Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on CBS
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A high level FBI agent is accused of stealing a woman's child and Dr. Hood is the only one who believes it.

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  • It's a pity it ended

    I really can't understand why the show was cancelled. It was a really decent show much much better than neverending cases of CSIs. It's a pity that any station hasn't picked it up yet.
  • A decent finale

    Relatively good show, compared to all the Forensic/NCIS/CSI shows out there, But for that particular episode, when will they learn that hiring a particular actor for particular role can spoil the whole suspense of who's the bad guy tonight? I mean, no harsh feelings for him, but Cameron Daddo ALWAYS plays a sleaze type of guy, good looking but somehow dirty underneath. So when you see Cameron Daddo - you know that he's the bad guy. Period. That is one thing that always annoyed me in US series stereotypes - sometimes they cast a relatively well known actor for role that seems to be highly unimportant in the very beginning of the episode - a janitor or a technician..but you instantly know that he is somehow important because they hired a familiar face. Besides that - great performance by Rufus Sewell, but that's no wonder : recently all the good actors on US TV come from the old UK - Hugh Laurie, Jason O'Mara, Damian Lewis...go figure.moreless
  • Very good season finale, I hope there will be second one. Please do not end the show.

    Again another good episode, it full fills all my expectations.

    I like to see the situation that Rachel is in danger and Hood is trying to rescue her by making his own plan. The ending is giving hope to the EH fans, I believe and hope that there will be second season. And in the second season more chemistry between Rachel and Hood. Also Felix contributes lot to the episode, he is trying to full fill Rachel's place. I was afraid about Rachel when Sophia ripped the arrow out of her leg. At the end it is one of the best episodes of the first season.moreless
  • What a season finale should be

    This episode exceeded my expectations. I was very worried about the show ending in a way that will tell us there was not going to be more Hood and Rachel next fall, but the end scene gave me hope.

    Though the plot wasn't about something weird and unexplainable like every week, the plot was solid and exciting. Hood endangering his job and himself to help this woman and then Rachel was a great thing, because we got to see Rufus' excellent acting skills. On the other hand, all the bad thoughts I once had about Marley's performances in the beginning vanished in this episode. Her pain and her despair were believable and I was practically suffering with her.

    It was nice to see Hood being the one to save and protect Rachel this time. One thing to mention is the amazing chemistry between Rufus and Marley and the trust, respect and admiration Hood and Rachel have for each other, that, if given another year, will be something to talk about. I hadn't seen such a powerful pair on screen since the XF days.

    I hope this show comes back. Everything is in its side. While I believe the show needs a subplot, something exciting to look forward to every week beside the main plot, EH has a great cast, exciting cases, is a fresh change from the CSI family and decent ratings.moreless
  • This was a another great episode...

    Eleventh Hour is a great show, and this episode is proof enough of that.

    I just hope that the show gets picked up for another season. No clue if it is or not at this point, but i have my hopes.

    I love the fact that it is/was on Thursday nights, right after CSI; since I haven't watched ER in ages, I needed something good to watch in this particular time slot, and it seems like Eleventh Hour would be a good fit.

    *Please* bring the show back for another season!!! I would greatly appreciate it, even if no one else but me sees this particular post, or knows my opinion of the show...moreless
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Julie Remala

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Helen Slater

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    • Hood: You know, you should let me drive once in a while. I'm just thinking of you.
      Rachel: I let you drive once. Never again.
      Hood: I'm just saying... If you need a break.
      Rachel: Hood, we're not having this conversation. Forget it.

    • Rachel: I know that look. You're on Planet Hood. What's up?

    • Hood: We can do this okay?
      Rachel: If it doesn't work out, it's not your fault. You can't fix everything.

    • Sophia: This place looks like it's been closed for a while.
      Rachel: It's the pancakes. They probably poisoned someone.

    • Hood: I've been thinking... And um... I've decided if you want to transfer out, I wouldn't stop you.
      Rachel (chuckles): 'Welcome back Rachel?'
      Hood: I'm serious, Rachel. You're lucky to be alive and if it had gone the other way I'd find that very hard to deal with.
      Rachel: Listen Hood, I don't want another assignment, right? Maybe my classmates from Quantico are ahead of me on the ladder, and maybe I barely remember what my apartment looks like, but if it was anyone else lying here instead of me, I swear to you I would be jealous as hell.
      Hood (smiles): Really?
      Rachel: Besides, let's face it, you need me. You're the worst driver in the world.

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    • Original International Broadcast Dates:
      Latin America - Monday, June 01, 2009 on WB at 10:00 pm
      Poland - Tuesday, October 13, 2009 on TVN at 11:30 pm
      Germany - Saturday, January 23, 2010 on kabel eins at 09:20 pm
      Slovakia - Sunday, July 4, 2010 on Markiza at 11:50 pm
      Finland - Saturday, July 10, 2010 on MTV3 at 01:50 am

    • John E. Gray is credited as John Gray.

    • Music Consultants:
      Hit The Ground Running
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      Post Production Services:
      The Post Group


    • Title: Medea
      The title is an allusion to the classic Greek tragedy of the same title, which was written by Euripides. Medea is a woman in Greek mythology who was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and wife to the hero Jason. After Jason left her for the King's daughter, she poisoned the daughter and stabbed their two sons to death in order to protect them from the King's guards and save them from a horrible and painful death. Euripides was the first to say that Medea killed her children because she was distressed rather than brutal or insane.

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