Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2008 on CBS
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Hood attempts to solve a case involving a flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease.

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  • Exciting episode

    What an exciting episode. I guess that's why it had so many viewers.

    It was nice to hear Hood talk about how he's dealing with his wife's death. I loved it when he says "it involves this", refering to Rachel and their investigation.

    The case was something. It was rare. And a little disguting. With a little insight of what spring break is sometimes. And the revenge of a father. But how you live when there's no justice?

    The dynamic between Rachel and Hood continues to grow and it's improving. The whole interaction when Hood was conducting the experiment with the mouse was nice. Also, it was good to see a softer side of Rachel, when she was comforting the girl at the hotel.

    I like how Hood's ideas come to his mind. It's like his brain is working so much and then he has a pause that makes him take the next step into the investigation.

    Funny that Hood's first answer to Rachel's "are you seeing her?" was "she's a friend of my wife"...

    Anyway, can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Flesh eating bacteria, revenge, innocent victims...

    This was another good episode of Eleventh Hour. There was a little more detail about Hood's personal life and his past which was good as the character currently has so little depth. The Rachel character still needs working on as she comes across as virtually characterless. The main plot about the flesh eating bacteria was well done with enough twists and turns to keep us guessing. The theme of revenge and innocent victims was explored relatively well, I was glad to see. I would like the two leads to be fleshed out a lot more if my interest in this series is to be maintained.moreless
  • A bizarre new disease puts spring breakers in suspended animation and then unleases a flesh-eating bacteria when they awaken. Jacob also develops a possible new love interest for the first time since his wife died.moreless

    The episode was strong from start to finish, with a lot of twists in between. The beginning was great, really hooking the viewer in with the suspended animation angle. It had a lot more suspenseful moments than past episodes, as it went from suspended animation, to STDs, to NASA. Most importantly, the episode drew out a lot of character traits rather than stick strictly to the science. I like that we know more about Jacob Hood's past now and he seems more human than before. I like the introduction of a psychiatrist as a potential love interest as well, as that might put an interesting new spin on the show.

    The ratings were through the roof for this episode. Clearly something was going right...moreless
  • A Father's Revenge.

    At the start of this epsiode I thought the idea of this flesh eating bateria being spread via sexual contact was just too bizarre. But as with most 11th Hour episodes, they have scienctific explanation that actually sounds believeable. The cure was just as strange but just as easily explained. I like the twist that ultimately it's a father's need for revenge that stems the infection and unfortunately takes some innocent victims. Hood having a personal life this could be really good. I would like to see more revealed about his past. He is as big of a puzzle as his cases.moreless
Sandra Thigpen

Sandra Thigpen

Doctor Audrey Simone

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Christina Chang

Christina Chang

Professor Anna Yang

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Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy

Derek Kenin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Hood takes a space shuttle tile in his hands he says that it's strong enough to withstand g-force. He should have said how many g-forces because g-force is equal to approximately 9.8 [Newton] and this is the usual force of earth's gravity.

    • Goof: In the ambulance after the two boys received electric shocks by defibrillator and didn't respond one of the paramedics said that it was time to call the time of death. Only medical doctors can call a time of death and not paramedics, they should have continued trying to revive the patients until their arrival to the hospital where only doctors could decide if the bodies are dead or not.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Rachel: When are you going to tell her the dog was just a ruse to spend more time with her?
      Hood: Tanner is not a ruse.
      Rachel: Could've fooled me!

    • Rachel: Screening your calls? Let me guess, the dog sitter?
      Hood: She's a professor of psychiatry.
      Rachel: So, are you seeing her?
      Hood: No, she was a friend of my wife.
      Rachel: I meant as a psychiatrist.
      Hood: Oh. No, not that either.

    • Anna: If you don't want to talk about it that's fine. But um, how well-- Hood: How can I deal with my grief? I am dealing with it. (pause) I am... I'm just dealing with it in my own way and it doesn't involve a lot of crying on people's shoulders or analyzing feelings, ok? Anna: What does it involve? (car parks in front of them and Rachel gets out of it) Rachel: Hood! Hood (surprised): What happened to the weekend off? Rachel: Cut short. Some college kids in Daytona Beach died of mysterious causes and came back to life. (turns to Anna) Excuse us. (they walk away, but Hood turns around) Hood (to Anna): What does it involve? It involves this.

    • (as Rachel and Hood walk through the crowd around the pool)
      Rachel: Tabitha Jackson checked in here two nights ago. This brings back memories.
      Hood (raises eyebrow): Really? You were something of a party girl?
      Rachel (smirking): That information's on a need to know basis.

    • Rachel: (to Lenny) I don't know what turns me on more. The fact that you might be diseased or that you got a girl drunk so you and your buddy could gang-bang her.

  • NOTES (3)