Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • A brilliant show. Again it wonders into something that most of us have thought of in science but have never really gone face to face with. Brilliant acting by Sewell, I felt him there for a moment. I'm still warming to Marley (pardon the pun).

    We start of by meeting the corpse of a young woman only to find out shortly after she was dying anyway. We see her as frozen, completely frozen solid. It's not pretty, but it's not gore either.
    The topic around this is cryogenics and cheating death, the use of pharmaceuticals to not prolong this lifetime, but save your future one. It touches on the ethics & science of the issue without beating us with it.

    The support cast are good. Well acted if not stilted. Again we see that Sewell whilst brilliant is not entirely smart when it comes to women, he is sought after whilst he is completely oblivious to it.
    The motive for the murders is an old one, the people die for being an affront to a personal idealism and belief structure. They must die and not cheat death or prolong their life. A terrific episode and is certainly watchable!
  • Good season so far..

    After seing the first 3 episodes I was worried that this show would turn out to be some "Bones" wannabe. Why? Well, first of all Bones and Booth have an unique chemistry, and some sexual tension going on between them, which I believe will be explored indefinetely by the writers.
    But also the show is equally divided between science and police field work: chasing leads, talk to suspects. The latter does happen in Eleventh Hour, but at first everything was coordinated by Hood, making Rachel more like a Chase to his House. I mean, the FBI agent was used only for theory discussions, with the final word always coming from Hood. And she also seldom laugh, making her a very dull character.
    But again, since episode 4, we saw her smiling and standing up more.
    I'm taking the time to watch all the espisodes, and I can say that after the 5th episode, wow.. I think the show has matured some and can have a long run..
  • It gets better...

    It was a decent episode. What is right? To leave this life for good or hold on to it while waiting in storage? The plot was interesting, it's all about business and someone's goals and ambition. One of the things I like about Hood is how he can be talking about science, be very wise and he doesn't show off; you still like him after he explains something. He's humble about it. The conversations between Hood and Young are natural and they always come up with with a personal question that is case-related. Hood talks about his wife's illness, not too much, but I'm sure we'll hear about in the next episodes. I also like how the episodes end with a conversation between the main characters while they get to know each other little by little.
  • CSI, Alias, Fringe anyone? Mystery, Action, Drama, Anyone? Yes, what do you get when you mix them all up. Pure awesomeness

    With a little bit of touch of many other TV shows combined this new franchise by the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer does not disappoint and leaves you wanting more.

    At first this show may seem the usual, out of whack science which you won't be able to understand on a normal day, but the combination of the lead characters with the excellent acting leads on a much different platform. This show not only provides suspense, but fills a void if you don't want to watch CSI anymore with the right touch of Alias and "out of the box" science. In the end it basically comes down to your personal taste. If you like to pass time watching some decent shows which can't bore you on your worst days. Then you should at least give this a try.
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