Season 1 Episode 9

You Do It To Yourself

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • This show is getting stale.

    There is a huge difference between smart writing and pseudo-smart convolution.

    Something needs to change.
  • So-so but certainly on the up.

    I would just like to thank Lily Sparks for spoiling the episode with the first hyphenated word of her sub heading review at the top of this page.

  • Very interesting case!

    This was a great case to watch with unexpected results

    I could not predict the outcome of various elements of this case and that was nice as it made it instantly interesting.

    The case was very good, but I wasn't sure I liked Joan's additional storyline all that muich. If they develop it more, it could be good though.

    Very much a superb case and I look forward to more!
  • Medical error

    It is very unlikely if not impossible to have uveal melanoma in both eyes!

    However the episode was nice ^^
  • You Do It To Yourself

    You Do It To Yourself was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Elementary and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of intriguing character development as Watson helps a former lover telling Sherlock it's a former client. Also Sherlock fights a cold while investigating an interesting case. The action scenes of the crime were engaging and awesome. It was fun watching the investigation and eventually learning the twisted truth. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was touching as Sherlock sat with Watson. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Holmes and Watson investigate the bizarre murder of a college professor just as Watson is asked for help from a former lover.

    Another solid episode. One thing "Elementary" has done well so far in its first season is keeping the viewer's interest. I certainly liked the twists and turns this episode took. They were, in my opinion at least, plausible and added to this episode's entertainment value. My one criticism of it is when Watson's former lover asks for her help in getting him out of a jam. It just seemed too contrived for me. There have been other episodes where the viewer has seen into the past of the lead characters, but they seemed more geniune than the story here. It just seemed to me to be filler. However the main storyline does a good job at making "You Do It to Yourself" worth seeing.
  • Best frigging Epi so far!!!

    Always well written and well acted this show just UPPED the game!

    Wow the murder mystery in itself was mind blowing BUT anyone notcie how the actors just seemed to live the part!

    The Captain, Detective Bell bring in the real world black and white bare knuckle investigative angle while Sherlock does his outer-worldly sleuthing . Watson and Sherlock interaction angle is so awesomely developed that I would just hate to see sex or a 'relationship' destroy it. Their development is just been brilliantly crafted so far. You can see Sherlock gradually beginning to trust and value her (by the way the shower scene just totally cracked me up) the fact that he finally accepted her tea and actually (well sort of) agreed it helped make him better was a great step.

    The last scene is the mark of great tv writing ,beautifully acted by 2 awesome professionals!

    If you ask me I seriously cant wait to see what they come up with for the Post-Super Bowl show.

    PS: and yeah seriously Microsoft I saw your over priced tablet , and while it looks good(great actually)_ Android is the way of the future. nuff said.
  • Stagnating Again

    The writers seem to have confused cleverness with convolution, twists and turns. The best thing about this series is the interaction between Holmes and Watson, and even that is on the verge of turning sour. They promised and promised that there would be no love interest between the main characters, but as we get closer to Watson leaving, I get a stronger and stronger feeling that Holmes is developing feelings for Watson - especially after the end of this episode. The series is growing stagnant - hopefully mid-season will give something to spice it up and break it out of the case/catfight of the week.

    Also, OMG, product placement much? I was disgusted by the blatant advertising by Windows 8 and Surface. Way to sell out, Elementary. Let's NOT go there again, alright?
  • Product Placement LOL

    the episode was amazing as always! i was convinced the entire time that it was *CENSOR* just because s/he seemed sketchy LOL (had to censor this when i realized it was a spoiler... well not really but kinda)

    but yeah, i died of laughter when i saw the Windows Surface tablet product placement xD ahahahah they even emphasized the clicking noise the keyboard makes and the stand (basically, the two things that microsoft spent emphasizing for like half an hour during their keynote). Sooooo awesome.. i need to get one of those tablets ahah gotta love subliminal messaging

    but yeah, amazing elementary is amazing.

    i've said it b/4 but alot of why i like this show is subtle yet dramatic protrayal of hlomes is so love how he reacted to the whirlwind marriage of the now unsuspected suspects with a downturned mouth that was :heartbreaking: showing his utter loliness and seperation from the world,knowing it,but powerless to do anything about it...
  • 21 minutes into the episode and not one nuance or cleverness? Just fake drama.

    How can one character dominate when he is so badly acted? Everyone just stands around him reacting. Why are the other characters even in the script? They function as window dressing to the story.