Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on CBS
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Dr. Hood is called to Georgia when several 11 year old boys mysteriously die of heart attacks.

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  • Was a slight improvement over the pilot episode...until it got to the most ridiculous whodunnit revelation ever.

    I'm not a big fan of procedural dramas (especially of the standard CBS kind) but I'm trying to give them a chance.

    I dont get the big hype with this show when the writing for it is just plain awful. The characters are far from impressive. Am I supposed to be amused with Jacob going through the school's ventilation system for no apparent reason? According to the people who made this show, yes...but I was not. I still dont understand or see Jacob's true purpose or why he needs protection from an FBI agent who is just as uninteresting. There's no character chemistry/development with the two leads as this episode just jumps into them trying to solve the case with not much dialogue going on between them.

    On the plus side, the case they were solving this week (though still not truly significant enough that it needed Jacob Hood on the case) was more complex, but an improvement from the generic clone case of the pilot episode. There were more twists and turns that got me a little bit confused but it all made sense at the end. And man was the ending so messed up! Turns out the kid did it and he gives this adult sounding monologue that informs the audience that he was screwing them over the entire hour by pretending to be this shy and naive kid when he was really just an over-intelligent kid who wanted to kill off his classmates so he can be smarter. Seriously, what the hell? Completely unbelievable and it amazes me that Jacob got dragged to Georgia just to find out that the crime had hardly squat to do with bad science. It also amazes me that Jacob ditched the town hall meeting to wrap his brain around the victims' differences when all he really needed to do was find out everything that the boys had in common other than being 11 years old and dead.

    This is why I like Fringe so much better, no matter what most people (or ratings think). The characterization and story-telling of the "more realistic" Eleventh Hour are nothing (and nearly absent) compared to the "more sci-fi" depth of Fringe.moreless
  • Hood & Young go to Georgia and find the only 2 smart people in the whole town.

    Does this show actually employ any science or technical advisors? From the first two episodes all I can say is that, if they do, they must have come through the school system in the Georgia town they are called to.

    The plots are labored, the acting is wooden, the science is absent. This is especially true when compared to shows like Numb3rs and even Fringe. If this is intended as adult entertainment, then this must be CBS' attempt at a fictional version of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader."

    Please, homeopathic remedies? Any real scientist would have dismissed Lizzie Summers immediately. Could they at a minimum have made her a Naturopath? At least there is some modicum of viability to Naturopathic Medicine. And the math problem that only 1 kid in the whole school could solve? I gave the problem to my sixth grader (age 11!), and it took him about 10 seconds to solve it. And the DNA profiles? Seemed to appear immediately. It should have taken at least a couple of days, and Hood was the ONLY one who could see that all of them were identical?

    Science, plot, acting, believability aside: what the heck was this episode? At least in the pilot there was some reason to believe that a science advisor to the FBI might be needed. In this episode all we need is better security at the Hospital. I sure hope MY Hospital or Doctor's Office isn't letting an 11 year old waltz in and out of labs in order to switch samples.

    If this show's ratings aren't in the basement soon, then we will know that there are many people out there who AREN'T smarter than a Fifth Grader. Certainly the writers and actors of this show aren't.moreless
  • Very Interesting....

    The relationship between Hood and Young continues to be something to watch develop. The case overall was intriguing. The idea of 11 year old boys dropping dead of heartattacks was unusual. I immediately thought some sort of drug, but what kind was the question. However the twist that the drug was being systematicly administered by Stephen was bizarre. Especially considering his reasons behind the poisening. I like where the figures where point towards Liz Summers and Jesse Freeman. Both of whom had access and motive in the scenarios when they were presented. I do believe Young was correct, the shrink that was going to be dealing with Stephen over the next several years was definitely going to have enough documentation for a book. That kid was just plain scary.moreless

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Hood: Doctor Jacob Hood.
      Lizzie: The Jacob Hood?
      Hood: Umm... I suppose.
      Lizzie: I read your paper on dark matter. Unknown, intangible, unmeasurable, and yet without it the heavens would fall. I was rooting for you to win the Nobel Prize that year.
      Hood: Well, if you were, you were one of three people on the western hemisphere but thanks, nonetheless.

    • Rachel: So Hood, what were you like as an 11-year old boy?
      Hood: I was kind of like Steven I guess. I wanted to compete with the best, but it's hard to know how good you are if you kill off the competition.
      Rachel: Well, I for one am relieved that you used that brain of yours for good.
      Hood: Thank you. (smiles) Maybe I just never got caught.

    • Rachel: Do you have a plan?
      Hood: More like a hypothesis.
      Rachel: Care to let me in on it?
      Hood: Trust me.
      Deputy: Does he actually know what he's doing?
      Rachel: Most of the time.

    • Rachel: Nietzsche?
      Hood: Someone around here is killing off the weak. Clearing a path for the Übermensch; the Overman. Rachel, I'm going to need some Buffed-Tailed Bumblebees.

    • Rachel: People get a little crazy in their old age sometimes. Sometimes, a slightly younger age.
      Hood: It's called dementia and I could go at any time.

    • Rachel (suspiciously): You have quite a variety of dangerous animals and insects here.
      Lizzie (innocently): Well, sometimes the most dangerous poisons and venoms serve as life savers.
      Rachel: What do you do with the toads?
      Lizzie: Oh, homeopathic erectile dysfunction medication. I sell it over the internet along with other remedies.

    • Hood (in a swamp searching for toads): That's a black swamp snake, Rachel. Don't worry, he's perfectly harmless.
      Deputy: That one right there's just a baby. Yum. Yum. Pretty damn tasty? There's one right there! (laughs)
      (a frightened Rachel jerks her head around to look and sees that the deputy was joking)

    • Rachel (as Hood heads for a ladder): What are you doing?
      Hood: Just going to take a look at something.
      Deputy: What are we supposed to do?
      Hood: Walk through the doors like normal people.

    • Hood: Rachel, look around. What's missing?
      Rachel (solemnly): Kids. There are no kids. Something's put the fear of God in this place.
      Hood: It's nothing to do with God. People fear what they don't understand and right now, what they don't understand is healthy 11 year old boys dropping dead from heart attacks.

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