may lead to some interesting developments in future.

    All up, really god!
  • Alarm Clocks

    The return of Clyde, now functioning as a lettuce-eating alarm clock! This episode started out on a very different foot than most previous episodes, making it feel rather like Person of Interest instead of Elementary. The case comes as particularly relevant, given the recent Snowden issue (and the upcoming release of The Fifth Estate), but feels as if it's riding the coattails of these current events, both of which are pretty much past. And of course, it reveals the show's political views by the end. It was an interesting way of bringing Moriarty back in, leaving us wondering if she's playing with him (of course she is) and where their relationship is going to go this season. Pretty decent episode this week.
  • the small reveal

    very good episode; did anyone else notice the upgrade in the wardrobes of Lucy and Jonny? a natural evolution, no radical change in the image, but definite improvements.

    important to establish Lucy as a real woman who is interested in a relationship with an actual, normal man. - this shows that there is no Holmes/Watson love affair in the works - thank the Gods; that would screw everything up.

    The ending was great with - Joan beginning to write just like Conan Doyle
  • spoilers..

    We are Everyone was a really clever episode with the espionage part and the hacking, but also a good opportunity to see how Irene's betrayal affected Sherlock. The ending was great with Sherlock reading Moriarty's letter and Joan perhaps beginning to write about the great mystery that is Sherlock Holmes.