Season 1 Episode 2

While You Were Sleeping

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CBS
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    Elementary "While You Were Sleeping" Review: Studio Notes on Sherlock

    We guess what CBS told the producers of the new procedural to enhance/get rid of in the all-important second episode.

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    When a young man is killed as he enters his apartment, Sherlock is called upon to consult. Watson will have to deal with Sherlock's reaction when she gets together with her ex-boyfriend.

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    • Not a step up from the Pilot.

      Again my issue with this series is that it's painfully, and obviously, not clever. The resolution was obvious from less than halfway and the final act was horribly sloppy and something you've seen before... worse still relied on clearly clever people suddenly becoming idiots. I want to make special mention of the 'seated-killer' as one of the poorest excuses for a clue outside of the last series of Monk.

      However the fleshing out of the central pairing of Holmes and Watson was good and I think what happened was the writers wanted to give us more of the duo and forgot to address the crime, they wanted a nice relaxed crime that could take a semi-backseat while they got the characters to gel. Which I can understand but not forgive.

      Again Miller is the only reason to keep watching and I will give the next one a try.. just for Miller.moreless
    • Always listen to Sherlock.

      This was yet another good episode with a great storyline and the episode kept you thinking when a young man is murdered in his apartment This episode showed Sherlock was right from the beginning and only he could have saw that woman was faking her coma I had an idea what he was planning at end when he made a scene at the hospital to lure the killer into a trap and it was the most unexpected killer who Sherlock predicted from the beginning Very good start to the series.moreless
    • Brilliant!

      This case was downright brilliant! One of the best cases I have seen on a TV show ever! It was intelligent, complex and unpredictable! But seriously - what a great alibi for murder!

      Not sure what I make of the main characters yet, but the show is growign on me and with cases like this, it will go far!
    • High hopes for this series

      That is, of course, dependent on the morons that control the TV purse strings allowing it to mature past the 13 episodes listed.

      The 2nd episode slowed down a little bit and let the two main characters get to know each other a little with Watson taking no crap from Holmes and he in turn, accepting to a small degree that she is a usefull foil to his tangential jumps of reason.

      I was intrigued by Holmes comment about his/her "contract" only lasting 5 weeks. I presume he'll find some way to win her over to be his "muse".

      I thought the case was excellent, with the initial red herring making the viewer "assume" the wide awake twin was the villain allowing a nice "reveal" later in the episode.

      A fine point was made by Holmes that the "evil" twin was maintaining her coma in order to collect ALL the inheritance money with her sisters projected demise.

      While I fully expected Holme's violin to show up, I liked the way it was done but my only gripe with the episode happened because of it.

      How could someone, who apparently hadn't played for some time, suddenly start playing (at the end) like a maestro.

      The violin isn't an instrument you can maintain ability on, without constant practise.

      Even in the books, Holmes wasn't portrayed as a virtuoso.

      However, that minor glitch aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks offering and look forward to the next one.moreless
    • Simplistic

      Definitely on a lower rung than the pilot. I didn't care much at all for the role of the drugs in the episode, though hopefully they were just getting that out of their system and will tone it down come next week. I understand that in some cases, that knowledge is useful, but that won't be so every time. If they make like it should... it's all downhill from there.

      I did like at the end when he pointed out that coma girl was still doing her coma act - to bring in Person of Interest terms here, Yvette was bad code. I was told all through childhood that I was selfish because I was an only child. Well, I think this just proved that how many siblings you have is not at all related to how selfish one is. It was a nice dark twist for the episode, which I thought was rather light and airy most the way through, especially with the constant referencing of deodorant.

      Alright for a second episode but still not holding my attention. I'll watch through the live-in, but if they haven't established the series on its own by then, I'm outta there. I don't have time for another flop, and I'm projecting this is a flop.moreless
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