Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on CBS
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Doctor Hood is called to investigate when 30 people are killed by lightning during a storm that lasts only 10 minutes.

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  • Dr. Hood, and his burgeoning fan club, are called into investigate a freak 10 minute lightning storm that left 30 dead, and 15 more injured. A mysterious research company creates a nanon-tech virus, that leaches metal to replicate and mutatemoreless

    Dr. Hood, and his burgeoning fan club, are called into investigate a freak 10 minute lightning storm that left 30 dead, and 15 more injured. A mysterious research company creates a nanon-tech virus, that leaches metal to replicate and mutate

    I wish that the writers, for this show, would actually asked someone who actually spent time studying Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics about what they are writing about. I think starters are on a completely separate circuit system; And, so the stripper club guy should have something bad happen in some other way and some other place.

    The eco-freak scientist lady [i.e. her comment about 'saving the planet'] was funny but I liked her turn around at the end of the show. I thought it was retarded for Ms. Young to tell Felix to abuse the system by hiding the epidemic as something else. I am sure some may react absurdly; But, I think that it should be a citizen's choice on how they choose to react. So, their attempt to justify doing something bad for the "greater good" failed, hard.

    I keep watching the show though; And, I guess the producers are getting the money they want from their investment. I just hope they abandon this show, and maybe the writers and directors will learn something about science and math while they wait in the un-employment line. There are soooo many other good shows/stories they could resurrect or create, like "The Dresden Files"; Versus, wasting money on meaningless propaganda.moreless
  • I liked this episode about nanotechnology.

    I liked this episode about nanotechnology. The story was interesting about a virus that made a metal mesh in people's skins and then that in turn made them lightning conductors. I was glad Felix Lee was in this episode again, he is a nice character to include in the lineup. The labs where the virus experiments were taking place were well done and the scientists were made to be very believable. The scene where they showed the metal growing were totally weird and made me look away! Overall, this was an enjoyable episode even if the science behind it is not totally believable by some.moreless
  • Nanotechnology anyone?

    I don't know if it was somewhat hard to follow because I was falling asleep or because it was so interesting that I had to replay again and again.

    It was a good episode. I thought the woman who was conducting the experiment was sort of cleaning her conscience at the end for being such an anti-social person by going to this man's memorial. The nanofilm growing and feeding on the skin was very creepy. I don't know how accurate it was but I enjoyed it.

    It was good to have Lee back. We saw him the necessary time, not too little not too much and he has come to really help Hood and Rachel rather to make him feel out of place, so that gives Rachel more time to protect Hood I guess.

    I have to mention it, Hood and Rachel chemistry. He explains things to her in a way that she understands and even apologizes when he's talking and she's not following. It's so nice to hear Hood tell her personal anecdotes and she's so eager to listen to him. He responds to her stories as well and it makes the relationship believable.moreless
  • Bizarre....

    As always the writers picked a bizarre topic and it was creepier than normal. I thought the idea of several people getting stuck by lighting was unbelievable but then the added twist of people dying by simple electrical currents had me really curious to see where the plot was going. By midway through the episode I was afraid to touch anything electrical. They really did a realistic job of intertwining visuals and the plot. My skin was crawling when Hood found the metal literally growing beneath the victims skin. I appreciated that it was all linked to nano-technology because it my opinion it's an aspect of technology that is not well known and it was very believable. Well Done.moreless
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Jeris Lee Poindexter

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When the lightning strikes Denise and she falls to the ground, her right eye is clearly visible. When the camera angle closes in, it's no longer visible as it was badly damaged by the lightning. After Charlie faints, the camera goes back to Denise and her right eye is visible again.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Rachel: This case has got me thinking back. I know kids are scared of lightning, but not me.
      Hood: Why does that not surprise me?
      Rachel: My dad was a field agent in Phoenix. I used to climb up on top of the roof of
      our house and watch the lightning storms across the desert. I never saw lightning as a bad thing. Until now.

    • Hood (to Rachel and Lee): Guys? Guys? You really should get in.
      Lee: I thought he didn't have the virus.
      Hood: He didn't. he had bad luck.

    • Hood: Your nanotech virus is killing people.
      Coleman: That's impossible. Our virus doesn't use a human host. Wait a minute. Is that what your people with the needles downstairs are all about? I told my employees they were being drug tested. Half my physicists probably think they're going to be fired tomorrow morning.

    • Rachel: So what is it exactly?
      Hood: A virus. Engineered by the look of it, but a virus nonetheless.
      Rachel: I'm guessing you can't cure it with two aspirin and a bowl of chicken soup.

    • Hood: Nothing beats the power of nature for putting our self-importance in check.

    • Hood: Did I tell you I nearly drowned once?
      Rachel: Hood. I still don't know if you have a middle name.

    • Lee: Good news, we all tested negative for the virus.
      Rachel: Nice work on this case, Felix, and I'm glad to hear your skin isn't infested with the deadly nano film.
      Lee: Thank you. Kind of creepy to think about, isn't it? Little metal wires, alive in your skin?
      Rachel: I'd be careful if I were you. You never know if those little metal wires are hanging out on your jacket, your shirt, your tie...
      Hood: What is that hanging from your hair by the way, Rachel?
      Rachel: Wise ass.

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    • Original International Broadcast Dates:
      Latin America - Monday, May 11, 2009 on WB at 10:00 pm
      Poland - Tuesday, September 22, 2009 on TVN at 11:30 pm
      Germany - Saturday, January 02, 2010 on kabel eins at 09:15 pm
      Slovakia - Sunday, June 13, 2010 on Markiza at 10:35 pm
      Finland - Saturday, June 19, 2010 on MTV3 at 01:20 am

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    • Michael Bolus is credited as Michael Peter Bolus.
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