Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2009 on CBS
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Hood investigates a millionaire with two fully developed hearts who has congenital heart disease.

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  • Hood does something nice

    I don't know the real controversy about stem cells, but the fact is that if it can save a live without taking one, the research should have the support it requires. Hood did something really nice here. He saw this kid dying and suffering, alone in the world with her young brother and decided to talk to their stranged, lost in grief father to see if he could make his heart change and do something to save her. And it didn't work, but at least he saved his children in a different way. Hood and Rachel's chemistry continues to amaze. This time we had several cute moments and conversations that now have to be in every episode.moreless
  • Someone's stealing stem cells, but who?

    The initial scenes in the mortuary where the man is opened up and is found to have two hearts was actually quite shocking. This then led to the discovery that the extra heart had 19 different lots of DNA and therefore must have been created by the misuse of stem cells. At the same time, a brother and siser both had cancers and the sister needed her stem cells to cure her but they were amongst the stolen ones. Luckily the baddies were tracked down and she was able to be saved and at the same time she and her estranged father managed to renew their relationship, thanks to Hood and Rachel.moreless
  • Stem Cell Parties - The new rage.

    Jacob and Rachel begin their investigation with a man who died with two fully formed hearts. Their research leads them to the theft and misuse of stem cells. The need to find the person(s) behind the theft is heighten when a young teenager needing a stem cell transplant to treat her leukemia. The track the theft to the facility that stores the cells and is utilizing the cells as a fountain of youth for the rich fighting mother nature. Jacob also reaches out to an absentee father, who was so lost in his grief, that he temporarily lost his children. Thanks to Hood we have a happy ending.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Rachel: Don't tell me you're going to build some kind of bomb with champagne and baking soda?
      Hood: Rachel, I'm a scientist. I'm not MacGyver. Shoot the lock.
      MacGyver is a television series about the secret agent Angus MacGyver, who solved problems using his practical application of physical knowledge and inventive use of common items. He was played by Richard Dean Anderson and the series ran from 1985 to 1992.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Hood: You know, once upon a time, getting old was a sign of wisdom, something to be revered.
      Rachel: Now people kill to stay young.
      Hood: Yeah. Can't think why. Being young's a pain in the ass. Acne, parents, the prom.
      Rachel: I didn't go to my prom.
      Hood: Really? I find that hard to believe. I went to my prom. My date puked on me.
      Rachel: What color was your tux?
      Hood: I have to call it a kind of peach.

    • Rachel: Oh my god. How long was I out? I'm sorry.
      Hood: That's okay. We're on day two without sleep. I can't say I blame you.
      Rachel: Was I snoring?
      Hood: No. Drooling a little.
      Rachel: Great.
      Hood: It's okay. It was kinda cute.

    • Rachel (looking at a corpse with two hearts): Any natural causes for something like this?
      Hood: Only man's natural desire to meddle where he shouldn't.

    • Rachel (while looking at a corpse with two hearts): Wow. I guess two hearts really aren't better than one.

  • NOTES (3)