Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on CBS
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A quiet community in Texas all of a sudden becomes violent. When Hood goes to investigate he starts displaying the same psychotic behavior.

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  • I think this show is getting better

    It was a good episode. Rachel and Jacob work very well together and this time they realized what was wrong with the water and where the problem came from.

    How hard was for the victim to prove to his wife that he had not taken drugs. His major concern was to not be able to see his kid again. Fortunately, it had a happy ending.

    Rachel was very worried when Jacob was hallucinating. I was surprised that she was brave enough to come near him and help him knowing that he could be dangerous, having read the case files. But I guess she trusts him and knew that he was not going to hurt her. I liked how she tried to make him feel better afterwards with the "except for the breakdance" thing. Jacob is always looking for her opinion and he had to ask her if he didn't say anything... inappropriate.

    Hood gave us a "macgyverism" this time. So Rachel and him need to start wearing latex gloves. They do wear them, but not always.moreless
  • Water pipe based show with added drugs.

    This was one of the better episodes of The Eleventh Hour where we see Rachel and Hood working well together. Rachel seems to be accepting Hood much more now and doesn't simply view him as a nuisence. The story went along nicely while they tried to track down what was making previously normal citizens with no criminal records suddenly go mad. After a number of false leads they finally discover that the water is causing the problem when Hood falls victim to it and begins to hallucinate massively. They realise the water pipes are contaminated with drugs, fined the supplier and catch the crooks beating up an innocent man. The man and his g#family are reunited and Hood and Rachel have a much better working relationship.moreless
  • It's not the water, it's the piping.

    Normal everyday people suddenly become violent and it's up to Rachel and Jacob to find out why. Their investigation leads them to mosquitoes then birds and then a possible link to bug repellent. They have no idea what's causing it when suddenly Jacob shows the same types of behavior as the people they are trying to help. Whatever they are tracking it seems to have no lasting effects. The victims' symptoms disappear within a matter of hours. They finally determine that the plastic water pipes are coated with PCP. Jacob and Rachel follow the trail back to drug dealers and help reunite a family.moreless
Liza Weil

Liza Weil

Ashley Filmore

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Pat Skipper

Pat Skipper

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Blake Shields

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Hood: Well, I'm saying that the most logical explanation is usually the right one.
      Hood is referring to what is called Ockham's razor, a principle attributed to English logician William of Ockham. It states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible. The principle is most often expressed as Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity; however, it's most common variation is Of two equivalent theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simplest one is to be preferred.

    • Goof: When Hood is testing the water, he is wearing protective gloves, but doesn't remove them before using his computer. If he'd picked up any contaminant on the gloves, he would have spread it to his keyboard. Gloves are always removed between performing tasks.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Hood: Why don't we go by the shooting range?
      Rachel: We are never going back to the shooting range.
      Hood: Why?
      Rachel: Because, you think really well, but you can't shoot worth a damn.

    • Rachel: I'm not a cop. I'm a fed.
      Hood: What's the difference?
      Rachel: We don't get paid overtime and we're special. Agents that is.

    • Rachel: Is that your first time?
      Hood: First time what?
      Rachel: Getting high?
      Hood: From PCP. Yeah.
      Rachel: Don't tell me. You didn't inhale.

    • Rachel: The bureau's concerned you're turning into a rock star. Doing drugs, trashing a hotel room...
      Hood: Well, what can I say, Rachel, I'm a wild and crazy scientist.

    • Hood (to Rachel): It's possible to think your way out of a problem.

    • Hood: So if the pipes were a way of transporting the drugs, how did they end up in the ground?
      Rachel: Probably a mix-up. The drug-laced pipes somehow got swapped with the real pipes.
      Hood: White Tail Hills got itself a bad trip.

    • Rachel: Bleach?
      Hood: Yeah, six percent solution of sodium hydrochloride or half the percentage used in the chlorine burn. Take our water pipe, add the chlorine, stirred, not shaken.

    • Hood: If our victims didn't have clean backgrounds, what would you say these random outbursts pointed to?
      Rachel: It's a no-brainer. Drugs.

    • Rachel: So, there were three other cases picked up by the Austin P.D. last night. Right around the time of your...
      Hood: My freak out?
      Rachel (smiling): Yeah. Your freak out.

    • Rachel: Hood, what's going on?
      Hood: (hallucinating) If Kraus is correct then we appear to be living in the worst of all possible universes. But if that isn't right then the universe is receding into the threshold of the unknowable. But if Newton is correct, then all matter will dissolve into nothing. The universe is dying and we're all alone.

    • Rachel (talking about Travis Springs bottled water): Not exactly the mountain springs I was expecting.
      Hood: Bottled water is one of the least regulated industries in the country. It's mostly just tap water.

    • Hood: Rachel, did I do anything or say anything, you know, weird last night?
      Rachel (smiling): Not really except the break dancing. It's nice to have you back, Hood.
      Hood: Thank you. Good to be back.

    • Rachel: Hang on. It looks like they all bought something else.
      Hood: What?
      Rachel: Travis Springs bottled water.
      Hood: Travis Springs? Didn't Strickland have a bottle of Travis Springs when he went crazy?

    • (Rachel receives a text message)
      Hood: What is it?
      Rachel: Looks like something or someone is messing with Texas.

    • (Rachel teaching Hood to shoot a gun)
      Rachel: Focus on the rear site. That's it. Aim at the bad guys and don't shoot any old ladies.
      Hood (as he's aiming the gun): Okay.
      (Rachel raises a target and Hood hesitates)
      Rachel: Hood, that was a criminal.
      Hood: Could have been a misguided kid. Bad home life. Not a lot of options. I mean why, why can't people try talking to him? No. Ok. I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm serious. Stop messing around.
      (Rachel raises another target. Hood closes his eyes and shoots)
      Hood (seeing he shot a dog): Oh come on, who doesn't hate a poodle?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Broadcast Dates:
      Poland - Tuesday, August 04, 2009 at 9:45 pm on TVN
      Germany - Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 9:15 pm on kabel eins
      Finland - Friday, April 09, 2010 at 9:00 pm on MTV3
      Slovakia - Sunday, May 09, 2010 at 11:20 pm on Markiza

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    • Hood: Take our water pipe, add the chlorine, stirred, not shaken.
      This is an allusion to James Bond, the main character of Ian Flemming's spy novels. Bond orders his martinis shaken, not stirred.